Drinking dilemma

  • Ok so tomorrow is an infamous event on campus called LB5Q- it's a BBQ/rave/drinking night set up by our business college.my fiancé, a fourth year business major, got free tickets from his college due to it being his last year. We're going, it would be unfair to make him miss out on it. And I have to make a plan on how to not drink myself into an extra 2 lbs.

    The plan is to eat veggies all day (cucumber, kohlrabi, tomatoes, maybe some steamed veg from the Chinese place) and save the majority of my calories/carbs for drinking/burger eating at this BBQ. I plan to not have more than 2 drinks, preferably something other an beer (rum and diet coke is fairly harmless calorie wise) and eat a burger. I'm concerned that my plan is unhealthy. I've been doing research into "drunkorexia" for my job as a peer health educator - where college aged girls starve themselves the day before a night of drinking to prevent weight gain. So I'm at a dilemma, do I consider tomorrow a "throw away day" and eat normally during the day, or do I restrict my calories and save them for the inevitable burger and booze (the party goes from 5pm to 2am the next day, so supper will HAVE to be whatever is on the menu at the party, most likely burgers)

  • Personally I wouldn't have "only veggies" Eat low cal in the day but eat enough to keep you going, A lil more than veggies alone. Let yourself go over a lil bit to have fun and not stress over it. One day won't kill you to be over, don't starve yourself but don't go WAAAYYY over either. Try to find a moderate balance.
  • maybe if you were doing this all the time there would be reason to be concerned, but it sounds like you're just planning ahead calorically for a special, once in awhile event. i say try to keep your meals light during the day and then enjoy that burger and R&DC at night!

    have a great time--sounds like a FUN event!
  • I think doing this for a once in awhile event is just fine. Not every day or every weekend. If I know I'm planning to go out to eat with friends or go to a family party, I will eat low calorie for the morning/afternoon to account for the evening shindig.

    Doing it more than a day in a row would not be good though, or doing it every week for something...
  • Two drinks and a burger is what, 700 calories? Eat some carbs before you drink to soak it up (I dunno how much of a lightweight you are) and plan for a fatty next-day brunch
  • i suggest eating a complex carb (like a sweet potato), and lots of low fat/high proteins.

    ex: i would have oatmeal for bfast (150 cal, maybe a peice of fruit so another 100 cal).

    then i would have like, a chicken breast/ baked sweet potato
    (400 or so cal)

    i would munch on veg. all day

    then i would have a couple of drinks and a burger.

    actually, i would have couple of couple's of drinks. but just me. hahaha

    anyways, if you don't get enough protein, you'll be more likely to eat more bad foods there. and get drunker without carbs.
  • Do you count your calories? It's easy if you do, because then you can estimate what you would probably eat at the event (it's not perfectly precise, but works ok when absolutely necessary), then plan your other meals accordingly.

    Even if you don't normally count you might want to try it in this case. I would estimate that a medium cheeseburger (with no mayo= about the size of what you'd get at a fast food restaurant or slightly bigger) would be around 400 calories, a large one 600, and a huge one 800. Then rum and diet coke is about 100 calories per drink (if there's about a shot worth in there). On an average day I eat about 1200, but if I were you I would go up to 1600 for this event (unless it's not necessary). That means eating 1 large cheeseburger, 2 drinks, and 800 calories for the rest of the day. That's plenty for a good breakfast (e.g. egg and oatmeal) plus a decent lunch (e.g. light sandwich and veggies) with a few snacks of veggies, yogurt, etc in between.

    Really not a terrible plan for a once in a while thing.
  • This may not be what you want to hear, but seriously, I think your body will forgive you a one nighter... What I mean by that is you should do everything just as it were any other day (don't change your diet) and if you only do it for one night the weight that you gain will likely drop very quickly 'cause your body will not freak out. thinking that it's being starved and then hold onto every calorie.

    My experience has been that my body sometimes "forgives" me the who ordeal all together if it's just a one time deal (I don't gain anything at all). This doesn't always happen.

    But again, if I don't change my diet the day before or day after, and continue with the exercise, even if I had gained a pound or two the day before it drops the weight easily.

    Changing your diet may lead to binging, or your body freaking out on you...

    Anyway, that's just my two cents take it for what it's worth.