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Dependapotomaus, no more!
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I've attached face pics from 264 lbs and yesterday at 183. I think I look younger
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live ur life
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Lambiechop you look much younger and happier.

You all are so beautiful and inspiring it's a privilege to be a member here.
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Everyone looks great on here!

I'll hopefully be able to contribute pics from my first 1/2 marathon soon, but until then, you ladies are so inspiring.

Rock on with your bad selves
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S/C/G: 189/138.0/130

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I'm Ba-ack!

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Staying the Same
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Nice! How did the half go?

I haven't changed much in weight but my measurements have gone way down. Proof is in the pudding (pictures)

Early spring:


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Mini Goal 1- 199
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Looking good everyone.

I should have posted this a while back, but earlier this year I hit the 100 lbs lost on 3FC milestone. I started my journey in January 2009 at 275 lbs and lost 18 lbs on my own over 7 months. It was really tough because I kind of had no clue other than to count calories, I had no support because I didn't tell anyone what I was doing. It wasn't fun! Then I randomly found 3FC whilst searching for some random diet related question online. It was a couple of weeks after my 23rd birthday which is pictured here.

257 lbs:

This is from last month at about 157 lbs which is exactly 100 lbs lost since joining 3FC. I've now hit 153 lbs, a new low, but don't have any pics of that yet.

157 lbs (sorry about the quality. It's a phone pic from my WIWT):

Since losing weight, I have more of an option of what to wear, but find I still drift toward the same kind of classic look so maybe it's just my taste? However, the old me would never have made and had the guts to actually wear a fascinator to a wedding.

157 lbs:

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I really do love seeing everyone's pics and seeing all the wonderful progress! Great job everyone!

It's been a couple months since I last posted and I'm about 20lbs till goal. So excited to be this close! The first two pics are up in the mountains. I rock climb and thought it'd be funny to climb up a giant rock while wearing my new boots! haha The others are kind of blurry and stuff but they're from hiking today in the desert to this river I love in the middle of nowhere and just frolicking about and climbing on top of more rocks
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Wow, it's great to come back on here and see everyone's awesome progress - some amazing pics here!!
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To the Future
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<3 beautiful job ladies.

really really good stuff here
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wow! everyone looks soooo good! definitely an inspiration!! I would love to be posting some pics like theses soon!
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lambie definitely younger! i love those bangs

tina you just keep shrinking! but as other have said before, your shape is nice even before

fromthebox inspiring picture! i have so much respect for runners/athletes

krampus i can tell, your arms look more toned! great job

toasted incredible transformation! i also love classic/vintage/glam style and i think it suits you

dottington its so great that you're out there looks gorgeous

i can't wait to post some pics for you all, but i want a huge change before i do that post
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To see real weight loss progress that is not on some sketchy online side-bar ad is really inspiring for me, after years of being convinced that it just isn't truly possible. Thanks guys! And oh my god CONGRATS!!
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Raw Ramp
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Taking a deep breath...and posting my pictures!

Me at ~190/200 lbs, 8/2009

Me at 159 lbs, 10/2012

My bikini shot at 205 lbs

My bikini shot at 159 lbs

Yeah, I'm wearing my slippers in that last shot. Minnesota is damn cold on the feet!

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Everybody looks fabulous!
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I Will Because I Can
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I love reading through this thread... it's so inspiring seeing how hard work leads to amazing changes!

Ok, here we go... The first picture was from my rehearsal dinner in September 2006. I probably weighed about 170 lbs. I'm sure there were MUCH worse photos taken, but of course I deleted those.. Easier than facing reality, right?

Fast forward a few years and a couple of kids... Here I am 8 months pregnant with baby #2 in December 2010 (I delivered at 177 lbs, I had lost a bit of weight before getting pregnant the second time)

I got serious about losing weight in March 2012 after my daughter was born. I started counting calories and going to the gym. My husband was deployed, so it helped to focus my energy on getting healthy.
We had family photos done in September 2011. It was nice not to feel huge next to my super skinny husband! I weighed about 135 lbs here.

Sadly, I'm up a few pounds right now... sitting at 141. I can't wait to reach and stay at goal!
This was taken in early September 2012:

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