over eaters anonymous

  • I was wondering are you a compulsive eater if you only eat when hungry or to the point you starve yourself so long you feel sick until you eat something and when you do you feel fine but a few hours later your hungry again err so then I wait till im to the point of sickness that I eat again but if I only ate a few hours ago I shouldn't be hungry again should I.I'm sorry for rambling ,point of this post is I heard about this group and was going to go to a meeting tonight but don't want to go if I'm not a over eater.
  • I think that a compulsive eater is someone who eats too often and can't stop.

    You'll have to give us some more information: How much do you weigh and what is your height? How many hours later do you start getting hungry again? What do you eat? Do you stop when you're full or do you keep going? Why do you let yourself starve?
  • im 240 pounds I am 5'7 I stop before im full and its like 2-3 hours later sometimes 3-4 hours and I stop eating because im sick of being heavy I usually eat whatever is quickest unless theres a meal cooked up then I eat that.and only a sandwich plate size of food.
  • I don't know how big a sandwich plate is but it doesn't sound like you eat that much. Of course, I don't know the kinds of things you eat. Do you eat enough protein? That's what will keep you full. And you get hungry enough to feel sick after 2-4 hours? Are you on a diet right now? Because you could be feeling like that because you're eating too little...

    If you can use a website like my fitness pal or sparkpeople. On those websites you can track the calories in macronutrients in everything you eat and they will tell you how much to eat depending on your weight, height and activity level, although they tend to allow you too many calories. Most of those sites are free and they help a lot. You'll also find articles, etc, there where you can get a lot of information. You should look into it.

    In any case, I don't think the meeting would hurt you. I'd thought about going to overeaters anonymous, too, but I moved away from the town where the meetings were held. It could help you.
  • I missed the meeting I will think about going next week the plate is the same size as a sandwich the big bread tho like home made bread not the smaller slices