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Default ate fast food today..

and it was so freaking gross!!! Funny, before I would have ate what I ate plus fries and soda.. and still would have been hungry. Still I looked online (afterwards, stupid me!) and I ate nearly 700 calories!! ERRR! I didn't get to eat much today so I am still under my ideal calories for the day but still.. didn't need all those fatty calories. Lesson learned. Heartburn city too over here!

Luckily, I went healthy food shopping today too.. so no more excuse to grab that crap for awhile... not that I will anyway.

I used to LOVE that place.
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dang..i wish that i didn't like fast food anymore it still tastes delicious to me whenever i eat it (which is almost never, but when i do have that occasional french fry...) but yeah, don't beat yourself up over it~ its easier not to eat those things now since your body & your tastebuds don't seem to enjoy it anymore (: congrats to you!
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I still think fast food tastes delicious, but the after effects are not to be desired. I always feel a bit greasy, the whole "you are what you eat" saying springs to mind. But when I enter how many calories it's worth in my calorie counter I'm always shocked at how much that small meal actually was.

Fast food is definitely a once in a while treat in my eyes, and since I don't really have many good options near me for tasty burger goodness (McDonald's burgers are a joke) I tend to gorge on Subway sandwiches! Slightly better ;p.
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It's amazing how much your taste buds change after getting used to eating clean veggies and fruits and cutting out sugar and salt!

I agree totally on fast food being gross now. It just tastes like a pile of salt, grease, and chemicals to me.

I used to LOVE Chick-Fil-A and since moving to Canada, I can't get it anymore. When I was home in Florida for a visit I looked forward to eating there but it was absolutely disgusting. Everything just tasted like grease.
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I still love fast food in all its greasy goodness.

Yeah, I try to stay away LOL

Good for you for not liking it after changing how you eat, I also wish I felt like that
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I wish I wasn't still tempted by it.

I know it will make me feel sick, but I still crave it, and sometimes eat it.
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I was very angry the last time I got Wendy's. Every so often I save my calories and get some chicken nuggets and fries from there because I LOVE their chicken nuggets. Last time I went though, all I could taste was the grease!

No more fast food at all I suppose. I'll stick to the sandwich shops: Subway, Blimpie, Quiznos, etc.
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Fast food chains don't do it for me (ont get me wrong, I still like em but generally can resist) what gets me is BAR FOOD. We have a bar on campus that sells the most delicious poutine (fries with cheese curds and gravy on it, for non-Canucks) for $4! FiancÚ and I go there to play pool and the poutine is always calling to me from other people's plates.

We have another bar nearby at makes a plate of 3 mini prime rib sliders with different toppings and onion rings, so good! A third bar, across the street from bar 2 has something called cross trax fries - waffle pattern shaped fries that are double fried and then sprinkled with cayenne pepper.

Fiance's twin (and most of our friends) is a bachelor who's supper consists of bar food most days and when he invites us out it's tough to go for a wrap or salad....
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I still enjoy fast food. For the most part, I don't eat it. A lot of the normal chains I really don't like anyway (BK, McD, Wendy's). I still enjoy Rasing Canes BUT I have to make sure I am home afterwards because the after effects aren't fun. I love me some Chick-Fil-A. I get the chicken wrap (non-greasy) with the spicy dressing every time. There is also a local Mediterranean place that I enjoy - gyros wrap with extra cucumber sauce and fries. Sometimes it is a bit greasy though.
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My mom made homemade chicken nuggets (though pan fried in oil) a few times a year and baked fries when I was a kid. I never developed a taste for fast food because I had it so rarely and didn't actually try most fast food until I met my ex-husband. I figure if I just make everything at home, my daughter won't develop a taste for it either - hopefully!
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The thing I dont like about fast food is the film it leaves on your mouth afterwards, I still get a wendys go wrap and small fry when I drive up to panama city, it's still yum to me... I had Arby's Monday when I drove 16 hours from Ohio to fl I did input it into my calories and kept myself accountable and I only went over 50 something calories that day but I was very low the day before... I'm at a plateau so I'm hoping that confused my body
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I am still tempted by fast food, usually its the smell that gets me first. You know how that burger just smells so delicious?! However I always find when I actually give in and have whatever is tempting me it is never as good as I remember it being.

What I really hate about fast food is the gross film that covers your mouth and the lethargic "food coma" feeling I get when I eat it. I hate feeling useless but when I eat fast good the couch and me are best buddies.
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Yes the food film! I was telling my husband that last night and he told me I was crazy lol. Really, I still feel like crap. I should have known better.. I get stomach issues from bad food. It was actually chic-fil-a.. I thought, ok real chicken can't be that bad.. I was so wrong lol! Sure they had healthy options but of course I didn't go for those. Seriously done with fried food. It was not even that good and hurting this much will never be worth it!
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I had some M&Ms in trail mix a few months ago after being low-sugar for over a year. I didn't find them appealing at all - they tasted empty, honestly, and not a good kind of sweet like in fruit. I'm glad I had that experience because now I know my tastes have really changed.
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I ate Nutella today after not having it for over a month, and I'm not even kidding I was in such pain afterwards!! My stomach hurt so bad!! I'm not a big fast food eater, but I will take onion rings when the occasion arises
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