hot for halloween mini-challenge/ accountability.

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  • Just thought I'd bump this thread up, in case everyone forgot.
    I'm thinking I should readjust my goal weight - for once, I'm almost there! If I do, 155 will be my new magic number!
  • Starting weight: 150
    October 1: 147
    October 8: 144
    October 15: 142
    October 22:
    October 29:
    October 31!
  • How is everyone doing so far?
  • Quote: How is everyone doing so far?
    I'm doing great so far, but it seems when I started this challenge I had my goals unrealistically set. I started at 197 and set a goal of 181.4, which would have been a loss of over 3 lbs/wk, since this is about a 5 week challenge. Crazy! I have done very well, but I won't be making that goal. I am down to 188.6 as of this morning which is 8.4 lbs lost in the first 4 weeks of this challenge. That is amazing. I am just astounded that I thought my original goal was rational. I would like to lose another 2 lbs before Halloween.

    How are you doing?
  • Everyone seems to be doing well so far! Congrats! I'm so excited to see I'm 0.4 lb away from my original goal. Dunno if 4.4 lb in 2 weeks can be done (w/ TOM near the end of this month), but if I meet goal 1, that in itself makes me happy!

    gatorgirl ~ Don't feel bad about doing that - it seems like I did that at the beginning of September, and sometimes even continue to set high goals. Like, beyond reach kinds of things! I don't know about you, but my personal mentality is to set small goals, so that I know they're reachable, and then set a second and maybe even a third after that. It just makes things seem more realistic for me.

    (But then again, Idk. Many people like to strive for the high goals, but I'm just the strange type that gets a little discouraged when a "high" goal is not met. )
  • Atarimae - I seem almost bipolar in my goals. I will make multiple long and short term goals for different challenges. Some of them will be very realistic while others aren't. The good thing is that I work just as hard either way and I never get upset about it.

    My body seems to be trying to help me meet my goals right now. I am down a lb from yesterday. CW: 187.6
  • Quote: I've been having issues with accountability this past week, so I will definitely join.

    Start: 197.0
    Goal: 181.4
    Oct 1: 194.6
    October 8: 194.6
    Oct 15: 194.0
    Oct 22: 188.6
    Oct 29: 186.4
    I didn't make it to my unreasonable goal, but I did manage to lose 11.2 lbs in the challenge. That calls for a celebration. Congrats everyone on all the hard work!
  • And today is the final day of this challenge!
    I met my 159 goal, but missed my second goal of 158.4.

    I had quite an indulging weekend, so I'm not surprised.
    Happy Halloween everyone!