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Talking Remember me? Probably not :)

Hello there!

Let me just start off by apologizing for the possible length of this post. Im sure explaining everything will be pretty lengthy, so pleaseÖdonít shoot me. I also am unsure of whether to post this here, or in the introductions. I was here about two years ago, but didnít post too much. Iíve come to know a lot of you guys through your posts, so I felt like we were all buds, in my head anyways

So heres my RE-introduction/this is me, this is whatís happened, where Iíve been.

When I was active here in 2010. I had started, like REALLY started my weight loss journey (not including the 40lbs I had lost the year prior) I had went from 282lbs, down to 176lbs. I was stoked. I did it in quite a short amount of time as well. Just about everyone was supportive, and happy for me as much as I was for myself. My husband was amazed, and proud of my work, and I felt AMAZING!

Then in November of 2010, my husband was in an accident. Not his fault. He had many doctor, hospital, lawyer visits. It seemed like it was non stop. Not to mention me having to look after him. When all this crap went down. My weight went up. I stopped working out. Stopped my good eating habits, and just basically ate whatever. I do NOT blame him. At all. I just found it hard to look after him, and make sure HE had what he needed that I kind of just pushed my workouts, dieting, and everything I worked for aside. I wasnít concerned about me.

Since then, Iíve continuously tried to get back on the bandwagon. Tried being the operative word.


Ive been kicking myself in the butt, and I think its finally clicked with me. A few days ago I went to buy some clothes. My Ďskinny clothesí are being mean and not wanting to play right. Once I noticed myself gaining, I basically just wanted to wear yoga/stretchy pants. Completely giving up on jeans/pants) So I need bigger clothes.

Even bigger UGH!

I think the groan/growl of disgust and misery I let out in the fitting room must have been alarming to patrons and employees outside. Oops. Oh well So, I started up on diet and exercise. Not pushing myself too far yet with workouts. Just messing with my medicine ball, and Just Dance!

Then my TOM showed up. NOPE. Not moving around for the next few days.

People around here are lucky if I can pry myself off the couch, let alone put pants on.

Im here now. Hopefully you guys can help me along on my journey, second time around. I really do need the support. Yeah I have it here, but its always nice to have some outside support. Knowing that we donít know each other, yet still care..means a lot to me.

Thanks for taking the time if youre still with me. Hopefully I can be a part of this great community of amazing chick-a-dees once again!
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awww girl, i'm so sorry about your husband's accident and everything -- that sounds really stressful and it would be hard for me to jump back on the wagon immediately, too.

i can seriously relate to you with the audible dressing room sounds of grief/disgust, i totally do that too. and it's always when i'm the only person in the dressing room so they KNOW it's me. something else i seriously relate to you on -- not getting off the couch/NEVER putting pants on. my friends joke with me that there is some type of mechanism in my doorway that rips my pants off as soon as i walk through it...because seriously, if i come home from work just on my lunch break, there is a 50/50 chance i'll take my pants off (yes i know dresses/skirts are a good alternative to pants but my thighs are fat and i get chub rub!).

so only advice i guess would be to start slow. i've had a super hard time getting myself back into exercising as well, but i've been just trying to walk for 45 minutes to an hour 3-4 times a week (i plan to eventually make myself start running). i tell myself that my grandmother walks at least this much a week, if she can do it of course i can -- i just have to stop being lazy. the eating is a lot easier for me, but the exercising...i'm just so lazy! :\

i hope you stick around this time (it is like my 30th time back here so i feel your pain there, too) and get to where you wanna go!
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Sorry to hear about the accident and welcome back...good for you for getting back on the wagon!
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Hey Goal, Here I Come! ♥
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S/C/G: 282/???/160-140

Height: 5'8


Thanks for the replies! Is it odd i read them, then searched for a 'like' button!?

Alabama-when i was really into it id do my just dance, ball along with going for walks with friends at the track, and my eliptical. I noticed i worked out harder on the eliptical but enjoyed the calming walks more. I hoped to run, but never did. I really want to get back into walks and i know once fall gets here, ill do it!

Crazy- thank you!
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