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Thumbs down Not weight loss related, but health. Eucerin lotion...

So I am really angry at this company. Their lotion is dermatologist approved, hypoallergenic, fragrance free, for sensitive skin...
so I am demoing it at work yesterday, and as I wanted to sample the product I put it on my hands and a teeny bit on my face where I tend to get dry spots. That was about 12pm or so. I carry on with my day when at about 4:00pm I notice some slight burning. No big deal I think and carry on with my day again. By 6pm i have a HUGE BLISTERING RASH all over my cheeks and my face is on FIRE. Not even where I applied it near my nose, but under my eyes. By 6:30 the whites of my eyes were bright red and I had coworkers swarming me getting me into the back room. My supervisor was called, i was almost brought to the emergency room (I have no insurance so I was fighting it) and had to make a workers comp report last night. Today my skin is all silvery, shiny, my lips are chapped, and my skin feels "tight" (hard to explain the sensation) and my eyes are still burning slightly. WTF?
If I had a pic of me last night I would post it but they are saved on the ipod.
When I got in the car my boyfriend was actually questioning me asking who punched me cause my face was so swollen it looked like I'd been in a fight!! he looked closer and saw they were blisters and was just as lost as I was about what to do.
So I am totally boycotting this company!!! Imagine spending 12 dollars on a two pack as an innocent customer and having this happen? Sure you might (MIGHT) get a refund (if it's open you might not) but what about the pain and general grossness of the blisters on your face? I am never using lotion again in general other than Gene's (it's WICKED expensive and as it was a gift, that's the only reason I have it) Just...ugh.
Don't know if I should complain to the company or what. Just so pissed off about the whole thing. I mean, I have sensitive skin, but that's what this was MADE for so why would it still make this happen?
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You obviously had an allergic reaction to something in the product. Anybody can have allergies, there are literally thousands of things that can cause allergies, unfortunately we don't find out about them until we have a reaction such as you did. I was prescribed Eucerin when I was having radiation treatments for cancer, had no problem with it.
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if you could, definitely write to the company and let them know your experience and if possible, ask for a reimbursement. you could also look online and see if others had a similar experience to yours.
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I'm betting it's an allergy as well, I have a similar reaction to anything that has benzocaine in it, so pretty much any over the counter topical painkillers for bug bites, sun burns, rashes, cuts, etc.

I've used eucerin lotion on all 3 of my tattoos during healing as well as on burns and never had any sort of reaction.

eta: if you have sensitive skin or allergies you should ALWAYS do a skin test of anything you are planning to use. the inner arm/wrist area is the best place to do this

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i dont think the skin test would have mattered. I put it on my arms even my legs since I was wearing a skirt and nothing had a reaction like this. :/
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Wow but thanks for informing me because I am pretty anal whenit comes to companies lying about their product.. I will not be waisting 10 bucks!! Thanks!! I would sugesst you try shea butter or coco butter that is frangrnce free and natural! Like the cocobuter sticks.. What ever you do please do not try palmers to many ingredients.. I only use those and I live in Arizona it is super dry here and they do wondrs for my skin!!
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I've used this lotion before and have never had a bad reaction. It worked great on my tattoos and I've even put it on my face.

I know a lot of people who are unable to put body lotions on their face as they will breakout/have bad reactions. Maybe because it wasn't specifically a face lotion is the reason why your legs/arms were fine but you face had such a bad reaction.

However, since I have become more aware of all the chemicals in our products, I won't put 99% of the stuff found in drugstores on my skin. That might benefit you. Look for more organic/chemical free lotions.
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Could it have reacted with anything else you had on your face. Could you have had any other substance on your hands you touched your face with. Eaten anything. It's a but odd that it only reacted with your face. Usually it would be all contact points.
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Candeka brings up a good point. If it was body lotion, that might explain why your face reacted so badly.

Regardless, sorry things happened like that for you.
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eh it said on my demo sheet (the company gives us selling points etc.) it was for face and body.
whatever my boss told me I am not to demo any skincare products anymore since the company put me down as having allergies, so small win I guess. I enjoy cooking MUCH more anyways!!
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ouch scary!! i know i've used regular lotion in place of moisturizer for the face when i'm in a pinch. hope you get well soon!
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unfortunately hypoallergenic means unlikely to cause an allergy, not allergy-proof.

Hubby and I have two friends with blistering allergies. One is allergic to pineapple and another is allergic to onions. If they eat their allergen (or even touch it and then touch their face, or if they kiss someone who's eaten it) they blister where the allergen touched. The skin will even peel off the inside of their mouth and their throat will blister as well.

I had a blistering reaction to an eardrop (prescription). My hubby used it all the time, and when I got an ear infection, our doctor prescribed the same med for me. My ear canal and even the ear lobe where the medicine dripped blistered, and left an oozy inflamed sore. I needed a new medication to treat the infection AND the allergic reaction. The itching was even worse than the burning.
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When this happens to me:Benadryl, benadryl and more benadryl. I take benadryl capsules and use some hydrocortisone cream on the area(of course clear this with a doctor first). Everyone reacts to products differently and that is why it is always suggested to test the product on a very small patch of skin 24 hours before truly using it. I have had this happen to me with the most random products. I hope your skin feels better soon.

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If you go to the Eucerin website, you can access a detailed ingredients database for all their products. It won't solve this outbreak, but if you can figure out what you're sensitive to, you can avoid it in future lotions.
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I will defend the product a bit.

As I work in a hospital and we use Eucerin cream for the most horrid skin conditions. And I've never seen cream work that well. So in my experience with the product, it works quite well.

Its obvious you had an allergic reaction, or an unusual reaction. I had the same with an aloe gel (when I got burnt) and I had a huge chemical burn on top of my sun burn after that. I actually had it looked at by plastic surgery (as it was a massive mess).

Everyone's skin does react differently, and not everyone it can work for.
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