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Hi guys,
I just signed up woohoo.
I weigh 176 right now, and would like to weigh 168 by Christmas. So, 8lbs. Doesn't seem like a lot, hey. I've been bouncing between 175 and 182 for the last 3 months, so getting out of the 170s would be amazing.
let's do this
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Just added myself too. I feel refreshed and motivated to get this goal accomplished (not like my Halloween goal :P). I joined WW in the first week-ish of January last year, so I really want to finish my one year strong.
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Yeah I don't want the time of year and the cold to be an excuse not to lose or to gain weight... I can enjoy the nice autumn food in moderation and sensibly!
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I just joined and I'm excited! Maybe by staying true to all of you I can stay true to myself as well. Good luck to us all!
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Taking a break from 3FC
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Welcome newcomers!!

I'm going to my friends tonight, they're eaters suffice to I'm going to try my best not to over indulge. One of the friends is annoyingly thin and naturally so, so I always feel a bit of a hippo in comparison. I know, it's bad to compare to other people, especially since she's a slender body type whereas I'm a curvy hour glass shape. I guess my body type is considered just as attractive as the slender physique but still.

Recently the weather has gotten chillier, which is great for my mood (reminds me of my native land!) but I've whipped out the ol' jeans and I've been HORRIFIED that I can no longer fit into them comfortably =(. I have an awful muffin top and my stomach, which can only be described as a gut now, hangs over the waist band. To conceal all awful pudginess I have to pull them over my stomach, but because my stomach is bigger it's really uncomfortable to wear them this way! Arghhh! It has given me a new sense of focus to lose weight, I want to fit into my clothes again!!!

In other news I will no longer be assistant directing on the film. Long story short, my work messed up and said yes to time off when it should have been a no, so I had to drop out. While I'm disappointed I am trying to stay positive and consider it a chance to train harder for my 10K. I would have been taking a 2 week break from it for the film but now I've got 2 extra week to kick some arse!


Hoopty - I see! It's crazy because I've always been overweight so my goal weight is simply based on BMI. Ahh the muffin top, it's haunting me these days since I've gained a little back. Surprising you had one considering how light you were though! Yeah, you'll definitely be heavier if you're lifting! I've seen pictures of girls looking fit and toned but 10-15 lbs heavier than their lightest weight. Yeah, I'm pretty psyched to run with my Mum. I hope she's still up for it!
Good luck with your planned cheat day! Moderation is key =)
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I'm so up for this challenge - just the extra motivation I need right now!
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Jumping in, and going ahead an adding my weight for this weeks weight since I'm only starting two days before.
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are we supposed to have our weights in for this sunday?
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Hi there!
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This seems fun! And the group doing this seems so fun! I tried one challenge before but got sidetracked by my life and forgot to update (which makes me sad, because I've always wanted to do a challenge).

This time I want to stick with it! And I like that even if we forget for a bit that when we remember we can be like, "Wait! I wanna come back!" and us being the sexy candy pandas we are, we will get let back in to the challenge. But hopefully that won't be necessary!

I think my goal is 10 lbs. That seems reasonable for me over the holidays.

And Riestrella, I loved your explanation of this challenge! I laughed out loud!
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Taking a break from 3FC
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I've made my 10K training chart! Now updated to 10 weeks instead of 8 (was going to be away for 2 weeks but now I'm not, so more time for running I guess!) I Skyped with my Mum today and she said she was ok with me trying to beat my previous time. She was actually talking as if she was going to be faster!! So it was nice to hear that she will be ok to do it even if I do run off. My runs recently have been a lot slower than last year, I was running 9 min/miles but recently I've been running 12-14 min/miles! Tomorrow the challenge begins and it's the best timing ever!! 10 weeks until the end of the challenge, 10 weeks until my 10K race!!

skittles - Starting weights are due before Sunday (today). Week 1 weights are due any time between Monday 21st - Sunday 26th.

LiannaKole - Welcome! I'm glad you like the way the challenge is run! 10 lbs is my goal too, I think it's pretty reasonable given the time of year. Hehe, I'm glad I amused you! Sometimes I think I just sound like a crazy person!

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Mini Goal 1- 189.5 lbs
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I just saw this! I've been wishing for an end of year challenge and here (voila!) one has appeared! #superexciting Thanks for starting this, Riestrella!!!

Okay so quick question, we post weekly weigh ins on the spreadsheets under the appropriate date column, right, but touch nothing else?
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1500 Max!
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I have been refusing pizza left, right and centre this week! Maybe I can actually stick to this challenge!
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Put this in the main post:

I think it relates to what we're doing!! The challenge begins today!! Week 1 is a go, weigh in between now and Sunday. How is everyone going to tackle their weight loss in the next 10 weeks?
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Gotta Try!
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Riestrella - You actually got me hooked on theBerry since I saw you mention it in a different thread. I saw that picture above this morning and immediately thought about this challenge, lol!


So we threw a birthday party for my mom on Saturday and I actually didn't do too bad (considering that I usually stuff my face like there's no tomorrow!). HOWEVER, I couldn't let all that delicious cake go to waste so I had a lot (lot lot too much!) yesterday. What a terrible excuse. I was PMS-ing like crazy, I knew nobody would eat the cake, it was Football Sunday and I simply couldn't resist.
I had a terrible stomach ache last night and this morning and (TMI!!!) spent a good amount of time on the toilet. My weight dropped from 148.2 lbs yesterday morning to 147.0 lbs though I ate very, very late last night (and I had french fries!).

Well, today has been good so far. I've been drinking lots of water/green tea, ate a healthy breakfast and plan on working out. I promised myself last night that I would stay 100% OP today. No more uber-cheat-days until DH's birthday on Nov 9th!
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