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Default DAY ONE!! Time to quit. Any advice would be greatly apperciated.

Tomorrow is day one on my quit smoking journey. I havr been smoking for 9& 1/2 yrars and its getting in thr way of my workouts. And ive decided that my health is way more important to me. So, im going to put everything I have towards quitting. At first I wasnt to confident about it, because I wasnt too sure how to go about it: cold turkey, the patch, the pill, the gum, slowly reducing the amount I smoke.. Etc... But I think I have it figured out! I smoke in my basement, I enjoy my 5 min of quiet alone time almost as much as the smoke itself. Well, I keep my weight bench down there as well. So, I'm thinking... When I have a craving I'm going to go down stairs and do like 20 reps on my weight bench. I get a quick workout, and my few minutes of quiet, and im occupied to keep my mind off wanting to smoke, AND exercise releases endorphins, that alone might helo get rid of the craving.
I'm going to post in a few days. When I see how its working.
Think it will help? If not, any suggestions on something else?
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I don't have any advice for you since I've never been a smoker but I wish you the best of luck! I hope it works out for you! I would just worry that being down there where you used to smoke would trigger more of a craving.
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When I quit, I quit cold turkey-that definitely made it easier I think your plan sounds great, just don't fall into the trap of the old familiar places triggering a craving(make sure to NOT have any cigarettes available).
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I think it sounds like a good plan- like Tiff said be careful that you dont associate your basement with smoking, that could make it harder, but replacing smoking with another behaviour like you are doing sounds like a great idea. Good luck!
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I have never been a smoker, so my advice is not first hand. My dad was a smoker for 15 plus years. He had to have back surgery about 7 years ago, and the doctors told him that he had to stop smoking a month before the surgery. He started chewing gum to help him quit. Not the nicotine gum, just regular old gum. Sugar free gum, in any flavor you like, may help. Not sure if this works for everyone, its just something I've seen work for other people. Hope it helps, and good luck.
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I quit cold turkey last year after a trip to the Dentist.. I'd recommend not romanticising it too much and having this last cigarette as something special, haha, I know that sounds silly but I talked about this with a friend and after we quit we were both like 'oh our last cigarettes should have been on a cliff at sunset, y'know goodbye lover' which is silly. Cigarettes are killing you. End of.

Remember cravings only last a few minutes. Do something to distract yourself. Drink lots of water! Some people find orange juice helps and peanuts too. Your idea of exercise is great! I kept telling myself when I was craving them that they were just killing me, making me sick and that they weren't doing anything good for me. You deserve to not smoke.

Good luck and let us know how you get on It gets easier.
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I quit March 16th! My husband and I used Chantix. We are both smoke free for over a month now. I wish you the best of luck. I can feel SO much of a difference. I ran/walked a mile this morning and didn't even get winded!

I am here to talk and for support if you need it. I can tell you that you will not regret your decision to finally kick the habit. And I love the idea of exercising through the cravings! That way you're not eating to keep busy.

Best of luck, Hun! You can do it!
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Oh I don't smoke but my WHOLE family smokes. I'm not kidding you I am the only person in my family who has not picked up this disgusting habit!

Good for you for wanting to quit! I'm sure it's going to be hard but you can do it!
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