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Ugh I had that 179.8 and then went up to 180.8 and today at 181.8.. I'm sensing a pattern. If I get up tomorrow and I'm 182.8, I may just have a cow. I haven't been active these past two days really. My little one is on spring break and the weather has been crappy (it snowed a day after we had 70-degree weather, wth?!).

This weekend we're going down to Pennsylvania with my cousin and her kids so I'll definitely be a lot more active. Going to try to eat as healthy as possible while we're down there as well. Hope to see the 170s by early next week.
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Lifes a Journey
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For the longest time I was stuck right at 170 (like 2 years) Then I met someone 4 months ago and the scale has slowly went up to a wonderful 185 pounds! The last 4 months I gained 15 pounds and here I was complaining about always seeing 170.

So here I am, ready to get my health back in check. I can't figure out for the life of me why it's so hard this time around. This is my last year in my 20's and I want to make it count.
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EllO! Can I join? been stuck at the 180's and can't seem to get out.
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I'm 186 today after losing a pound, wahoo.. can't wait to kiss the 180s goodbye (again!)
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Good to see this thread. I've been stuck at 185 for over a month, but really I've been yo-yoing since I had my son in 2012 and this is the lowest I can get. Trying to add some walks and lots of water and hoping to eliminate stress to get to my pre pregnancy weight of 175. So close but so far
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Default Saying hi briefly

I thought I would say hi to everyone - very quickly! I hit 180.0 this morning so I will hopefully not be around long. I did plateau around 185 though, the first time since I started trying to lose weight. It is soooo frustrating! Good luck, and I hope to see you all in the 170s thread very soon!
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I'm not sure when I became a permanent fixture in the 180s (been hovering in the mid-high 170s for ages) but here I am, dying to get out of them now!
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Hi everybody, I haven't been on this forum for about two years.. I used to hang out in 160s/170s thread, but unfortunately I've crept up into the 180s! ;( Really really want to lose as much weight as I can in the next month, just so I feel a bit better going into the New Year, but I don't know how realistic that is, with Christmas coming up! I'm vegetarian so I usually eat pretty well, I love fresh veggies and salads, but I do eat too much cheese, carbs and chocolate is my major weakness. I keep saying I'm going to lose weight but I'm really bad at keeping motivation up for more than a few weeks. Well, here's to trying one more time..!
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181 today
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Wow!!!! I finally found you all!!! Please let me come too and we can all get to 170 together!!! I'm currently in the middle at about 184. (I always do weight by rounding up just to give me solid numbers). This is my first weight loss journey and I'm about a month in! I've dropped ten pounds (even if I don't feel like I have lost anything LOL).
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Hi, can I join? I'm 185.4lbs. Have lost 14 pounds in seven weeks and this is the first time I've ever tried to lose weight.

Things are going pretty well so far (doing WW online). I've found it fairly easy to stick to and I've rented a treadmill and am going to yoga which is helping the weight loss too.

They've just dropped my points again to 27 which was a little bit devastating as there's not much wiggle room at that level but I'm doing OK.
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Reviving this thread! Super pumped to get out of the 180's, physician weighed me at 182 today ��
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Later gators ������

178 this morning!
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First post. Lost a lot of weight and gained all of it (and more) back. I got up to 188, but in back down to 180-183. It's been 3 weeks. I haven't been eating clean and working out as much as I should, but am still expecting results! I'm truly hoping to be out of the 180s by mid week.
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Hi guys! I haven't been that active on this site for a few months. I've been in the 180s for almost two months I need to start getting back on track and moving around/watching what I'm eating more!
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