Why do people look younger when they lose weight?

  • Have you guys had this experience? I'm finding that as I lose weight I look younger. I've noticed it in a lot of before and after photos on here as well.

    I would have guessed that being heavier would make people look younger... like they have a round baby face, but I think it's the opposite. Do we just associate being heavier with being middle-aged or is there some other reason?

  • I think we do associate extra pounds with age - the middle age spread. Also, when we are lighter we carry ourselves differently - more
    upright, spring in our step, able to get up
    and down easier, etc.
  • Well, as far as young people go, I agree with guacamole.
    I've also noticed that when people lose weight, they usually have a style transformation as well.
  • I think as we lose weight, some of us start acting younger an being more active. But I do think heavier ppl usually do look younger. I looked younger at 300 than I do now at 230. I don't necessarily think I look older, I just finally look my age with this weight loss. When I was heavier, my face/cheeks were more full, and that's why I think I looked younger.
  • Some people look a tad older after weight loss, but I do agree for the most part. I saw a picture of myself recently where I looked significantly younger, we're talking like a child. Seriously, I'm 28 and I looked 12. It was very strange!
  • I think a lot of it is how most of us dress ourselves at a higher weight. Loose, covering more parts of the body. All of my shirts have at least 3/4 length sleeves, try to cover over my stomach. Anything stylist I like just doesn't come in my size anymore.

    As for the face-and I'm speaking from personal experience- the higher my weight is the more... jowl-y my face becomes. That adds years to my face. Not to mention I always look like I'm frowning.
  • i think i look like my age finally caught up to me as i lost weight....my face went from being very round, like it had been my whole life, to being more lean-shaped...i dont think i look older or younger than my age now, i think i look like it finally caught up to me...like i finally hit 35 even though i still feel just a day older than 22
  • I definitely look older as I lose weight, or maybe better said, I look my age. I have an incredibly round face, so when I'm heavier and you can't see my bone structure at all, I have total baby face going on. I think I look more my 23 years when my face is slimmer, which is around 145 for me.
  • Well that's one thing I'm not looking forward to - looking old. A lot of people say I could still pass as a 20-year old and I hope it stays that way because I've stopped counting birthdays when I turned 21 Oh well...we'll see when I get there.
  • I feel younger not carrying around a huge burden (extra fat) all the time!
  • I think people associate slim figures and big smiles with the youthful years. I agree with everyone who said it has to do with attitude, and change in style, as well. I think you feel more upbeat, and energetic- plus you're tempted to wear more trendy, form-fitting clothes.