August chat thread.

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  • Just wondering. Does anyone else ever play with the pudge of their belly? Lol I ask, because I feel a little weird to admit it. I just had a exciting realization. (I get overly excited about silly things) My fat doesn't feel as fatty today and the little area at the bottom of my belly (That God forsaken area where your jeans always hit making you go up a size and so the jeans are too big on your thighs/non-existent butt) is a little smaller!

    I guess what I am getting at is weight loss isn't exactly the numbers lost. : )
  • I don't check here for a few days and there's 2 new pages...Wow, do I feel like a slacker...
  • Nahhh it just shows you have a life : ) From all the posts I have been reading (because I have no life) I feel like I know you instead of you being a stranger in Japan lol
  • beahawkins - I do that sometimes. And today I noticed it was getting a little bit looser, like... not smaller, necessarily but definitely some fat is gone out of it, makes me realize I need to tooone up more.
  • It's official. My body hates me.
    So last month was great, fantastic, wonderful, exciting, productive, etc. etc.

    August... (Sorry, guys. This is a pure rant... feel free to skip it. But I just have to get this out.)

    Oh, August. I was excercising a lot and eating not very much, and I only lost a pound by my first August weigh in. I thought, Ok, don't panic, happens.

    So I kept going, and I wasn't losing anything!!!! At all... Seriously though, I was eating little, and working out a lot! I thought, How can this be???

    I decided, that maybe I'm not eating enough for all this excercise, so I started eating proper lunches (instead of a piece of fruit like I did for the last few weeks), and just overall making sure that I'm NOT ever getting too hungry during the day. All natural food, no processed sugars, nothing crazy, protein and veggies for dinner, etc. So I did that for a few days and still no change. But I wasn't going to be some poopy complainer, and I just kept at it. I maintained that same regiment yesterday and in the evening I alternated walking and a slow jog for 4.7 miles (1.5 hours) and I thought, for sure by this point the scale will reflect my efforts...

    And this morning I did see a change! UP BY ONE POUND?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!

    What the ?????????????????

    I'm not giving up, BUT what the heck is going on??????????

    I've never been in a situation where I cannot explain my weight gain. EVER. Usually when I gain weight, I know that I had done something to deserve that. But here... I am at a loss for words.

    Anyway, thanks for listening to my rant
  • You might be holding water if you're adding a lot of tends to take muscles a while to adjust to a lot of new activity. I know that I've been doing a ton of exercise out of boredom for the last week and not losing anything...I think between the humidity and the extra hours of workouts, I just need some time to adjust. I'm just going to keep telling me that eventually it'll pay's kinda frustrating because the first week of August was AWESOME for me...then...well, this. My scale seems very attached to 73.something kg...
  • Thanks

    I'm going to subscibe to that thinking for another week... Maybe two. But if two weeks from now my muscles haven't adjusted, I'm going to have to start reevaluating, and seeing what I can do differently.

    I'm seriously hoping that one beautiful morning this week, maybe next, I will get on the scale and drop the 5lbs/10lbs (that I feel like I'm owed for all this effort) suddenly. Wouldn't that be nice... lol!
  • 1yr: Hotchuran's probably right. Are you close to your TOM? My body starts the pms train about 2 weeks before and it's difficult to loose anything.. Maybe change your workout routine? Like if the walking isn't working youtube zumba or something. For like a week and if that helps get you over the hump reevaluate? That one pound could always be muscle too. Adding one pound stinks but muscle is good : / You will get it!!!

    KatieKish: I am sooo glad I'm not alone in my weirdness : )

    Can I have an off the topic rant for a second? My family went camping for the weekend and I opted to stay home and let my dog out. My uncle and fam also went camping. Last minute they decide they don't want to take their little dogs with them. So they sat outside of my gym and sent 2 of my cousins in to get me. I was embarrassingly sweaty and on a roll. I had already reached my calories burnt goal but wanted to finish my time. I had a minute and a half to go. I get the dogs. I let them sniff around the grass for a few minutes. We walk in the house. I haven't even shut the door and one of them poops. wtf?

    Sorry. dogs.
  • Aww...sorry you had to deal with dog poop...some dogs just aren't that bright. >.<

    Completely off-topic, but I really wanted to share somewhere...I just got pretty much the best birthday present ever. I was talking on facebook with one of my best friends from high school...and she's a normal weight! She's been anorexic and bulimic for years now, but at this point she's been out of treatment for a while, moved in with a really supportive boyfriend, and weighs about my goal! SO SO SO HAPPY. I rarely get to see her since she moved west after her treatment and she was fake upset that I was missing our yearly New England meetup because I'm out in Japan...then I told her how much I missed her bony butt and she informed me that it was normal-sized now! I didn't believe her until she said to check a picture someone had posted in the last few days. She looks great!

    Sorry, I know that this isn't the best place to celebrate weight GAIN, but I'm doing a happy dance atm and needed to share.
  • Lol these dogs are a little less than bright
    Eh! But it's a healthy weight gain! Everything healthy should be celebrated!!
  • Hotaruchan: I think this is the perfect place to post this because I think that overweight people and undeweight people are basically fighting the same battle. It's great news!
  • Howdy fellow 20-somethings. Thought I would jump in and say hi. I'm new to the forums. Trying to jump in where I can.

    I'm actually on vacation right now. Flew to Washington state from Texas today. I just started calorie counting again this week and today was awful for me. I pretty much ate double the calories I should have and didn't exercise at all. I don't know how i'm gonna deal with being here.

    How do you guys deal with food and vacationing?

    Usually I would just say "oh well, i'm on vacation, ill eat whatever." But these forums have really inspired me to try an be stronger. So tomorrow is a new day and I hope I can get back on track.
  • Hey guys - just checking in before I leave for Vegas tomorrow night, I'm still alive, just taking a few weeks to maintain and relax before hitting the ground running when I get back.

  • katbot - have fun!!

    rachelrawr - i just try and stick to the calorie counting. i went to a wedding today and didn't eat cake, for example. it's difficult, but ultimately not worth it. Just eat everything, but only eat half of it. where are you racking the calories up the most?
  • Well yesterday we (my boyfriend and I) racked up the most calories at the airport. We ate breakfast there before we boarded and we ate lunch in a hurry in between flights. I probably could have made better choices, but traveling makes me so uncomfortable and grumpy. Generally, though, I find my weakness being sweets. I'm not having much of a problem cutting out stuff like fast food...but the desserts...they call to me! I crave chocolates and ice cream. But it hasn't been very long since I've really started to be strict on myself, so i'm hoping that it will pass with more time.