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Default Wedding dresses & your size

So, one of my best friends got engaged today () and I am so super excited for her. However, it got me to thinking about something. My group of friends and I are all in our late 20s & early 30s, so most of us are settling down and getting married. I know my boyfriend and I are ready to get married, but we are waiting until I graduate college and we have some savings first.

Anyway, how many of you would put off getting married just so you could be fit/thin in your wedding dress? I know that sounds vain, but frankly I'm glad that I won't be getting married super soon (I think we are aiming for a year and half from now or more), so I can be the size I want to be in my wedding dress. Do any of you feel that way? For those of you that already got married, are you happy with the size you were? Did it matter at all? I've just got wedding on the brain, so I'm curious.

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It breaks my heart when I read about women not being able to buy the style of dress they want, worrying about how "fat" they will feel on the day or being mortified by how their wedding pictures look due to their size. For this reason, if I was in their shoes (I am already married), I would select a wedding date far enough away to give myself time to get to a body weight that I am comfortable with. Nobody wants to look back at their wedding pictures and hate them. If I had a choice, I would have pushed my wedding date back in order to not have braces or be stuck in some green party dress, not a wedding dress. I hate looking at my pictures lol. Ofcourse, I didnt have a choice to wait and I am glad I did it, but it would still be nice to love the photos.
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I didn't wait, I went ahead. If I could do it over, I would lose weight before my wedding. I'm not devistated though. It's a good record of how I never want to look again. Besides, there's always time for a renewal of vows!
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I was a squishy (meaning I had no muscle tone) 180ish (and on my way back up) when I got married 9 years ago. My photos aren't terrible... but I wore an odd style of dress due to my religious beliefs at the time. Looking at the photo makes me sad. I suppose I'd feel the same way If I'd had to choose a dress I didn't love for any other reason. I think it's reasonable to want to look a certain way and be happy with how you look on your big day!

There WILL be a vow renewal with a totally hot dress, occurring! Someday.

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I got married at my high weight up to that time. No way I would have wanted to wait no matter how I looked. We were SO READY to be married! I'm not totally happy with how I look in the pictures, a little because of weight but mostly because my hairstyle didn't work out. Being married was way way way more important to me than my vanity.
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I was at a reasonable weight for my wedding, and I don't hate my pictures. I would probably not want to get married knowing I would have that reminder forever in those photos. My husband and I were together for five years before we got hitched, and it would not have mattered to him if I would have wanted to wait to slim down. After all, if you have to get married to keep the dude, you most likely will not keep the dude. I look at my pictures and think how good we look, and my dress is pretty, etc. But most of all I think about the day and what it means, and I'm not sure I would see as much of that if I was unhappy with all the "superficial" stuff.
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Umm my wedding dress was a size 20 so like a 16-18 pant size I wasn't "happy" with my weight at the time, but I can't remember ever being happy with my weight I think I was about 220 and I'd kill to be that weight now. Like I said I wasn't happy with my weight on the day, but I wouldn't trade that day for anything. I was overweight but I still looked beautiful if I don't say so myself.. And I am definitely not a very confident girl.
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To be honest, I got engaged January 1st of 2011 and I'm waiting. I want to look perfect. I want to have that perfect body that I *know* I can have.

I'm not saying that's what everyone should do, but it's what I want.

I am aiming to get married next summer, so by then I'll be at my ideal body.

Obviously, we're never perfectly happy, but I don't want to look fat in my pictures... haha I'm madly in love with my fiance and since I'm sure I'll only get married once, I want it to look perfect in pictures.
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I thought about waiting, but we decided to have our weeding about a year after we got engaged; mostly because our life was chaotic for quite a while and a year was the longest we were willing to wait. I'm not going to be at my ideal weight for my wedding in September, but I'm smaller than I was when I started and I think that regardless of size, all brides are beautiful- it's hard not to be beautiful when you're happy!
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Bookworm, I'm in the EXACT same boat. My fiance just proposed at the beginning of summer and the wedding is 19 months from now. I look at all these beautiful drop waist dresses with my fiance and he's indicated he likes that style the most because it shows off the hips....I can't imagine squeezing into something like that right now! It's terrifying...I don't want to look like a marshmallow!

I'm glad to see i'm not the only one who thinks in those terms...
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Wow, thanks for so many different points of view, y'all. I've been thinking about this, and while I said vanity in my OP, it's really more of a self-esteem thing for me. While my future marriage to the love of my life is far more important than any party (i.e. the wedding), I still feel bad enough about myself that I don't want to have that huge party without feeling good. Of course, while weight may help, some of this is still gonna mean that I'm going to have to change how I view myself!! After all, if I don't like me, no size is going to make me feel good!

Anyway, regardless of my size and as sappy as this sound, I can't wait to be Mrs. instead of Ms. *grins sheepishly*
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I feel the same way. I got engaged a month ago. We've already set the date for June of next year. I would prefer to have it this summer, but I really want to lose the weight first.
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I was engaged for a year and a half with no wedding date in sight, found out I was pregnant, and planned a ceremony in two months. I was just about five months pregnant and while I didn't look super pregnant, I did look chunky.
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Default Same boat

I am in the same boat. I was engaged in Feb and will be married July 13th 2013. My goal is 85 lbs lost by then. It seems so daunting. I have to admit my wedding however has been the best weight loss motivator I have had yet. I haven't tried any dresses on yet (the bridal salon said I can push it to Sept.) I hope to be 40-50 lbs down then (I was 210 when I started to 150-160) and they will help pick out a dress that can be taken in rather easily if I continue to drop a lot of weight (that is better than ordering a dress down and not making the size). I am down to 201 after 20 days so I am very hopeful. It helps my fiance is also trying to slim down (he was 190 trying to get to 160) (we are both short I am 5'1 and he is 5'6) so having each other is really helpful.
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I'm not even engaged but I have always told myself that I don't want to walk down the aisle as a fat bride.

I'm hoping by the time my boyfriend pops the question (well, if ever) I will be at my ideal weight and maintaining, so fingers crossed weight won't be an issue for me then.

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