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Don't Give Up!
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Well said Kaplods.
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Thanks everyone. Yes, you're right... it will feel wonderful to look back on those photos and say "wow, look how far I've come."
Thank you all for letting me be a bit selfish and vent
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I have pretty bad issues of looking at my old pictures. I couldn't even look in a mirror at 240.. I just felt so...horrible looking. My husband swears that I have always been pretty but I just do not see it lol! I look at my photos as inspiration! I know I will NEVER be that person again.. so.. just keep moving forward. I can imagine how insanely hard that must be though seeing them all over facebook! I bet you are over reacting and you looked great though We are our own worst critic!
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Ooohhh, I've certainly had those moments. I know how you feel. Someone posted a horrifying pic of me on FB recently and not only just posted it but MADE IT HER PROFILE PICTURE. I just kept saying to myself "she loves you that's why she put it up" but you know, she's like 120 lb and gorgeous and skinny and then there is me. My boobs were bigger than her head in the pic! Seriously! And not to mention she is friends with all of our old high school friends on FB (which I am NOT) so I know they all saw it too.

Anyway, just wanted to say I know how you feel. Just go off FB for a while because there's no sense in making yourself feel worse. It will all die down and then you can move on.

And, to be honest we are super hard on ourselves and everyone is probably looking at themselves in the pictures and obsessing over how good/bad they look, they're probably not paying attention to you. Not to be mean, but just being honest, I rarely stare at the other people in the pic I just obsess about how bad I look! LOL.
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Pictures are evil. In the 100-lb club forum progress pics section, I posted some progress pics a few days ago and one of the pics is from an interim point in my journey when I'd lost 50 lbs, was feeling great and thin (well thin for me), feeling confident and thought I looked the business! See the middle picture here: And then my mom took that picture and I felt crushed because I felt I might as well have done nothing for all the difference I could see between 275 and 225 lbs.

Mind you this is irrespective of the proof otherwise that I had OBVIOUSLY made progress: I was 2-3 clothes sizes down, the scale read 50 lbs lighter, I could run 30 minutes at a stretch. I based my entire worth on a picture I didn't like, ignoring how much better I felt and how much healthier I was. For a while I couldn't look at those pictures but then one day I sat and made myself look at them and pick out the positives. I had to find one positive thing to say and then another and then when I couldn't come up with any others (believe me it wasn't easy with those pics), I had to come up with positive things about my body like the fact it was healthy, took me places, was strong etc, then about my personality and so on. Let's just say it was a self-love-fest day and by the end of it, I felt a lot better. Just keep going, don't quit. We're always works in progress!

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Just wanted to add on - congratulations! I despise when 'those' kinds of pictures pop up on my Facebook too but... when you reach goal and look back, you won't feel bad that you missed your friend's big day and you'll be happy with how you look then. I know it sucks now, but putting your friend over some momentary embarrassment was the awesome thing to do.

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