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whollyhick 01-26-2014 12:58 AM

Tall Twins to One-derland!
Hi All! :dizzy:

As mentioned in the title (and definitely not intending to segregate or judge here!) this thread is intended for a specific size of woman, for all of us to check in, encourage, talk about upsets or goals met, get through setbacks, discuss things that have/have not worked for us, or generally chatter about the pros and cons of fitting into this category!

That being said! if you are:

moderately "tall" for a woman (I'll leave it to your discretion ;P I'm 5'8")
somewhere in your 20's (or early 30's, close enough)
sitting at about 225-250lbs right now
looking to lose about 50+ pounds (or just make it to One-derland)
And last, but certainly not least, willing to long in, support and coach your newly-found comrades into One-derland and beyond, feel free to post away! We're going to get there, and were going to get there TOGETHER.

No twin left behind! :grouphug:


kailpea 01-26-2014 10:03 AM

Hey there! I would love to join my fellow tall twins. I'll go ahead and post my stats.

Height: 5'10 (actually the doctor says I'm 5'9 and 3/4)
Current Weight: 255.6
Age: 25

Good luck ladies!

whollyhick 01-26-2014 11:41 AM

I guess I never really posted mine! Oops!


my mini goals are 10 pounds a month! So that what I'm going to need a little encouragement on! If anyone else wants to hit that goal as well, you're more than welcome to join me! :) I just figured it was a logical and steady goal for someone of our height and stature, AND I figured ten pounds a month is more than enough to keep ya motivated!

Skittlez 01-26-2014 12:39 PM

Hey! I found the thread haha. I'm 5'9, probably about 250 atm I need to go weigh myself but I'm kind of terrified to step on the scale. I'm 28 years old, and I just went back to college this year. Let me tell you, that first semester just killed my diet. Between work and school I had no free time and I was stress eating like crazy. This semester I decided to do things differently. Today is my last day working, other than holiday breaks, until the semester is over. I'm very happy to focus just on school and my health for the next couple of months.

10 pounds a month sounds like a good mini goal, whollyhick! I think I'll join you in trying to hit that.

MarliQQ 01-26-2014 04:32 PM

Hi Twins!!
My stats:
5'8 SW:250 CW:230 GW: 150

I can't wait until we all make it to Onederland :carrot: :carrot: :carrot:!!
Today I am feeling so drained :sp:. I am going to workout, but I so don't feel like it. They say exercise is supposed to bring you increased energy, but I do not feel that way lately at all. I literally feel like I am dragging myself lately, but it may have more to do with my mindset than my actual energy levels. I try not to say I am stressed, but I know enough to know prolonged stress is not good, and I am sure that I am not in the best of moods and haven't really been for a while :stress:.
I have stagnated on the scale, sitting firmly at 229, but I really feel like there is an upcoming woosh, so I cannot wait for that. I also am planning to measure myself again on Feb 1 so I can see my progress, I def know I have lost inches and I am so curious to see the numbers :D.

whollyhick Thanks for starting the thread :hug:.

Skittlez I definitely say weigh yourself or at least measure yourself as soon as possible, seeing those numbers go down, give such a sense of accomplishment :D. I also remember how bad my diet was in college, but it was the opposite for me, because I was pretty active back then. I actually ended up losing weight, despite pizza, starbucks, chinese food, pot lucks, alcohol, :cbg:, and Ben & Jerry nights with the girls in my dorm....

whollyhick 01-26-2014 07:44 PM

AWH you guys! I'm glad I started this thread!!

Skittlez: don't scare me like that! I'm planning to start my Biology major this fall! :o but you'll do great I'm sure jumping back on the wagon will be easier with us to extend a few strong hands! ;) if you want super quick easy healthy meal ideas, feel free to PM me! Or, when I make something simple, I'll post it, so share! :) I've had to learn to do that because I'm eating as close to Vegetarian as possible and my husband is a bona fide carnivore!! Haha. So I've learned full well to be prepared and have healthy (and EASY) on hand!
One of my main go-tos is a flatbread wrap type deal. Here was today's:

1 fit&active flatbread (whole grain with flax) cut in half. This is an Aldi brand, and you'll see it a lot, because I'm frugal! :p
I do this to trick myself. If I think I'm eating two, I must mentally feel fuller! Or something. Either way. It makes each wrap only 50 calories (in the flatbread department ;) haha)
sliced cucumbers (for crunch, and to fill you up)
baby spinach
Tomato slices
Onion (if you want)
1/2 wedge spreadable cheese (I like jalapeņo for this wrap I use the other half on the other wrap, so technically the whole wedge, on two. And this is happy farms, which is also ALDI brand and 25 calories! What?!)
one single serve package of guacamole (again, Aldi, I prefer spicy, and only one pack over two little wraps! Technically that makes for a LOT of guacamole, but I was indulging ;) haha)

And that's that! I use a butt-load of spinach, because I like it. A lot. It will also be a reoccurring theme in my foods! I paired it with half a grapefruit and a smoothie! And a biiigggg glass of water.

My smoothie was just frozen blueberries, strawberries, and half a banana, & golden flax, (which I prepared 6 of Saturday by throwing my dry ingredients into freezer bags and tossing them in the freezer! I do this when my bananas are perfectly ripe so they don't spoil! Then I just add 8oz. of vanilla almond milk, and budda-bing-budda-boom. Smoothie!

Which reminds me. MarliQQ, maybe you're feeling that way because you need smoothies in your life! my doc says I'm teetering in the borders of Glycemia, but my body seems to give me the right cravings to keep it in check, and I am POSITIVE smoothies are keeping me alive! And energetic!

I NEED something sweet with every meal. So. That happens a lot too. Haha. I was extra full. And felt great until just an hour ago when I made supper. Which ended up being a weird soup... Don't ask it totally doesn't have a category... Hahah!

Wow. Okay so is going to write you guys novels. Apparently! Haha
Either way nice to see you all here, and I am MORE than happy that the thread has happened! (It was your idea MarliQQ!! But myyyy pleasure!) we're going to truck our way into One-derland in an effortless twin-tornado! :grouphug:

whollyhick 01-26-2014 08:09 PM

important message!!

Feel free to recruit any other member you see that fits the bill for this thread! My goal is to put power in numbers, and GET us there!

Twins all around!! ;) THIN-twins all around by summer! :woohoo:

SamanthaAngela 01-26-2014 09:36 PM

Well hellooooo ladies! I was ninja'ed by whollyhick up thar' to join with you guys ^^

I'm only 5'6 (5'7 on a good day!) but I'm the tallest in my group of friends, if that counts!

Current I'm teetering between 227-230 according to my aunt's digital scale. When I was in NY over the holidays, my friend's scale read a consistant 217 almost every day I was there.. sooo... I'm not taking any chances, lol Sticking to 230 :) And that works because I'm 23 years old.

Just started my new lifestyle, felt it was necessary to accomidate all the new changes in my life. I broke up with my boyfriend of 4 years back in September (don't pity me, it was a dead end relationship that I put off ending for a good 3 years), moved to Florida on a whim, chopped all my hair off, and most recently just applied back at university for the upcoming fall, which I have dropped out of with one year left to move in with said ex.

SO now that y'all know my life story ( I apologize, I get wordy ><) I can't wait to see all your lovely progress photos as we go along and share in each and every one of your's special moments!


whollyhick 01-26-2014 10:05 PM

:)) :welcome: to our teeny tiny twinny club ;)

I'm happy to see recruits turning up! I cannot wait to see how this support helps us all! It's great to see people who really understand your situation!

( I've taken it upon myself to recruit gals down to 5'5" I guess that's hardly TALL tall. But I'm sure the body type can trickle down about that far, right?) haha if I'm wrong or things don't seem pertinent, everyone can feel free to come or go as they please!)

lalaes 01-26-2014 10:07 PM

Hi chicas! Also got an invite by whollyhick.

I'm 5'10" and currently 214. My highest known weight was 370. I did get down to 194 last July and got kind of brunt out on dieting and decided to take a break. Spoiler alert, bad idea. I regained about 21lbs and have finally gotten back on track.

Hopefully we'll all be in one-derland sooner rather than later!

kailpea 01-27-2014 12:41 AM

whollyhick, your wrap sounds delicious! I might have to try that. I think Aldi's flat bread is great. It's the Fit and Active brand right? I have never seen the individual guacamoles at my aldi. I might have to look harder. I love guacamole, but I have never had store bought. I don't make it too often because it browns so quickly.

I love Spinach too. In fact, all week I have been eating a spinach salad for lunch with strawberries and almonds. The recipe is HERE for anyone who is interested. The only things I do differently is I use olive oil instead of vegetable and honey or agave nectar instead of the white sugar. I mix the dressing up and leave it on the counter and then slice my strawberries right before I eat my salad. About 2 tbs of the dressing is enough for a nice sized lunch salad. I challenge anyone who things they don't like spinach to try that salad. The dressing makes eating spinach like eating candy.

whollyhick 01-27-2014 11:44 AM

Good morning.

Of course. That's a figure of speech. I mean to wish you all a good morning, because I do NOT feel good, on this particular morning. even though, it's always a morning to be good on.
(if you recognize the origin of the thought pattern that brought that last sentence. We are officially BFF's)

Anyway. Yesterday my calories stayed under, I felt awesome, and husband and I cleaned the house to an extensive degree yesterday, so I made it my day off exercise. Now, I regret it with all I have! :/ this morning I am bloated, miserable, achy, and retaining water like its my job. :cry: thanks, vagina. I really appreciate the FOUR POUNDS you're causing me to retain in water (and most likely poo, I know, TMI, but were all big girls here, so I'm sure we can accept the fact that sometimes TOM brings constipation!) but seriously. Four. Point. Six. &@!?^*% pounds. :stress::headache::barf: how is that even possible?! I'm mad. :mad:

And with that. I'm going to pout and watch a marathon of movies :corn: :wizard: and drink tea all day. *hmmph*

SamanthaAngela 01-27-2014 12:38 PM

Awww! Whollyhick, I feel so sorry for you hun! I totally know how that is and how badly it sucks! At least it's a temporary thing, so that's good news, right? :D Stay strong hun and things will pass faster than you realize!

MarliQQ 01-27-2014 08:42 PM

I was under my calories today after adjusting it a few days ago. I was able to workout and switched up the order of my workout a bit and I found it to be harder that way. I think I am going to stick with it, because if it is harder, that means I'm burning more calories right :lifter:?? I'd like to think so.
My weight fluctuated up about 2 pounds today :goodscale, that was a bummer, but slowly I am finding that my annoyance with the scale, has actually helped me to rely on other things, rather than become discouraged :halffull:.

whollyhick I know how you feel, I usually get the bloated and tired version of TOM as well. This month I refrained from my usual pepsi and snickers treat (the rare time I drink pepsi), but I think next month I am going to allow it. A hot cloth across my midsection usually works wonders :cool:.

lalaes Glad the 21 pounds did not discourage you, it would make me :bomb:.

SamanthaAngela Wow! Interesting history there...not going to go into a man bashing session...but sometimes those seemingly hard choices are the best for us in hindsight :hug:.

lalaes 01-27-2014 10:23 PM

Today is the 5th day of my restart and I'm alright in calories but I'm kind of going through that withdrawal stage where I just want to eat everything or I'm trying to rationalize it as being only 50 cal or whatever over what I set my calories for. Blah.

MarliQQ I found that with daily weighing, I did get less invested in the numbers. The milestone numbers and still kind of make you :dizzy:, but overall they're just one way to track your successes.
I am disappointed in myself when I think I where I could be weight wise now but I was actually relieved it was only 21. When I finally got my act together and weighed, I really thought it was going to be more.

Hope the tea and movies made your night better. Don't forget that the cleaning/exercise could make you retain water too if the movements aren't what you normally do.

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