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Default Encouraging fitness stories?

Hi, I have always been the "last to be picked." Now I am trying to be more active-doing low impact cardio and strength training. I only just started the strength training, and I expect to improve, but it would be really nice to hear some stories from you all-anyone go from super unathletic, to being a lot better at whatever they were doing?
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Staying the Same
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I went from being able to run about a minute before I got winded to being able to run for almost an hour without getting winded.

In 4 weeks of lifting twice a week for 20 minutes at a time, I've lost almost 4 pounds and dropped a pants size, and can lift progressively heavier things every week.

I still suck at team sports.
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I went from not being able to run from lamp post to lamp post, to 8 miles. I stopped for about a year but I seem to have retained a reasonable amount of stamina!

I'd love to hear more weight lifting experiences. I really want to like it, but I find it very boring and doesn't give me a rush like running does.
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I was also always picked last in school! Was always a weakling.

Last year I started working out, started with Zumba, then to a kickboxing class, then to bootcamp and now I do crossfit!

It litterally blows my mind that I do crossfit classes. It feels like such an achievement.

So there is totally hope!

(Oh and I'm still the weakest/slowest one at the crossfit gym but I'm improving steadily so I don't care)
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Leveling Up
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I could barely run up the block, let alone the miles I run easily now. I used to get in trouble in gym because I couldn't complete the mile run.
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Oh gosh... that was so me. Last picked. Chubby kid... couldn't run a block without collapsing red faced, and dry heaving on the sidewalk. It was pathetic. The Mile? OH forget it!

I feel pretty bada$$ in my own little world, now. I'm honestly pretty amazed with myself sometimes . I can run hills, lift tons of weight, and keep up with the boys!
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I love your signature ValRock!
I'm not quite there yet, to be honest, but I went from lifting 3 pound weights to lifting 10 pounds and 15 pounds in a super-series. compared to the guys in my gym, I'm still doing baby-weights () but at the same time I'm really proud of myself for improving this much in about 7 months - been jogging for a while before that. and yes, the jogging ... i finally run with ease and I started loving it. I don't do a lot of running atm because I'm having knee pain, but I didn't stop, which is most important for me.
like the girls above said: YAY
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Even though I've gained 15 pounds since (and gone up two pants sizes) I went from being a couch potato to running 15 miles at a time. I'll be running a half marathon tomorrow! My gain despite the amount of running I do just goes to show you that exercise alone can't help you lose weight - diet is so important. My weight gain showed me that a lot of the limitations I experienced while running I made for myself. In other words they were more mental than physical, because even though my body got into worse shape, I was able to train my mind to stay focused and determined to complete a fifteen mile run. And that kind of determination is something I am proud of!
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When I started weight lifting 21 months ago (the first exercise I had ever voluntarily done in my 28 years on this earth, haha), I tried using the chest fly machine at 10 pounds, and I could not get out a single rep. So I had to take the pin out and work at "0 pounds," just pushing the weight of the apparatus itself. Oh, the shame! Beyond that level of weakness, walking up a flight of stairs was extremely embarrassing; I tried never to do it when anyone else was with me, because I'd be huffing and puffing for 2 minutes afterward.

Now, to borrow ValRock's phrase, I also feel pretty badass in my own little world. I lift heavy, have picked up fun little fitness tricks like clapping pushups, pistol squats, and chinups, and I run for fun and can walk basically forever.

Several months back, I went to my university health clinic. The NP looked at my blood pressure and pulse (both of which have been quite low since I got fit) on the computer, frowned, then said, "Oh, it says here you're an athlete! That explains it." I said, "Oh, no, I told the NP I saw last time that I work out, but I'm not an athlete." She asked me, "What do you do?" I said, "Mostly I lift heavy and I run or do interval cardio." She said, "Well, that sounds like an athlete to me." Never, ever in my life did I think I'd be called athletic!
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When I started, I could barely ride my bike around the block.

Now I've run-half marathons and I'm doing my second sprint triathlon next week and an olympic triathlon in July.

I'm particularly proud of my ability to do a 1.5 minute side plank (on both sides).

Never tell yourself that you can't do something unless you try.
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I used to equate exercise with punishment. I started off around 190 lbs and barely being able to jog 1-2 minutes on the treadmill. I was so disappointed in myself and since I was barely in my mid-20s and I might as well be 2x that.

Throughout my grade years, my PE teachers would ignore me and I would be last to be picked. People would grumble if they were stuck with me in their group. I didn't try very hard because I felt out-of-place and awkward. I dreaded the monthly mile run where the teacher timed you and made you announced your time later while they jotted it down on the clip board.

I started off with 30 minutes of ANY physical activity a day even if it meant power walking on the treadmill. I slowly pushed myself and was amazed when I could jog (albeit slow) for 10 minutes straight. Every day I would push myself a little harder but know when to take a rest day.

Exercise became a new challenge for me to overcome and I grew to appreciate my body for what it was capable of. I only started off with stretching and cardio but my boyfriend bought the P90X about a year after I started out. I started incorporating it into my routine and it REALLY motivated me to push myself harder.

I can't imagine my day without some form of physical activity now. If my PE teachers could only see me now . I'm grateful I incorporated exercise throughout my journey which is probably why loose skin isn't too much of an issue for me.
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Ahh this thread is so awesome!

I've been back at the gym for about 6 weeks now, and have made such huge progress in that time despite not losing much weight (yeah... diet is important too!). I was just admiring my incredible quads and calves... My collar bones are becoming more prominent despite my weight as my chest and traps and shoulders strengthen. My posture is SO much better. I have less back pain in the mornings. I can't run for super long intervals yet (my max was 6 minutes) but those intervals are coming easier and easier, and more often. My 16:30 min mile has turned into a 15 minute mile.

I overall feel SO much more confident, which is amazing because in my mind skinny=confident. It's just this overall glow from knowing that you are doing good by your body, and the feeling of strength is totally empowering.

Fitness/exercise rocks.
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This thread is so awesome!!

Pepino, I do crossfit classes to and it sometimes amazes me what I can do. After a few months there, I was able to do my first pull-up ever!! And the improvements seem to be neverending because every time I do a new workout, I seem to get stronger and stronger.

Sumire - I. LOVE. Pistol Squats. Actually just got strong enough to do them this week without any assistance. Such a good butt workout. :-)

For what it is worth, I was always a chubby little dork growing up (we're talking straight A, valedictorian kid of dork). Didn't think I had an athletic bone in my body and now I can deadlift 200lbs and run sub 8 minute miles. I also rearranged my entire condo a few weeks ago by myself. Do you have any idea how heavy queen size mattresses are?! lol. Oh, and since lifting weights more, I've definitely gotten thinner/leaner. The scale may not register as much of a difference (although I am already at a healthy weight), but my body composition is definitely changing to less fat and more muscle.

Everyone keep up the good work!
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Taking a break from 3FC
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This one!!
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