Lets get to Onederland!

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  • So new day. I am at 203 as of today!!! Woo hoo!! 3 more lbs to onederland!!
  • Great Job Jessica!!!! 204 Today for me!!!!
  • Quote: Great Job Jessica!!!! 204 Today for me!!!!
    Woo hoo!!! great job!!! We are so close!

    I weighed in today at 202.8! creeping closer and closer.
  • As of today I am 201.8!!! Woo hoo! Just gotta keep going!
  • One day after TOM went over last night. I had a late dinner cuz i was starving. When reviewing my food for the day i realized i didnt have hardly any protein in my diet yeserday so i think thats why i was so hungry. cant do anything but start again today. weigh in 202.6
  • I'm finally in wonderland...a few times now since it occurred (2-28-12), I'll be doing some mundane task and then stop and realize "wait, I am under 200, it's not a dream or joke." and pat myself on the back mentally. I've been over 200 (way over) for probably 12 years at least. Before I got pregnant I was 202 and so close, long story but through pain and all the aftermath, I was never that close again. Not having any more children and am focusing on me & my health. I will never go over 200 again. I weigh in every 2-3 days to keep accountable (not neurotic). B/c I know that when I didn't weigh in, that's when I gained an insane amount. I know there's fluctuations in weight.

    Just a note to all of you who think you can't get to wonderland, you CAN. I was at 202-203 forever...probably 3 weeks or more, it was tedious. Then the dreaded 200.8. Finally my body "gave up"! Never ever give up. EVER!
  • WOOHOO! 210 today! Onederland is in sight.... Maybe I'll even hit it for my birthday
  • 1 stomach virus away from onederland.. lmao... I'm kidding.. but I did have some type of virus/food poisoning Sunday night and was WAY sick.. I weighed in this morning at 201.8.. I did my 5k on Friday and finished in 45 mins 22 sec.. onderland is in sight.. i cannot wait!
  • I'm a little behind the pack but I want to join in! I got to Onederland in May of last year and then gained IT ALL BACK! Ugh... so disappointed. Now I'm ready to do it again... but need to find motivation.

    I think my mini-goal will be Onederland by Easter. I don't know if it's possible to lose 17 pounds in 26 days, but I really want to try. Good luck to everyone! Most of you are really close!
  • 200.6 this morning!!! Ahhhh so close!
  • Lovestocook9121-thats awesome!!! you did it!!! great job!

    leighish- woo hoo almost there!

    Bellasmommy924- hahahha to funny lol. my mom just had a stomach virus and she goes, this should happen more often! lol to funny. So close! Great job!

    BrittanieYork-your not behind your at your peerfect spot!

    Bellasmommy924- OMG your almost there!!!!!!!

    this morning i weighed in at 202.6 again. I just ended TOM so I think for the next few days i will be at a little stall that comes once a month after TOM. but so close and im not giving up! All of you are doing great keep it up!
  • I'm down 1 pound today I'll take that! 215 now, so just 16 till 199! Still hoping to hit Onederland by Easter.

    Great job everyone! Keep it up
  • Yippee! Today is the day.. i weighed in this morning at 199.6... lol anything under 200 I am counting!!! Such a happy day!
  • Quote: Yippee! Today is the day.. i weighed in this morning at 199.6... lol anything under 200 I am counting!!! Such a happy day!
    OMG!!!!! great job you did it!!!!!!!! Wooo hoooo!!!!
  • 209.2 this morning! Though I might experience a small setback..today is my niece's birthday and I plan on enjoying myself at her party