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Hey guys,

Sorry I haven't been in in awhile. Been busy with school and things. Down three pounds in the past few days so I'm right at 220, which means I'm 1 lb away from my goal for the month and almost in the 210s! And yesterday I looked at myself and I had a cute butt. Lol so things are a little bizarre lately. School is going fine, got my first B today but I will live. Going to see Warm Bodies with my bff today since Le Mis is out of theatres here.

KissKiss- I met my fiancť online. But I had to go through a lot of @$$holes first, so don't be afraid to be picky! I did and it netted me the love of my life!

Kawaii- WTG! Good luck with your next goal.

Hotaru- Ah geez... well, at least you're done in a month or so.

Bea- Careful with that diet! Sounds like it might not be very healthy.
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WOW, you gals have been chatting it up!!!!!! Thats good!

Thats awesome! Its hard to stay accountable when we are busy! WOOT WOOT

- Yes those mini ticker are really motivating!

Hotaruch- Wow! That some strong wind...kinda scary!

Bea- thats sounds good. But me personally , I hate when pre made diets dont recycle the food. You end up having gigabtic grocerylist one week and food still left from th previouse week! But I love vegetable soup!

Kiss Kiss- never tried it, let us know how that goes & be safe!


Well, everything is all well on my end! Idk if I mentioned that I won that money in the bet with my family members. I won by 7.7 lbs! Hopefully they will challenge me again! I could use the money for my sons 1st Bday party! Lately I have been doing 35 min gym visits, partially cause Im ready to get home after work, but today Im putting that to an end. 1 hour unless Im rushed to get my baby from daycare. Going to Atlanta on a business trip all week next week. Kinda excited and kinda not. The hotel seems to have a good gym, and I plan to hit it twice a day everyday! Maybe that week I can shed 4 lbs???????
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Hotaru: I am so curious what word was blocked ******ized? lol That wind sounds crazy. But you don't have too much longer left? And those students are a little... scary.

Kawaii: Yay for a new ticker!! Will you have the same kids for the next school year?

Namaste: You'll have to tell me how you like Warm Bodies. If it is as awesome as it looks I might have to actually see a movie in theaters!

I have decided against the diet. After all the ickyness it left me feeling last night I decided I'll be eating a very veggie/fruit based diet for the next few days but thats cause I don't want to waste it all I'm going to add some meat and a few complex carbs.
Had an appt with a surgeon this morning. I am getting my gallbladder out on the 15th. So that should be fun. And I will have 2 weeks off of intensive workouts : / I hope it doesn't set me back too much.
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namaste: way to go to you too! you just flew down those 220's!

lisa: you won the bet? that's awesome!!

bea: that sounds like a good plan! no, i won't have the same students next year except my returnees. i'll be teaching the 1st years again, so thank god i only have a few more classes with that evil little girl...

ok so i'm really cranky cuz it's not snowing at all this morning, just a lot of heavy rain. though apparently the trains are running at 70% which means that i will probably be late and the ride to school will be highly unpleasant... i dunno if you've ever seen pictures of the rush hour in tokyo, but trains are already PACKED when there's a train coming every 2 minutes... what's it gonna be like if they come only every 10 minutes?? i don't wanna think about it... T_T

scale said the same this morning, which is all well and good considering the woosh i just had. and TOM showed it's ugly face this morning, which is not helping my mood! lol.

hope everyone has a good day!
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kawaiicandy: aww just saw your post. no snow? lame
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Hey guys,

I joined a while ago and then grad school happened. I'm still there, but I'm trying to be better about food and exercise. I actually spent all of last year walking to and from lab (I'm in Science), which meant 45min one way. But now, I no longer walk that much and I wanna add more activity into my life and lose a little weight.

I have a strange body type, so I don't really know what to set as my goal. I'm 5'4", 170lbs and a size 8.
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Before coming to stay with my best friend for 5 days, I probably should have made sure he had vegetarian friendly food. Currently my choices are stale crackers, a peanut butter canister of unknown age, and a bottle of nasty cheap vodka. Yummm... I'd go to the store if it wasn't 3 in the morning, but all I had yesterday was a cup of soup from Panera, and I'm starving, so stale crackers it is!

As a side note, his other culinary offerings consist of 2 cans sweetened condensed milk, water flavoring packets, a giant bottle of mayonnaise, and individual packages of pre-made hamburger helper. Oh bachelors!
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Becoming less fleshy.
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thanks for the well wishes! i felt much better after some rest and fluids.

kiss: Iíve known ppl who have had great luck w online dating! Iím anxious to hear how it goes

kawaii: boo no snow day, boo loads of traffic (canít even imagine!), boo tom! bad morning! hopefully you have a better day.

bea: that diet sounds a little iffy, glad you decided against it. and donít worry about workouts after surgery, just keep eating properly.

hotaru: sounds like you are not having fun! murderous 6th graders and bike-stealing wind?! holy crap. is your time there almost over? hope the annoying-ness doesnít trigger you.

lisa: youíre a machine! 2 a-days planned on a business trip?? nice! have fun.

habs: hey there! upping your exercise def couldnít hurt! are you on any sort of eating plan too? my goal weight is sort of arbitrary; itís just what i weighed when i was about 16 or so. no idea if itís possible or healthy. :P but, gotta have the eye on some sorta prize, right?

penmage: arenít boys funny! hope you enjoyed your stale crackers (ew!) haha


a few weeks ago the button popped off my fat jeans (unrelated to weight gain, theyíre just old... i think), but i continued to wear them. then last week, the zipper broke, rendering them completely unwearable. so iíve been forced to wear a pair of not-so-fat jeans that are completely too small. owwww they hurt my muffin top! iím pretty sure theyíve squishing my appendix or ovaries, or something, bc ow, but i refuse to get new jeans. anyone else have this problem?

todayís my day off. hubs and i are moving soon, so iím packing up a storm, and plan to take my dog for a run and do some yoga. have a good day, all!
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Kawaii: Some kids can be just mean. Esp. girls! Sorry TOM has you down. I can run a little crazy during TOM.

Lisa: What do you do, if you don't mind me asking? You seem to be always on the go!!

KissKiss: have fun on Friday! Do you know where you're going?

Habsfan: Hey! Welcome! Looking at BMI kind of helps but not really. It gives you an idea of what might be a good weight to start looking to, but I wouldn't count the BMI as the end all goal either though. lol. Sorry, not much help!!

Penmage: Oh no!! You're definitely hanging out with a bachelor!

Peachflesh: When I started all of this junk in July, I was resigned to not buy anything at all unless it was work out clothes or stuff in atleast 2 sizes smaller. But then I needed some and LaneBryant was have a bogo free so my mom bought me some. And now they're the only pants I own that it well. I bought a couple pairs in the next size down from Torrid during a crazy sale for like $5 a pair. So in like 15 pounds those will come in handy!

Ok, so, I am really really excited. I just got back from a second interview at Maurice's. It's so weird. They called me up on Monday and asked if I would want to interview tomorrow (Tuesday)? And I was like sure. But I don't even remember submitting my application. After my interview with the assistant manager I interviewed they scheduled another with the gm for today! And now she's going to call me back to schedule an interview with a manager who has more experience. It is so unexpected. And it is only for a couple of hours a week which is perfect for school and working out and managing relaxing time. And it would be really nice, because she said that I would be in line for a management spot by the time I graduate!! It was so unexpected but now I really hope it works out! Eek!!

I am finally feeling able to change my ticker to my current weight! I feel like I am finally steady here!

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penmage: I had to laugh at your description of the provisions of this bachelor friend of yours. I used to cook at the house of a bachelor, and had to bring my own pans and supplies and everything. He didn't even have olive oil! If he couldn't cook it in the George Foreman, he wasn't interested.
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Lok'tar Ogar!
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Not sure what to say right now except hiiii!
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Ready for a smaller me.
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Hey girls! I hope everyone has been having a good, successful week so far. Happy Hump Day.

I've been on-plan all week and even resisted a big craving today! Pizza! We used to order pizza once a week, usually on Fridays, and it's one of my favorites. I haven't had it since I started back up with calorie counting. Today, the craving hit me hard! It doesn't help that I have gift codes for THREE free pizzas at one of the restaurants around here. I had enough calories to spare to have two slices (700+ calories!), so as soon as the craving hit, I decided I would order it. But then my mind caught up with my mouth, and I remembered that giving into temptations this easily is one of the biggest reasons I got to be this big! I know I HAVE to train myself to resist this kind of stuff instead of making snap decisions. I remembered reading that someone here said that, when a craving hits, they tell themselves that they will have it tomorrow if they still really want it. So, that's what I decided to do. I also come home and made a Flatout pizza, which was less than 300 calories for the whole thing. It did a great job of satisfying the craving without spending a ton of calories on a whim. I feel really great about it!

Soft Speaker: Hi!

bea: Congratulations on both the good interview and the new weight!

peach: Oh, I hate moving! But I love living in a new place. I've moved every year for the past SEVEN years, and we plan on buying a house in the near-ish future. Hope everything goes smoothly for you!

penmage: TOO funny! I hope you were able to go get some good food to go along with your stale crackers!

habsfan: Welcome and good luck!

kisskiss: Best of luck to you! I did online dating for awhile but didn't like it much. Funny that I met my partner online anyway! Not at a dating site, but on a forum where we weren't even looking for a relationship. Funny how things work out.

Kawaii: Love the whooshes but hate the waiting in between! Sorry about the lack of snow- we have had a ton here in Michigan, so feel free to take some!
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hey guys! let me have my little rant here before i get into personals... yesterday sucked. first of all, there was no snow. not that i like snow mind you (I'm from Canada) but they just hyped us all up about this damn snow day and to have it not happen sucked. the ride to school was gross as predicted, but the actual school day was ok. my "bad" class with the mean girl in it was even quite possibly my best class of the day, which just makes no sense. lol. and then i came home and i was really tired... i thought i would work myself up to working out, even put on my workout gear and everything, and then it was like 10pm and i decided that it was too late to be jumping around and waking the neighbours, and i just didn't want to, so i just went to bed. i was also feeling grumpy most of the day, and cuz bf had not replied to me all afternoon/evening and the last thing he'd told me was that he was going to have dinner with a friend, but f*ck, it made me so cranky. and then i was feeling so angry that i just had the munchies, and i ate two little peanut snacks, which isn't really bad but i know i really shouldn't have eaten them cuz i wasn't hungry. i had to steele myself really hard to not eat a whole lot more too... i know that this excessive grumpiness is due to TOM, but man, it sucks. this morning, i still feel grumpy (though not as bad as yesterday...) and am trying to put myself in the mood to workout and it's not going too well. lol. meh. why does being a woman have to suck so much???

so anyways. i got rid of my previous ticker cuz scale said 169.8 this morning! lol. at least that's good. and i only have to go to school from 3:30 to 4:30pm for English club (lame, i know...) so i could sleep in and i have time to get my workout in proper. i'm gonna start Body Revolution today!

kisskiss: yeah, i teach english in Tokyo! and it never snows here so people have no idea how to deal with it when it does...

habsfan: hello! welcome! are you from Montreal?? cuz, your screen name! I'm from Montreal! though i don't like hockey, haha... but hearing about it is kinda unavoidable if you're from there. good luck with everything!

penmage: mwahaha, you "man food" story made me laugh... next time you should make sure to bring some snacks!

peachflesh: haven't had that problem cuz i have waaaaaaay too many clothes!! (i'm a shopaholic... it's a problem really) but sounds to me like this is the universe telling you that you need to keep going with your weightloss! lol. it's gonna be a really good feeling when that muffin-top goes away! ^^ if they really are that much too small though, maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to buy a pair that actually fits. it's good to have an incentive to lose weight, but it's also not good to look in the mirror and feel gross cuz your clothes don't fit you properly. i don't think it would be a waste of money (unless you're really broke right now). if you feel confident, you're more likely to succeed!

bea: yeah... stupid TOM... *grumbles*... but yay for your news!! that sounds great! i really hope you can get the job!

softspeaker: welcome! jump in, and rant about your problems! lol.

kaelah: well done for resisting temptation! that's huge! mwhaha... i'll leave you your snow, thanks. i'm actually quite glad it didn't snow cuz it means i don't have to worry about what shoes to wear when i go out... i just wanted the day off

oh i forgot! one good thing did happen yesterday!! I went to the bathroom one time while I was at school, and i had a kinda lightbulb moment! lol. i was wearing this purple knit sweater that i love cuz it's sooo soft, but i hadn't worn it in over a month or two, i'm pretty sure (see above for the mention of my having too many clothes...) and i just looked at myself in the mirror and realized that it fit way differently than the last time i wore it, and i was kinda just turning around and examining myself every which way before i finally went "huh... i guess i really did become smaller!" lol. it was such a weird feeling, haha... but i good one! especially since i've just officially lost 20lbs!!!
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SE Asia, baby
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Bea: You got it—the PA is Pennsylvania. It’s where I’m from and where I’ll be going back to next month. Good luck with the job!!

KawaiiCandie: I taught for a year in a more rural part of the country and for the past 6 months I’ve been working in Bangkok as a program coordinator for a binational educational foundation. I looove the work, and know that my life is going to be less fun and exciting when I’m home, but it’s time. You must really love Japan—5 years is amazing! Sorry about your awful today. I hope the next one was better!

Lisa: Congrats on winning the bet! That’s so sweet you’re spending it on your son’s bday party! Good luck in Atlanta!

penmage: OMG, your friend’s kitchen sounds hilarious! Not going to lie, I have pretty much nothing in my kitchen either since it’s cheaper and SO GOOD to eat at the markets here. Also, good luck with your jean situation—I LOLed at the thought of squished ovaries. Gurl, I get it.

Isn’t it funny how some months feel so empty, long, and boring and then the next you don’t have a free moment? Welcome to my January/February. I’m definitely happier and prefer the busy as it strangely keeps me more accountable and on track. I blame it on my natural instinct to want to hibernate, watch tv forever, and become a couch potato. Not so good for my healthy lifestyle! Haha!

My eating’s been pretty solid, but my exercising has been seriously lacking. I walk a lot since I’m living in the city, which is helping, but I’ve been trying to get back into running again. I really need to step it up because next month, March 8th, actually, my work is hosting a Thai “cultural night” which means we’re having a big fancy dinner (in a palace!) and I get to wear a traditional Thai dress! I’m borrowing it from one of my co-workers (naturally a smaller boned Thai woman). It fits, but let me tell you, I CANNOT gain a pound or it won’t. it’s definitely motivation to work out more, especially to tone up, so I can spend the night feeling comfortable and pretty.
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Oh. My. Jeebus...6th graders. Today sucked monkey balls. Not only did TOM show up with a vengeance, but I had 6th graders and my worst class (usually at the end of the day) was switched to first period. I would have actually been looking forward to that if not for the fact that I showed up for class and the homeroom teacher yelled at me because his class ALWAYS has English 5th period (he's had the schedule saying otherwise for 2 months now, mind you) then out of spite spent the first 6 minutes of class yelling at a little boy who'd written ばか (idiot) on the board between classes. Should the kid be writing that? No...but he's 11. Give him a break. The whole class doesn't have to suffer over that. He also took it upon himself to physically drag yet another child out of the classroom in the middle of class, thus ensuring that any amount of attention I'd managed to glean from the class was yet again ruined. The other 2 classes of 6th graders went slightly better, but they're spending way too much time picking characters (then naturally they feel the need to doodle them on their sheets) when they're supposed to be writing stories. I had a few superstar groups that got down to business and banged out two classes worth of work in one period (one even wrote everything using Roman characters instead of Japanese to express the sounds of English...they aren't supposed to learn writing in elementary school), but the rest gave me enough of a hard time that I didn't even get a chance to properly congratulate them. There's going to be stickers everywhere next class...

...anyway, I'm also apparently developing some type of chest cold, so I'm cuddled in my fleecy blankets wishing for death at the moment. Hopefully the leftover medicine from my sinus infection clears out some of the mucus so that I can function for the 1st graders in the morning >.< Just have to survive one more day until I have a 3-day weekend...

Kawaii: Congrats on the drop! We got snow here yesterday, but it was warm enough that it turned into rain and was mostly gone by the time I was leaving school. Totally not worth the 4 obnoxious emails and the intrusive phone call during my morning preparations that I tripped out of the shower trying to answer from my company. Such @ssholes...

Namaste: GOGOGO! Almost there. You're doing awesome

lisa: I wish that I had your motivation...I also wish that I had a gym available that didn't involve massive windburn...Good luck on your business trip.

bea: Huh...didn't notice that it was censored, but that was [email protected]@rdized... Congrats on the ticker change and good luck with the job and gallbladder.

kaelah: Ah...the thought of real pizza makes me weak in the knees...Japanese people like taking the idea of different food then trying to copy it, which generally doesn't end well. Pizza is one of those things...first off, Japanese dairy products leave something to be desired, but more than that, they tend to forget the tomato sauce and instead pour half a bottle of mayonnaise over the top of the pizza. Ugh. And they put corn on it a disproportionate amount of the time. I'll definitely be indulging in some real pizza when I'm back in the States...I'll be on a plane in 56 happy.
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