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KrazieStarz 05-30-2012 01:34 AM

Is it possible to lose 20lb in a month??
okay soo..i just found out that theres a good chance my man is going to take me on a trip out of state for my b-day :carrot: I would looove to be oud of the 200s by then..my bday is in the beginning of July...Is this possible? Any tips? Im so excited :D its so weird how this made me want to try harder...maybe ill have to give myself a treat at the end of every goal i have set for myself as a reward so ill be more and more excited and anxious to reach that goal :) what are some examples of gifts/rewards that y'all have set for yourselves??

Misa66 05-30-2012 04:06 AM

Hmm I would say yes it is possible but very very hard IMO. I know because Ive done it, I went from being 184lbs to 150-160lbs during winter break (about 5 weeks) of my senior year. It was definately NOT on purpose, I was somewhat addicted to being on the computer since I woke up to the time I went to bed and I kind of just forgot to actually EAT. I did not notice the change in my body, only my clothes but yea I was only having maybe a 1 or 2 bowls of cereal a day or a small meal. I did not gain the weight back but of I were to try doing that now it would be extremely hard lol I know this is not very "healthy" but yeah just answering your question yes it is possible >.<

sontaikle 05-30-2012 06:55 AM

Possible? Yes. Healthy? Probably not, unless you're at a much higher weight.

seagirl 05-30-2012 07:19 AM

Just stick to what you've been doing, your boyfriend doesn't care how much you weigh and your fun time should not be dictated by the number on the scale.

sammalamma 05-30-2012 10:13 AM

the only time I lost 20 lbs in a month was when I was at weight loss camp...and with that, you're surrounded by aerobic activity for 9 hours a day. So it's possible, but you need to be REALLY strict and active.

I used to use food as a treat, but since I'm trying to kick myself out of the habit of celebrating with food, I'll buy myself a new shirt that looks great on me, or a new nail polish color, or a pedicure.

krystalb 05-30-2012 01:40 PM

I've lost about 12 lbs since May 14th, just cutting out soda, fast food, and started eating alot better.. So sure you could, why not?
BTW i was about 226 or so the 14th now im 213.4

EagleRiverDee 05-30-2012 01:55 PM

Possible? Absolutely. I've seen people do it in as little as 2 weeks, usually during hunting season up here especially when they were hiking in mountains all day. But they're burning between 5000 and 10000 calories a day doing that which is why they lose weight so rapidly.

But I think it would be hard to incorporate that into a normal month. You would have to have a serious caloric deficit of about 2333 calories a day (based on a 30 day month) which you would have to achieve through both diet AND exercise as diet alone you basically wouldn't be eating at all and that's not ok. I don't think I would go under 1200 cals a day personally, so you'd need to get another 1100 calories burned through exercise.

Ash2007 05-30-2012 03:02 PM

It is possible but most likely not healthy. you could also chance ruining what you have going already (if you don't eat enough). I know that is what I do.
I would just stick to what you are doing and if you can add in a few other exercise routines.

LeilaJey 05-30-2012 03:28 PM

Like others have said it's probably not healthy, I mean at the end of the day you're just trying to reach there because you want to see a number that starts with 1, right? I know it's a mental thing and it'd feel great but I think maybe you should set yourself up for a more healthy/realistic goal and you'll probably feel better for it. If you spend every day doing hours and hours of exercise and not eating a lot to lose that much weight in that time won't you just be really tired when you go away?

Whatever you do, good luck and be happy :)

luvja 05-30-2012 08:35 PM

Not in a healthy way!

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