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KawaiiCandie 01-31-2013 09:28 PM

~* February Chat Thread *~
Hi guys! it's Friday in Japan already so I'm making the new monthly thread! also bringing over some personals from the last thread ;)

namaste: that's great! you're just flying down those 220's, aren't ya? ;)

peachflesh: welcome! and girl, do i know how you feel.... lol!

kisskiss: of course! come on in ;) it is pretty hard to keep up with the 30DS... honestly, most people give up, haha. i started it several times myself without finishing it in the past, so that's why i'm so proud! you should give it a try! :)

oh man you guys... i'm dying. DYING. i just finished the "No More Trouble Zones" video... actually, I was wondering why I don't really ever hear anyone talking about it... I guess I know why!! It's sooo much harder than the shred!!! i was gonna do this as my "level 4", but it's more like "level 5"!! lol. I never sweated this much doing the shred and i was crying like a little baby... this video also brings back my most hated move... the scissors kicks... :p

well anyways, i'm done now. off in the shower i go and my baby and I are off to see "Les Miserables" (don't laugh at me if you think it's old, Japan gets movies super late... this one is quite quick, considering...)

y'all have a nice Friday, and make sure you're starting February off on the right foot!! ;)

namaste984 01-31-2013 09:37 PM

Kawaii- Wow sounds like you had a time of it. Scissor kicks... painful just thinking about it. Just as fun as a side plank, with one arm raised over your head (actual yoga move in one of my classes. I think I would melt into a puddle if I tried that, lol). Thanks, my goal for next month is 219 so hopefully it will keep going down. It would be wickedly awesome to be in the 210s again.

Not much else to say. Happy February all. Valentine's Day is coming up soon... looking forward to a date with my fiancť. And he was eyeing the fancy jewelry store too, for a Valentine's Day gift... we'll see if that actually comes to fruition, lol. Good night all!

kaelah 01-31-2013 10:15 PM

The weekend is almost here! :carrot:

peachflesh and kisskiss, a happy warm welcome to you two! I'm new too, only been here a couple of days now. :)

namaste- Keep it up, woman! You're doing great.

Kawaii- Ouch! Good on you for making it through, though. Enjoy the movie!


Oh, ow. I am hurting today. I did squats for the first time last night (3 sets of chair squats and 3 sets of wide-legged squats) and thought, "wow, that wasn't too terrible... maybe I should make a point to do those everyday?" Boy oh boy am I eating my words today! I am sore and stiff! My legs are not happy. And I was with toddlers all day long, up and down and up and down off the floor and chairs. It was TOUGH! I can't wait to do them again, though! ;)

Nothing much else going on. Hoping to see a drop on the scale tomorrow. I've been flirting with 228 all week (weighed in at 228.4 on Saturday morning and have been above ever since) and I want to move on!

graciegoose13 01-31-2013 10:30 PM

Hi, hi, hi!

I haven't posted in the monthly thread for awhile (*insert lame excuse here*), so I figured it's time to jump back in!

Life's pretty good but busy here, and my newest GET FIT inspiration is the fact that after a year and a half of living abroad, I'M GOING HOME NEXT MONTH! Needless to say I wanna look hawt and feel fabulous, you know, so I can take "funemployment" by storm...ugh. ;-)

Can you believe it's Feb. already?! It sounds like namaste has Vday plans already--anybody else? <3 <3 <3

Pink Hurricane 01-31-2013 10:54 PM

I'm joining up in this thread! Good to see how everyone is doing so far, here's to a great month! :D

namaste984 02-01-2013 08:40 AM

Gracie- Good to see you again. Yay for going home... not so yay for trying to find employment. I'm sure you'll find something cool though... good luck! :)

Kaelah- Thanks girly! Squats are good but not so much for my knees, so I feel your pain. :)

Kawaii- My best friend and I are seeing Le Miserables next week, so I'm a little late on it too. I would take my fiancť but I think he would be bored, lol.

So yup, hit my first NSV with under 100 pounds to lose now! I officially have 98.4 lbs to go at 223.4 (actually, it did 222.4 at first but I thought that was way too low so I weighed again. It gave me a pound up.) It's crazy how quick I'm losing, but I'm happy. :D

Headed out of town today for Arkansas and Branson, it's about a four hour drive but not so bad since it gives me an excuse to read my philosophy homework so I'm not trying to read it all 2 hours before class. I'm going with my parents and sister, so it will be interesting for sure.

Anyone else got really cold weather? It was 9 degrees this morning in StL. It was just seventy at the beginning of the week! Crazy.

Anyhoo, I gotta go greet the day so I hope you all have a good one. :)

SoMuchFattitude 02-01-2013 08:43 AM


Originally Posted by namaste984 (Post 4616555)
Anyone else got really cold weather? It was 9 degrees this morning in StL. It was just seventy at the beginning of the week! Crazy.

9?!?!?! Dear GOD! It's was 75'ish at the start of our week here in Atlanta and today our high is 39. WTF? Not cool, weather...not cool.

peachflesh 02-01-2013 09:08 AM

Happy Feb, all :)

kawaii: thanks for the welcome! howíd you like Les Mis? dude, japan is on my bucket list of ďmust seeĒ destinations! so cool. Well done doing ďtrouble zonesĒ ...thatís Jillian Michaels, correct? That chick annoys me, so Iíve never tried one of her workouts. From what Iíve seen though, sheís intense! well done for suffering through.

kaleah: thanks for the welcome, lady :) sorry youíre so sore, thatís the worst! Did you try stretching a ton? Good luck w the scale!

gracie and pink: Iím brand new here, but welcome back to the thread :D gracie - no vday plans over here. Iím recently married, and Iíve been with my husband for 8 years, but Iíve always hated the commercialism of vday, so weíve never celebrated more than i love yous and snuggling up. haha

namaste: yay!! congrats on the NSV (incentive?)! a carrot for you: :carrot: ya, itís oddly cold in my neck of the woods, as well - and this after being in the 70s a few days ago too. weird. good luck on your drive! driving w family, hmmm fun. haha

I wasnít sure if I wanted to disclose this info, but here goes: I turn 30 in November. These are my last months of being 20-something! Also, There is a half marathon in my area the week before my bday. I want to run that marathon and be at goal (130) for the start of my 30s! Since i still havenít weighed, I donít know how much of a feat that is... Iím guessing itís somewhere between a 40 & 50 lb loss.

just throwing that out to the universe. I can do it!

I will buy batteries for my scale this weekend.

have a good day all :hug:

namaste984 02-01-2013 09:42 AM

Peach- That's okay. I am going to catch up to you next year in September. I can't believe I'm turning 30 next year! I want to be at goal by 30 and maintain til my wedding in 2015. A half marathon sounds fun, I have done several 5Ks but I would like to work my way up. A friend of mine just did an ultramarathon at Lookout Mountain near Chattanooga, and she ran 50 miles. I would love to do that before I kick the bucket. :D

SoMuch- Yup a balmy 9. We got lucky because it was supposed to be 7 for the low. It's supposed to be around 27 for the high. And of course my mom, on a slightly suicidal kick, walked 2 miles in it. That's determination right there. Yup, I miss the warm weather in the South, but not the tornados and bad storms! :)

peachflesh 02-01-2013 10:03 AM

Namaste holy crap 50 miles!! Tell me that was not all in one day!

lisa34t 02-01-2013 05:16 PM

Been MIA for a week or so and I missed you ladies! ......but I havent fell off the wagon. I just been so busy keeping up with the Fitbit and Neufit groups/boards. The Neufit site has made me love my Fitbit even more, all the challenges just keep me so active. Well I am definitely in Onderland, been there for about a week and a few days! Currently about to cruise out of the 190's! 195.2 as of this morning! Anytime Fitness has truly become a major part of my life...which is great and I want to keep it this way!

:wave::wave: Hey Peach, Pink &, Gracie Kiss - great group of ladies here!

Namaste- Congrats on the loss and getting back to pre holiday!

penmage 02-01-2013 07:38 PM

Way to go lisa34t!

Namaste-Right now it's 14 degrees, with a wind chill of -5. Yeah, that's not a + :lol: But it's also snowing, so it's good! The high today was 18. Coming from somebody who lived in Florida her whole life (until 2011)... it's strange that those numbers are normal now!

Nothing new to report. Sorta kinda broke my plateau...I think... the other day with 163.8, but I'm not calling it broken yet. I'm about to go on vacation for a couple of days, so I'm kind of nervous, as I'll be staying with my best friend, and he doesn't have the best eating habits (let alone eat anything without meat). Although it might not be soooo terribly bad- I could end up eating a lot of salad on this trip, since he's more a pizza and wings and burgers guy.

Hopefully the trip will jog my body into deciding to lose weight again!

beahawkins 02-01-2013 09:49 PM

Penmage: I saw the -.5 and I was like that's what it is here too! Then I was like duh, Ohio!? lol Have fun, I would love to get out of Ohio for a bit!!

Lisa: Yay!!!! for Onderland!

Namaste: 50!!! She's crazy!

Pink and Gracie: Hi!!! Nice to see you again!!!


Well, trying to keep up with the week crazy. I am trying to stay on top of homework and working out and so far I am doing a decent job of that, but I moved half of my stuff to my mom's and so I am spending half my time here and half my time at my dad's. So, my bf is feeling the neglect that I didn't mean to throw at him.

I joined Planet Fitness today, because I didn't have a place to workout when I am at my mom's. I am hoping their guest package (unlimited use of their red light therapy bed and hydro message bed) will help with my back and joint issues so I don't have to do too much physical therapy $$$ plus with the use of their awesome tanning beds maybe I can get out of the winter funk. I HATE WINTER. I miss the sunshine. It's funny, I have a friend here who recently lived in Seattle and she said Seattle gray skies have nothing on Ohio's. HA!

Wednesday at the dr. I was 230!! So, that's exciting. Hope everyone's weekend is great. I have a girls day at the gym tomorrow (I have a group of friends that go to my gym! I havent got to hang out with them in forever +1 for living with my mom!!) and a paper on the History of Censorship due Tuesday. So much fun. : )

KawaiiCandie 02-01-2013 09:57 PM

namaste: oh god side planks... don't talk to me about them... i can't even do the modified version properly... lol. well done on the nsv and the weightloss!!! see what you can achieve with a little effort?? :p ooh, and the movie was good. my bf really enjoyed it too so maybe your fiance would as well?

kaelah: squats are evil! but they're good for you ;) hang in there!

gracie: sure, jump in! ooh, were do you live? I live in Japan! are you going home for good?!! not ready to do that yet... haha... good luck!

peachflesh: Les Mis was awesome!!! I was bawling like a little baby... and yes, that's a Jillian video and I love her. she's not for everyone though ;) oh and don't worry too much about turning 30. i'm already there but i'm way too immature for the 30's forum. lol. but you can do it, girl!

lisa: good for you!! being good without our amazing support and wisdom is an amazing feat! (lol) congrats again on hitting the onederlands!

penmage: haha, i know how you feel... just try to enjoy the vacation and keep being good at the same time! good luck!

Hiya girls!

It's saturday morning here for me (though not for long, it's almost 12. lol) and i have lots of things to tell you!

first of all, i don't understand all you americans' crazy farenheight system so i'm not really sure how "cold" it is for you guys... but here it's like 15C today and yesterday it was 12, which is like crazy warm for this time of the year! yay! :carrot:

second, Les Miserable was sooo awesome!! but i cried soooo much! at least 5 times, probably more... and the movie was really long so i had a headache by the time it ended (crying gives me headaches...) but it was good. boyfriend liked it too, though he didn't cry and told me that he was "just about to cry" once and looked over to me and i wasn't crying at that time. and that he didn't understand why i was crying when i did. lol. he said he thought it might be a cultural thing and i said i saw the woman next to me crying a couple of times too, so it must just be a girl/guy thing. though in retrospect, it's probably just a "him" thing cuz he doesn't have a romantic bone in his body and is just way too rational. lol.

now third! yesterday was a cheat day, and as far as cheat days go, it really wasn't half bad! I had popcorn at the theater, but that was my lunch, then we went to an italian restaurant and just shared everything so i didn't really eat that much, and then the thing that might've killed it a bit was one too many nutty-snacks with champagne at home afterwards (we were celebrating the end of his semester :p ) but when i weighted myself this morning... lo-and-behold, it said i'd lost weight!!! after a cheat day, i've finally broken my stupid stupid plateau!!! i am just baffled... but happy! so i saw 78.6 on the scale, which means 173.3lbs. I wonder if I should update my ticker... :p

Finally, in workout related news, my quads hurt soooo bad today from the "NMTZ" video... i think i'm gonna give myself a Jillian break today and maybe just go to the gym ;)

have a good weekend everyone!

Hotaruchan 02-01-2013 11:48 PM

IT'S SO NICE OUT TODAY. It's been horribly cold and windy, and today when I went to mail a letter, it was GORGEOUS. Like, probably in the 40s F, bright sun, no wind...a half-mile walk to the post office turned into me getting more than 10,000 steps in before noon time.

I think I've decided to take up the 30DS again...I know that there's not enough space in my apartment and the walls are too thin, but I get to see my boyfriend again in 2 months and I need to stop making excuses and just walking around the block a few times instead of actually doing exercise. Hopefully I won't manage to kick a hole in the wall on the pendulum lunges and such.

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