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Default Nothing to do with weight,but a hostile job I was working,any1 ever experience this??

Well maybe not my exact experience but just a bad workplace.

So my story is...

I was working at Lane Bryant for a little over 3 weeks and I couldn't take it anymore & quit. My manager was a major b***h & would make me feel like I'm stupid anytime I'd ask a question, It was only my 2nd day when I walked in & was standing there waiting to be told what to do by her & she snapped at me saying that theres always something to do & I have to find things to do..I was like HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW WHAT TOP DO IF IM NOT TOLD & I DONT KNOW THIS STORE I JUST STARTED! HOW DO I KNOW WHAT TO DO?

Then there was this lady that was shopping in our store, just looking at stuff & my manager was like "omg get the F out!! (she was whispering this to me the lady couldn't hear) & then she straight up told me "IM PREJUDICE (yes she said that!!) & I DONT WANT TO HELP ANYONE THAT WEARS FLIPFLOPS, HAS THEIR HAIR A MESS & THAT DOESN'T LOOK LIKE THEY CAN AFFORD ANYTHING IN HERE" I was shocked!!

I told my boyfriend what a b***h my manager is &that she seems so miserable at life and just mean & the funny thing is the very next day a customer complained about her & said she seems so miserable & was so rude to her & that if she would've walked by & seen her there she wouldnt have came in!!! Thats so bad for buisness!!! & then a coworker told me that alot of the workers are "scared" of her & she couldnt stand her so im just like WHY IS SHE EVEN RUNNING THIS STORE!?

Then another coworker I worked alone with Thursday night, literally talked down to me & bossed me around all night, I mean she was soooo rude to me, talked to me like a child & when I wouldnt know what she was referring too (keep in mind im only 3 weeks into this place) she would act very annoyed & agitated & condescendingly answer me then at 1 point told me if I dont make any sales I will be terminated, that Iv been there for 3 weeks already & i havent made any sales (seriously do u hear how that sounds, 3 weeks only??) I said to her HOW CAN I GET TERMINATED WHEN i WAS TOLD i DIDNT HAVE TO DO THAT & THERES NEVER ANY CUSTOMERS IN THE STORE WHEN IM WORKING (which their literally has been 2 customers I took care of the entire month i was there) & she said NOT TO BE A ***** BUT IT IS WHAT IT IS

So after that experience & everything else I quit on Saturday morning (+i already had another job lined up that afternoon (: yay me!! )

so when I called my mngr I was very nice & said IM CALLING TO LET U KNOW THAT i WONT BE ABLE TO COME BACK TO WORK BUT THANK U FOR THE OPPORTUNITY (i dont like drama or anything & wanted to still be nice) & she asked me was it personal (which i shudda told her it was but didnt) & I said NO I JUST GOT ANOTHER JOB & she got so mad & sed to me WELL U R OFFICIALLY TERMINATED & DO NOT USE ME AS A REFERENCE!! & I said OK & hung up.

Shes very immature & spiteful & i felt like she would do something like slander my name or mess my pay up, so I called HR this morning & the girl acted like she was not interested at all. She seemed very uninterested & almost made me feel like I had the problem and didnt even bother inquiring about my experience at all! Like she didn't ask why I quit and what was my issue, NOTHING! it was so weird and made me so uncomfortable! Then said something like "REALLY SARAH DID THAT?" like as if i was lying about my manager!! I just felt so dumb & i normally i dont complain or i guess "snitch" on people but I want my pay & wanted to make sure it didnt get messed up so I needed to call, so the HR girl kept saying she cant see my paycheck yet & never once asked WELL Y DID U QUIT OR IM SORRY U FELT THAT WAY or anything, she didnt inquire at all & it made me sooo uncomfortable! Isnt it their job to get to the bottom of things?? She had no desire.

So now i just feel stupid & i know when it gets brought to that store I know their going to make it like it was me, they were all like this click that acted like I was an outsider & treated me like crap. Im kinda regretting calling but was concerned about my pay!

My boyfriends telling me not to worry & f those girls & you'll never see them again but it still makes me feel, i dunno like uncomfortable or stupid.

ANY one ever have a similar experience or just a bad job experience??

SOrry I just wanted to talk about this and what better place to talk about my problems with my fellow chickies
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Yes & no.

I used to work at a Bingo hall (part time), these girls and woman had no aspirations in life other than to work there for the rest of their lives. Which is cool if I was catty and had wanted nothing better in my life than sure the Bingo hall would be the place for me. It wasn't, it was my part-time and my grandpa had died and when I first started I set my dates of when my vacation was. I then switched the two days in the beginning for two days after. I told her I was going and booked my flight. She called me on the phone and told me she couldn't have an employee tell her when they were taking their vacation. I said I didn't care if I got it approved with my full time job I'm taking it. She then fired me over the phone and I said "thank you, you just did me the favor" haha.

There was another time I worked at a Tim Hortons (out west, the one back home wasn't bad) anyways I had just gotten another job, and told them I was quitting but because I didn't give notice, I'd be kind and at least finish off my weekend shift. Well it was pay day on the friday and for 45 minutes the managers made me stand there and WAIT for my cheque. It would have only taken two seconds to grab it. So finally the male manager walked back into the office and I asked him if he could grab my cheque please. I was polite at first, He said no he was busy, he then shut the office door and as he was walking back out to the front I called him a Prick. He yelled that he was BUSY!!! Two seconds later a supervisor walked into the back and grabbed my cheque. Needless to say I didn't do them the favour and finished off my weekend shift I stayed home and relaxed.
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Welcome to the world of retail and the real workplace. You'll never find a perfect place to work. How many hours did you work in 3 weeks?
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Originally Posted by QuilterInVA View Post
Welcome to the world of retail and the real workplace. You'll never find a perfect place to work. How many hours did you work in 3 weeks?
haha it's so true, retail is one of the worst places to work.
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Oh my lord, that sounds like a super catty workplace!! I wouldn't have been able to stand it.

I have two jobs, one which I work some weekends. It took me A YEAR to finally feel like I was part of the team there, a lot of the other girls who work in the department (it's health care related) are incredibly b***** and when they were training me, got fed up and just basically ignored me or laughed at my questions. Eugh. Bad it's civil. If I didn't like the job-part of it so much I would have quit eons ago.
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