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Default Weight Loss for Babies!

So question...

Are any of you losing weight for a bunch of reasons but one of them is that you have babies on your mind? Maybe not this year, maybe not even next year, but are you beginning to plan for it, making weight loss a priority for the health of you future little one "on board"?

My husband and I are waiting about a year or so before we start thinking and heading in that direction and I'm def planning to spend this time getting my body ready and in shape for it. Most docs recomment waiting another 3 months after losing the weight before getting pregnant so your body can adjust to its new state.

Anyone out there is the same boat?
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I'm not married, not in a relationship, and not even sure that I want kids, but it's something that is in the back of my mind! Not a huge motivating factor, but an added bonus if I choose to try to have a baby someday. I have PCOS and chances of getting pregnant are much slimmer with all this weight, so losing is going to greatly increase my chances of being able to get pregnant.
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I have been lighter for each of my pregnancies, in general (my first was the exception) and the more active and less I weigh in pregnancy, the less pain I generally feel.

While I don't lose weight specifically for having babies, as I'd never lose enough to be satisfied, I do lose weight in between each child to be as healthy as possible for the next birth. It's a better motivation for healthfulness than pure vanity, I think

And if PCOS is a concern of yours, losing weight and controlling your diet to be a low glycemic one (low starch/sugar) is the absolute best choice you can make for your fertility.

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I am in that boat!

Having kids is definitely a reason I am losing weight. I'm hoping in a year or two is when i will start having babies. Hopefully by that point I have reached my first goal weight and moved on the the next. I really want to be able to be active with my kids.
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That is one of my reasons for losing weight. I need to do it anyways but it is an extra factor that has not been there in the past.
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My fiance and I are going to start trying at the beginning of next year! Its my main motivator for losing weight. I'm aiming to lose 40lbs by January
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This is something that's on my mind also. I am not losing is specifically for getting pregnant, but I want to be the healthiest me when the time comes that my hubby and I decide to go for it. I just want to be sure I'm the best me before so that I have a healthier pregnancy and then already have good habits so I can lose the weight after I give birth.
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Wow! That's great!

I'm also spending the year getting healthy before we start trying!

I actually joined the what to expect when you're expecting website and created a group for women who are waiting to TTC! (It's called... ready? It's supper original! -- "Waiting to TTC")

I'm usually pretty happy with our 'plan' but sometimes baby fever hits and it's really hard to wait. That's why I created that group. It's easier when you have people who are going through the same things.
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I truly believe that being in shape and having healthy eating habits was a primary driver behind me having a very healthy pregnancy and fairly uneventful delivery. Despite PCOS, I didn't end up with gestational diabetes, which is basically unheard of, and although I DID gain more weight than I'd like (according to my midwives, this was probably more related to the PCOS than to my eating, which was very controlled), I didn't really lose my fitness level at all (did the same cardio pretty much all the way through the pregnancy and lifted twice a week).

I can't imagine having remained so active and having so healthy a pregnancy without having lost weight first.

Side note: every time I see this thread, I read it as "weight loss FOR babies". As in, making your baby lose weight. But everyone LOVES a chubby baby.
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LOL!!!!!!! Total oversight on my end in the thread title!!!! Too funny!

Nope. def not. Chubby babies are best

Thanks for sharing you experience! That's what i'm hoping for when time comes... Healthy and uneventful pregnancy and delivery!
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keep going
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hahaha, when I first saw this thread I thought that about the title as well. Then when I opened it 'phew!'.
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I'm not married. But I plan on getting married when I meet the right one and having kids. I have PCOS and I have maybe 2 periods a year so I defenitly need to lose weight in order to get my periods regular.
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I am not TTC but I just wanted to tell you all that it is great to lose weight before being pregnant. I was obese when I got pregnant and the pain started sooo early by the time I was 8 months standing all day at work was impossible, my son had shoulder dystocia and they broke his collar bone to deliver him and gave me pelvic organ prolapse. I cannot stress enough to yku all that HEALTH AND FITNESS make pregnancy /childbirth/recovery/child rearing so much easier. Being 250a lbs as a mom has brought me much pain and limitations which saddens me.

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I just recently had a second miscarriage so I'm back on the wagon to lose weight before trying again. Pregnancy is hard on me (I have fibromyalgia) so we're going to wait 6 months to a year. That gives me plenty of time to lose another 25-30lbs, so long as I just do it.

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I have been married just over two years. Next year for our annivesary hubby and I are off to sydney. By this time I want to be at goal so I can enjoy myself, but also so that we can start a family soon after we get back. I cant wait!

I did want to get down to 8 stone, but a healthy range would do me for now!
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