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Default Your story!

I've found some very motivating success stories and would like to know your story. Even if you havent reached your goal, i'd like to know how you got to where you are now.

I'm in my early twenties and have been overweight since 7th grade. In middle&high school, i would skip breakfast and lunch and replace these meals with gum throughout the day. When i got home i would eat and eat dinner a couple hours later. These habits are what made me fat. I never really gained weight or lost weight, but just stayed at a weight i was very unhappy with. When i got a puppy, i would excercise daily with him. I would do sit ups, push ups, squats, running, and weight loss dvd's. Nothing changed throughout my two months of these activities. When i enrolled in college, i had enough. i was sick of being disgusted with myself and decided that even if it meant starving, i would do it. I tried that for a week and lost 2 pounds, but drank lots of water and kept water weight. As a last resort, i decided to try Atkins, just for the induction phase, to see if i would lose. And i did. 10 pounds in two weeks! which doesnt seem like much, but it was enough to motivate me. now i'm not on a diet, i'm simply eating low carb. I'm not sticking to a set plan but am keeping an eye on carbs and avoiding the food i know is out of the question. It's been about two and a half months and i've lost about 25 pounds. Although i'm not close to my goal, i know i'm getting there and am refusing to give up.

That's my story. Your turn!

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Hi, I'm Lauren! :)
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S/C/G: SW:209 / CW:184/ GW:~160

Height: 5'4


I was a normal sized toddler/pre-k-aged child. Then for whatever reason, I blew up when I hit kindergarten and steadily gained weight til I was about 13, when I hit 250. Why my parents never really did anything about it the world may never know. My brother and I were both very picky eaters when we were kids and we didn't really like a lot of vegetables or other healthy things, and although we ate the just about the exact same diet, my brother never really had a weight problem until now. My mom said she never wanted to deprive me or tell me I couldn't eat what other kids were eating, and she figured I would eventually grow out of it. Obviously that was not true; otherwise I wouldn't have gotten as big as I did.

I fluctuated between 230-250 throughout high school and probably weighed somewhere between 250-260 when I started college. The cafeteria at school was an all-you-can-eat buffet style place, and I took great advantage of that quite frequently. I had also came into a lot of money upon starting college, and fast food was extremely convenient and I partied a lot and smoked a lot of pot, which made me eat a LOT. I got up to 278 by my sophomore year, and at that point I had had quite enough and knew that my habits were only going to get me to the big 300, which I always said that no matter what, I would never let that happen. So I started trying to lose weight.

It took several failed attempts, and although it took me 3 good years, I eventually lost the weight I had gained when I started college. Then, in January of my senior year (last January), my college put on a Biggest Loser competition and that's what started the major weight loss journey that got me here! I lost 25lbs and came into 2nd place for the competition, and that only inspired me to lose more. I used a third of the graduation money I got to get a full 2 year gym membership, and since then I've been working my *** off to get to where I am today.

I weighed in at 241 and wore a size 18-20 when I started, and I weighed in at 150.5 today, wearing 8s and can see myself getting into a 6 in the near future. I've never been this small before in my life, and I have to say it feels a **** of a lot better than being where I was! I never want to go back to being that other girl, ever. She wasn't me. I feel like I'm finally be my true self now and that's probably the biggest thing I can take from this whole experience.
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S/C/G: 265/(ticker)/155

Height: 5'6"


I am 29, so a lot older than many people in this forum, and have been overweight my whole life. I even remember in 1st or 2nd grade, someone called me "thunder thighs" and in middle school, someone made fun of my double chin. My mom freaked out about my size and took me to Weight Watches. The first time, they turned me away because I was too young. My birthday present at age 12 or 13 was a WW membership. I just wound up cheating on the diet at school anyway. I wore a size 16 dress sophomore year of high school and a size 18 senior year.

When I hit college, I was so frustrated at not having half the fun my skinny friends had (especially clubbing/boys/ect) so I went on a crazy weight loss destined-to-fail journey that involved a lot of diet soda, salads, and edamame. I went from about 210-190. Then I ran off with a high school crush for a month over Christmas break and pigged out. I'm talking krispy kreme donuts, kraft mac & cheese, and dennys. I'm sure I gained most or all of it back over that month, but I never stepped on a scale to find out.

I continued to eat with abandon back at college for the next semester. That summer I met my now-husband, who loved me, so I didn't really care too much about what I looked like. By 2007, I was 250 lbs.

My most successful weight loss attempt before this one was the summer of 2008. I lost 30 lbs on Jenny Craig (10 weeks) and Weight Watchers (2-3 months?). I don't really know what happened. I got frustrated with the slow weight loss, quit WW, that became a plateau, and then I started gaining. I had made it to a low weight of 230.

On Christmas Day 2011, at 265 lbs, I woke up with the strength to lose weight. I wish I knew how it happened so I could share the secret with everyone. I decided I would lose 10 lbs and then my husband would take me to on of my favorite restaurants. I lost those 10 lbs in 3 weeks and we went to Flemings!

Then I decided to lose another 20 lbs and we went to shoot sporting clays. Then another 20 lbs and I was light enough to do indoor skydiving. Then I went to the nearby theme park and rode every damn roller coaster just to prove I could fit on them. I did all this by making better food choices and smaller portions. I exercised on and off, but not regularly. At 205, in October 2012, I plateaued.

By January, I had gained 5 lbs back. I wouldn't have it. I had worked too damn hard to gain it all back. I knew I needed a big change. I found out that my doctor's office offered a medically supervised weight loss program that promised 2-4 lbs loss per week and I went to the orientation.

At the orientation, they told me they program was full until March. I went to the director and begged my way in. I told her that if I didn't get in for February, I don't know if I could make it to March. I might be well on my way up to 265 +++ again and wouldn't have the motivation to come back.

Well, I started January 25th part-time at 210 lbs and February 13th full-time on the HMR program and have since lost 31 lbs! I am 14 lbs away from the top of my goal range, but once I get there, I may even go lower.

I have never weighed 165 lbs at this height. ****, I never weighed 180 before I got there on the way down. This last 30 lbs have been absolutely awesome! There is NOTHING like shopping in the normal sizes and having a guy flirt with me when I am waiting to get a haircut at Supercuts. I shopped at Victoria's secret for the first time and was floored that the sales girl went in the dressing room with me and poked at my boobs. This life... it's just so different... it's like it belongs to someone else.

So there you have it. I have about 15 lbs to go and then I will transition into maintenance. I am planning to stay with the weight loss program at my doctor's office as long as I can. They have an 18-month maintenance program but some people stay even longer. I am convinced this is the last big weight loss journey for me. I can't go back to being obese. I don't want to give up the shopping!
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S/C/G: 214/197/140

Height: 5'3''


Like most of the other posts I've read throughout this site, I've been overweight or "obese" (God I hate that word) for my entire life.

When I was 15, I had a epiphany and went from 207 down to 140 (Though I was only ever at 140 for about 3 days). I stayed around 150 for the next 3 years and was very happy being a vegetarian. Life was good.

Then I met my now ex-boyfriend who would trick me in to eating meat and then say "Look! You didn't die from it now you can stop being weird and go get a cheeseburger with me." He bought me 4 cheeseburgers that day. Over the next 4.5 years I was with him, I gained all of the weight back that I had lost.

Then I went through a pathetic phase where I lived in the darkness of my home and drank more often than not. Gained some more weight then. I would often think of how much I hated my body and all the weight I'd gained but my friends rolled their eyes and scoffed every time I said I wanted to be a vegetarian again. Or that I wanted to lose weight. The doctor told me I'm lactose-intolerant and it seems only that is enough to get people to stop rolling their eyes.

Then, this time around, I decided that if I want to be happy, I have to make it happen for myself. So I started with my mind and am moving on to my body. I want to be healthy and I don't want to live my life for the happiness of others. I'm starting to realize that the people I call friends really only care about me so long as I fit their needs. I stop eating their food and suddenly I'm no longer invited.

So I've been eating much healthier and working out in the shadow of darkness and I feel the difference (even though I weigh a LOT more than I thought I did. But I'm trying not to let that get to me.). I have to worry about me now. For the first time ever.
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Never ever giving up!
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S/C/G: See ticker :)

Height: 5'4.5"


I have also been overweight for as long as I can remember. I was a relatively chubby kid. But I was a happy and active kid, always playing sports. Had lots of friends and got along with everybody. When I was 12, the other kids suddenly started bullying me because of my weight. This lasted until I was almost 16. I had tried losing weight once during that period, I think I lost 10 lbs and at the time that made a big difference as I was just overweight, not obese.

Then I started 11th grade, new school and new friends, and more freedom on lunch breaks. We had a big grocery store with huge deli selection and two fast food chain restaurants within 5 minutes walking. Wouldn't go every day, but still very often. I have no clue what I weighed back then, but it wasn't all too bad.
Anyway, during the three years in that school, a lot of bad stuff happened and I was going through some really tough times emotionally. I started comfort eating, and at home I would bring food into my room, eat it and then hide the evidence so my mother wouldn't find out. I gained quite a bit.

The fact that my boyfriend at the time was repeatedly cheating on me didn't help. We broke up when I was 20, after two years together. I realized I was actually feeling better about myself than what I had for a long time, and managed to maintain, and maybe even lose a little bit.

Then I met my husband. He's also obese. We both had our bad eating habits, and bringing them together made it easy to gain weight. I made several attempts to lose the weight. I tried low carb, two different programs with weekly meetings, low carb again. I would lose 5 lbs and then start gaining again. Until september 2012, at my very highest weight. I decided to cut the c**p and just do it. So I started calorie counting and refused to give up when I hit that first tough spot. Have kept it going ever since, and I still refuse to give up when I don't see results. Have lost 26.2 lbs and plan on losing many more!
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S/C/G: 208.6/206.2/150

Height: 5'6"


I'm 29 years old and I've been overweight since a child. I was a skinny kid up until 4th grade. That's when my parents moved my brother and I from the city to the country. All of a sudden, there were no parks nearby, no biking trails and nothing to do after school so we would eat junk food and watch TV all day. I first remember feeling overweight at the end of 4th grade. I started noticing my stomach getting bigger and bigger. By 7th grade, I had a muffin top and I weighed 150. My friends all weighed around 100 so I felt huge. In 8th grade, I got a subscription to Fitness magazine and started doing the workouts in my bedroom after school. I also started eating healthier and I lost some weight. I don't know how much but my pants got really lose and I felt awesome. Then I hurt my ankle and stopped working out. In 10th grade, I joined Weight Watchers with my mom. I weighed 185 to start and got down to around 170. I joined the track team that year and did discus and shot put. Eventually, my mom lost her job and we couldn't afford WW anymore. I thought I could do it on my own but the weight came back. I was 185 when I graduated high school. I joined WW in college at 209 lbs and got back down to 190. I eventually got bored of counting points and quit. By the time I graduated college in 2005, I was around 210 lbs. I joined WW again in 2009 and got back down to 195. Like the other two times, I got bored counting points and quit. Last May, I weighed in around 218 and decided to try the Ideal Protein plan. I was sick to my stomach the entire 5 weeks I was on it. The packets tasted gross, cauliflower mashed potatoes do not taste like real mashed potatoes and I couldn't even look at spinach by the end of the 5 weeks without gagging. It was a horrible diet and I only lost 10 lbs. I was very disappointed especially since most people on that diet lose at least 8 lbs the first week alone. I quit IP in June of last year and started calorie counting. I didn't do a very good job and went off plan around August. I think I pretty much maintained. Last month, my mom came to me and said that she needed to lose weight and couldn't do it alone. I agreed to be her weight loss buddy and we started on March 1st. She is doing Weight Watchers again and I am doing my own plan. I am eating when I'm hungry, stopping when I'm full, measuring out portions and switching out unhealthy snacks for fruits and veggies. One day a week, I'll add up the calories for that day to make sure I'm not going over but I'm not counting calories every day. I want this to be a lifestyle I can do for the rest of my life and I'm not going to be counting calories every day for the rest of my life so it's unrealistic to do it now. I'm also doing an exercise video each day. So far, what I'm doing is working and I've lost 11 lbs in just over a month. I really think that I finally figured out this whole weight loss thing. It doesn't even feel like I'm on a diet because I am eating the same things I used to eat but I'm making them healthier. I hope to get to onederland by the first week of July when I leave for vacation in Colorado. I would love to be at 175 by the end of the year. It would be great to start my 30's at my lowest weight ever. I also want to mention that I've never dated because of my weight. I've been so embarrassed about how I look, I didn't think any guy would ever be attracted to me so I never even tried to date. I'm afraid I'm going to be a 30 year old virgin in less than a year but I know that once I lose this weight, I will gain a ton of confidence and will be ready to start looking for my guy. I just hope I can find a guy who will be okay about my virginity and my previously overweight past. I'm sure he's out there and I can't wait to find him.
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S/C/G: 310/*look*/140

Height: 5'9


Wow, I am amazed that everyone so far started struggling with weight pretty too, first/second grade. Lots of criticism and cruelty from others, now that I'm older it's more just that feeling of being ignored. However, the older I get, the less I seem to care, which is nice.
I struggled with not wanting to lose weight for a long time. Didn't want to be thin because I had grown very bitter towards our cultures obsession with appearances and materialism. Still working on accepting/adapting to this.
When I had my first child a few years ago, my mindset started evolving pretty quickly, as sometimes happens In addition to that, my mom was diagnosed with diabetes and became vry sick. These events, along with some very wise words from a few 3FC truly set me on a new course. I'm still, "proving" to myself that I can do this, but I think I'm off to a good start anyhow. 40 lbs since Dec. I just need to do that three more times or so!
CONGRATULATIONS on what you've each accomplished!
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S/C/G: See thicker

Height: 5'9


I was a tinny kid but loved to eat, I was enrolled in karate, so I never gain weight, when I stopped going, that was the beginning of everything.
When I was 12 y, I weighed 180 lbs, being 5'7 wasn't a big deal, then I gained 10 lbs every year but didn't grow taller, by my 15 birthday, I was 210 lbs
I've been on a diet almost my whole life, I did lose weight, but regained it.
When I enter collage I weighted 267 lbs.
My whole family is diabetic, when I had a blood test done, and everything was ok I had an ephiphany and started to lose weight
In 7 months I lose 66 lbs but after I struggle with depression I gained half of it.
Now I'm back to losing weight, so far I've lost 15 lbs. still so much to lose, but I won't give up
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S/C/G: 96/83.2/75

Height: 5'7"/170cm


I like to joke that I've been obese since birth, I was a 9 pound baby! But I was always the chubby one, both my brothers were/are small, but I wasn't blessed with those genes. I was always active as a kid so even though I was overweight I never really felt superbly unhealthy. Though my weight did bother me, the first time I lied about my weight I was in the 4th grade. I know in grade 7 I weighed 160 pounds as I wrestled and I was so embarrassed by that and the fact it was posted. I was by far the biggest girl in my school.

When I went to get my school uniform in high school my pants were a size 22, the kilt a 24 and all XL tops. It was embarrassing. After 9th grade I stopped doing sports, I had moved and just didn't feel comfortable with my body and didn't have the confidence to be around new people. Because of that I just got bigger and more out of shape. I stopped weighing myself because I didn't want to know what the number said. I did try numerous times to lose weight but I never stuck with it. I probably lost the same 10-15 pounds 8 times in high school.

After my first year in university I decided to weigh myself, I was 220 and disgusted, I knew I was big, but didn't think I was that big. I went on another diet that summer and lost about 20 pounds. After I finished university I moved to Korea to teach English, and I was the biggest I have ever been, I wish I knew what I weighed, I was definitely larger than the 220 but I don't know how much more. Living in Korea helped me lose the weight, I was eating much healthier, I tend to eat better when I'm not at my parent's home, who have terrible eating habits. I lost at least 30 pounds without even trying my first two years here, came back home for 3 months and gained 20 pounds, moved back to Korea for a year and lost 20 pounds (and gained my lovely fiance), came back home/traveled for 4 months and gained 30 pounds. I moved back to Korea (for the last time) the end of July of 2012 and shockingly didn't lose any weight between then and November 1st so that's when I decided to have one FINAL diet. I started at 211 pounds and am currently 178, my lowest adult weight. My fiance is doing this with me as well so I've got lots of support and motivation, and we're trying to do it the right way, eating healthy and exercising. I'm hoping to get back to that 7th grade weight of 160.

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I got this
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S/C/G: 206/162/135

Height: a little over 5'2


I was put on a diet probably at 8 or 9 years old, told to eat this and that without knowing why. Mom always bought me healthy choice or lean cuisine frozen TV dinners while growing up, a special "treat" would be the kid cuisine meals with the brownie in it or the snackwell cookies! My mom nor the doctor never tried to explain to me or her about nutrition or anything like that. She just did what she was told on how to get me to lose weight (she has never been fat in her life other than the pregnancies and she always got back to her pre-preg weights soon after.) So I was a bit of a puzzle to her and she never understood why I was still fat.

She finally stopped trying to get me to diet around 11 years old and I continued to balloon up, eat whatever I wanted be it hot cheetos, soda, and lots of candies. I remember a lot of fast foods and more frozen meals because mom was always busy working in her tanning salon (8a to 10p) and helping my grandma since she got sick.

Things did change around 15 years old when I hit 200lbs, mom met a guy so she sold her tanning salon in Phoenix and we moved to San Diego to live on a boat with my former stepdad. Since I was lonely at a new school, I started swimming daily for hours at the marina's private pool, I went down to 150lbs. I still didn't understand at the time that it was the deficit that made me lose. I graduated high school weighing 160-170 since I didn't swim as much anymore after getting swimmer's ear.

Let's fast forward through 5 years, I was living in another state by myself where I had no family around, the closest was 5 hours away and I was in a horrible relationship where I ballooned up to 242 from binge drinking, eating, etc. I remember seeing that number and freaked because I was so close to 250! I went on the internet to find out how to lose weight and finally discovered that it was calories in and out that mattered, exercise for fitness and all about nutrition too. I also learned how to cook healthily and how to make it delicious. It was like discovering a new world. Unfortunately, that did not last long because of the ex-boyfriend. Eventually we broke up and I moved back to Phoenix, AZ in July 2010 where most of my family was (mom and bro) after my uncle died.

I was 226 when I was watching MTV's "I used to be Fat" marathon and it just "clicked." I started January 25th, 2011 on Weight Watchers and working out getting down to 170-175ish. I would have reached goal but moving around a lot took a toll on my motivation (changing residences once in AZ from Peoria to Phoenix, moved to IL then once changing residences.)

After settling in my new home that we bought (that means no more moving! YAY!) I finally restarted at 180 on January 21st this year and hoping to get to 135 by my birthday in November if life doesn't throw me any more curveballs!

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Back with a vengeance
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S/C/G: 195/ticker/130

Height: 5'5"


I started to become overweight in my teens. I ate a lot more than I was burning off in a day - I did 0 exercise apart from P.E. class at school (where I wouldn't push myself too hard). I went up and down at Uni, but by the end of Uni I was obese. When I finally weighed myself and put my weight into a BMI calculator and saw I was obese that's when I changed.

I cut out (slowly) coke and junk food, started to eventually make substitutions in my diet (switch to whole grains, more fruit and veg etc) and started to exercise consistently. I would sometime exercise 6 times a week. Running is my passion, I entered myself into a 10K and trained for it and lost a lot of weight that way. I did Insanity which helped me through a bleak winter where I didn't run, then when Spring came back I did another 10K.

Now I'm in a bit of a stall since moving to Japan, need to get back into my old routine of exercising a LOT. I've started to eat more veg and fruit, something that I had abandoned.

That's it in a nutshell! I hope by the end of 2013 I'll have shed the last 25 lbs and reach my ultimate goal!
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