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Default 30 Day Shred

Hello loves!

I am sure there is a thread about this somewhere, but I can't find it... I just wanted to know what yall think of 30DS and what your results were? Ive read that most people see inches lost, not necessarily pounds. Just curious!
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I'm curious too and trying to work up the guts/motivation to try this out. Is it very difficult? Good results?
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Are we talking about the Jillian Michaels DVD?
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I'm on level 3 day 3. Really enjoying it too which I never thought i'd say. I'm starting to see definition in my shoulders and arms especially. Can't say whether i've lost inches through the workouts as i've also been calorie controlling and losing weight that way. But definately it compliments any weightloss program as i do feel more toned and strong. It's helping me out with my running aswell as it strengthens my core as well as other muscle groups.
It's a good workout if you are new to exercise as you can take it at your own pace and it builds you up untill you're ready to move on. I also didn't get bored as by the time you get used to the exercise it's time to move on and I ended up really looking forward to getting to the next level. I've just purchased ripped in 30 as a follow on from 30DS. It's definately addictive once you get into it.
Check out the biggest loser forum, they have some good discussions on all Jillian Micheals DVDs.
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Okay, so thats a yes.
Im on level 2. Day 13 since I started, so Im half way through. I like it a lot. Its pretty easy and basic work out, but very affective. I feel stronger, and like Ali said, By the time you get used to the exercise, its time to move on.

You guys should definitely check it out. Just go for it.
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I have 30DS but I have never actually done it for 30 days in a row - I am planning to get back to it in two weeks though, when the first part of my diet is done and I can add a bit more carbs. I like it. I don't love the warmup, but I think as far as the workout, for 20 minutes, you can't do much better.
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The workout is short which is a plus, but when I first started it, I could barely move the next day. I never continued with it though. I have a friend who loved it though.
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It was the perfect foundation to my exercise when I first started. It was tough, and I think I lost around 10 lbs on it. I didn't do it every day like I was supposed to, but I did enjoy it. When I started to think I could be pushing myself more I started running, and it had given me the good basic strength/cardio to start that again. So personally, I don't think it's something you could stick to throughout your entire weight loss journey, but it's a fantastic starting point.
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I am so tempted to get this (and maybe I'll cave), but I just bought Zumba 2 for the Wii and I just joined a gym, so I kind of need to slow down on throwing out the cash. And yet...it's only about $10 at Best Buy. Walmart apparently has a box set with the 3lb weights and a mat for $20... Ugh. I'm clearly trying to rationalize. In any case, I'd love to hear others' opinions and results on it!
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this video is grueling and though i've done it before w/results (i think i lost 5-7 pounds that month; plus my body was very defined) i can't seem to find the motivation to go for another round. it was just that difficult to do for me :-/ i really, really want to do it again! argh..
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