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Default College chicks-- Free Time in the Summer?

Since I started college a few years back, I've always had something to do in the summer that took up most of my time-- usually work-- and I was back in my hometown where there were actually people around.

This year I'm stuck in my college town. There are zero people here, my classes end before noon, and I'm finding myself alone in my apartment with an enormous amount of time where I'm either watching TV or staring at my laptop, all the while trying to fight off the temptation to mindlessly eat. I love to go shopping from time to time, but my college-kid budget isn't quite amenable to making that a regular hobby.

I DO go to Zumba classes at my school's rec center on Tues/Thurs evenings, so there's that, but there are a lot of hours left in the week.

What do YOU do with your time?
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How about volunteering?
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I'm kind of stuck in a rut like you. But I might be volunteering at a couple of week sports camps this summer, and that will take a little time. I would try just going for a walk. I don't know where your campus is, but mine is in a suburb and there are lots of pretty trails in the woods to explore. Maybe you could try a new hobby, like learning to play an instrument. And, this might sound kind of geeky, but you could always get ahead with the studying for your summer classes.

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I am facing the same issue... my first free summer in, god, 15 years, at first it sounded amazing but as nice as it is to rest I am also having the issue of WAAAAY too much time sitting. I am trying to go on walks, my plan right now is to try to force myself to go on a 15-20 minute walk for every hour-ish of tv I watch, so a walk around the housing complex between each episode of whatever show I am binging on lol
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I was just thinking about how I wasted my summers when I was in school and how amazing it would have been to spend those summers while I was young(er) and free to do things that I was interested in instead of wasting them.

There are two ways to go about this...

(1) Volunteer!!!! Either for a good cause (hospitals, retirement homes, etc.) ORRR If you are hoping to get into a particular field you can approach institutions and companies and ask them if you could volunteer (kind of like an informal internship). Most people are happy to get free help, but it's great for you because you get to "try out" your career first to make sure you like it and also you can build some great relationships that will hep you when you actually look for work in the field (think reference letters!!)

(2) Ever dreamed about acting? writing? paining? photography? Music? Astro physics???? (LOL! Maybe not the last one...) Use your summers NOW to explore these opportunities!! Trust me when I say this (I'm speaking from experience and I'm not even that old -- I just turned 28!!), NOW IS THE BEST TIME TO TRY YOUR HAND AT THE THINGS THAT YOU DREAMED ABOUT DOING!!! There are always a bunch of things going on, even in very small communities, if you look to get involved, you will find places that will provide you with these opportunities!

Good Luck!!!

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Any other exercises you want to do?
If I had more free time:
-I'd clean more. Tossing/donating things I no longer need
-I'd cook more. I love looking up recipes and trying out new dishes.
-I'd exercise more. Have some downtime now and I'm about to get to that one.

I don't know where in AL you are, but have you ever been a 'tourist' in your area?
http://www.tripadvisor.com/Attractio...s-Alabama.html might be fun.
I looked up 'things to do in alabama' and came across that site.

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I'm the same. I would just suggest volunteering. Fortunately for me I have gotten a job this year, but usually I would be driving myself mad being sat watching TV. I would try and get into a routine. It might sound pointless but... get up early! I'm more likely to do something with my day if I wake up early enough, even if it's only cleaning or other chores.

If you like kids then I'm sure there'll be some kind of summer kids club nearby that could entertain you for a while!
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Oh dear I have the same issue. I'm kind of afraid of not having free time. Isn't that weird? I haven't had a summer off in a long time and now that I have one, I'm just loving doing pretty much nothing. And that has got to be the saddest thing I've ever said.

But it's not just "nothing," I've been working on art and writing a novel and things of that nature. If you're the creative sort, I'd suggest taking the time to actually do some of those things because, Lord knows it's difficult to do when you have school going on.

I, too, need some motivation to get myself back to the gym though. So I say you and I--both of us--we just do it. We've got to kick ourselves in to shape and go for it. We're blessed with the opportunity of a free summer and we should use it to make sure we're carrying a little less weight for the Fall Semester. Yeah?
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