What WILL you say to yourself at goal?

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  • I can't even imagine it. I mean I've imagined what that day would be like but I highly doubt it could ever compare to what it would really be like. In all honesty I'd probably break down and cry. I've never been at a "normal" number, never been small, never been under overweight.
  • I originally had my goal set at 178, which is a normal BMI for me. I remember stepping on the scale that fine morning, seeing 177.5 and literally going, EEEEEE!!! and jumping up and down.

    Then I put clothes on and raced to 3FC to post about it.

    Since I've changed my goal, I'm not sure what emotions will come up. I'm really happy to see so many people comment on how proud of themselves they'll feel - I hope to be one of those people too
  • I actually have no idea. I've dreamed about being 120 since I was 15(I'm 26 now) so it became such a fantasy to me after awhile. To actually get there will feel unreal.
  • Quote: I actually have no idea. I've dreamed about being 120 since I was 15(I'm 26 now) so it became such a fantasy to me after awhile. To actually get there will feel unreal.
    That's why I started this thread. I thought about what I would say to myself at goal and realized I have no idea.
  • I would be like YAY. Now to count more calories for tomorrow!
  • I would say :


  • Let's go to Vegas.

    I've decided as a pat on the back for myself for a job well done I'm taking myself and a friend to Vegas. Only 25 more pounds.
  • I would have myself a good cry first (i get really emotional, in a good way, when i reach every goal i set for myself).
    I probably would like to call up my plastic surgeon(who was going to do my reduction, but i'm getting referred to someone else) and say " IN YOUR FACE!". My consultation i had with her, she told me i would *never* be thin and be in a good weight range. I will never forget those words and i will prove her wrong.

    I've already started planning a party with my closest girlfriends for a "Throw out all of Melissa's fat clothes" party, with a couple of bottles of bubbly and some cheezy 90's music lol.

    Of course i'm hoping to have had my reduction by then and when that happens and i'm at goal, I plan on burning a pair of my "fat" jeans and all of my bra's that i had to wear pre-surgery as the start of a new healthier me.
  • The weird thing is that the last time I was at my goal weight was when I was in college. I had just lost 40 lbs to get down to my goal weight. I distinctly remember looking in the mirror and thinking that I still looked fat. But now, when I look back at the one picture I have of myself when I was that weight, I think to myself how THIN I looked. So, I SHOULD be ecstatic to get back to that weight (and I'm sure I will be). But it just amazes me what a distorted image of myself I had.

    I imagine that since I have so much weight to lose (almost half of my body weight), and it will take a while to get there --- I would think that as I get closer and closer to my goal I will get more and more happy about my transformation. So, its not like I'm going to continue to be unhappy with myself the entire time until just before I hit my goal -- and then suddenly become elated when I hit my goal. In fact, while I still have a way to go, I'm very happy with the amount of weight I've lost so far and it makes me happy to see the results on the scale each week. Its almost like my addition to food has been replaced by an addiction to see the numbers on the scale go down!