Can't fit into the bridesmaid dress

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  • Awesome news! That's wonderful!
  • Oh, that is great! I hope you have a great time at the wedding!
  • Yay that spectacular!
  • Good news !
  • Glad to hear things are going to work out in your favor. Weddings are enough stress on us bridesmaids without having to worry about dresses.

    I'm in a wedding in three months and am changing my exercise/eating habits in order to at least maintain my size so I can prevent the same from happening to me. Although, I come from a family that tends to have issues with bridesmaids dresses due to odd shifts in weight. The last person this happened to was my sister; before our brother's wedding her bust size increased two-fold while her waist shrunk and she had to get a new dress over-nighted and altered five days before the wedding.
  • Quote: Anyone have any horror stories regarding bridesmaid dresses?
    Glad it's working out!

    I had to get fitted for a bridesmaid dress when I was about 8 months pregnant (the wedding was 3 months after my son was born). Luckily the bride let us choose our own 2-piece dress at DB, but due to the fabric, they had to all be ordered at the same time so that they were all from the same dye lot. So we basically guessed on the size, and the top ended up fitting fine in the chest but was way too small around the hips so it wouldn't zip. My mom rigged something up with tulle that was similar to the dress color, and I don't think anyone really noticed since the dresses were all different (thank goodness) but it was really nerve wracking!
  • Thanks everyone, the wedding was a blast, however the pictures are going up on facebook and I'm feeling a lot of anxiety.

    All the bridesmaids were so skinny except for me, which makes me look even bigger. I am fairly new to this overweight thing and having a hard time accepting it. I'm feeling a little vain. I really don't want anyone to see those pictures, especially friends of mine that haven't seen me in awhile. I want to "untag" myself, or just change my security settings all together. Although, no matter what I do will change the fact that people will look at these pictures from years to come. Just upsetting that I had a wonderful time and I literally don't want to look back on the day. It kind of kills me that I was "fat" at my friend's wedding. Ack. Sorry everyone...

    Just having one of those, "how did I let myself get like this?" moments
  • This happened to me once.... the zipper split while I was trying to squeeze into it on the day of the wedding!! I basically had to have it sewn back up while it was on me. You'll feel much more comfortable in the bigger one and the last thing you want to do is not have fun at the wedding because of your dress.