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Bump** I have a horrible one, and I saw a pic of me in 2006, yep had one then too when I was thinner, although I was wearing pants that were obviously too tight!

SW: 194.8

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I wear pants extremely high on my waist–I even wear "low rise" pants at my navel!–specifically to avoid muffin top. I won't wear anything with even the slightest bit of pinch to it; I've been like this my whole life, even before I was overweight.
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I like to think that my muffin top isn't too horrible, except mostly around my love handles. Of course, tight pants make it worse, but if the pants are too loose, then they just sit below my love handles anyways. So my hips seem to always be bulging out.

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I don't have a muffin top, I have a cinnamon roll. lol But seriously, I have this weird middle roll thing going on which basically means that I have a muffin top regardless of the pants. It sucks but then again, I weigh 308 pounds so hopefully it goes away soon. crosses fingers
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Hi there!
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Always and forever. I've never been without one (or at least enough belly fat for the potential of one).

I agree - it's from too-tight pants. I recommend buying what fits.

I have a pretty straight body shape carry a lot of weight on my torso, so it goes with the territory.

But I have no junk in my trunk and my legs aren't big, so I have problems buying well-fitting pants. Usually there's extra space in the hips/butt/legs when it fits my waist (i.e. no muffin top).

So I shop in the junior's section because they have smaller butt/hip areas and larger waists because younger girls don't have curves yet (or me, who will never have them, really).

So it can be hard to find stuff that fits well enough. And with my no butt to hold pants up, I have to get the waist tight enough to keep things in place.

-sigh- It's a vicious cycle that I'm hoping to escape.
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I have to wear really high wasted stuff, skirts, shorts pants even undies to keep my muffin top from being a real muffin top. If I wear anything below my belly button out it pops out :/ and I know it's just a "trick" to make me feel/look slimmer but I'd rather put up with a camel toe than a muffin top, IMO I think they are the worst. Sometimes I see bigger girls with low rise jeans and their muffin top and I just think "man I would never find the courage to go out in public like that" not that I think they are unttaractive! But ugh yeah they are like the negative "hey look at me!" attention attractors
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keep going
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Height: 5'6


I also just wear higher waisted stuff and nothing too tight around the waist. I'm scared of the muffin top!
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I have a muffin top without anything on, even at my lowest weight. It gets smaller but the ratio stays the same so it doesn't look any worse or any better with weight loss/gain.

Since it's there regardless, I don't pay too much attention to it. But I will stretch out my t-shirts at the bottom so they flare out a bit and don't hug my hips. If I have to wear a tight belt, I'll wear a loose top.

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Staying the Same
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I pull my pants over my navel at all times. I have never had a flat stomach and I don't think I ever will because I have soft loose skin from yo-yo-ing (between 155-130) a couple times. I hate it but I am at the point now where I don't feel I need shapewear for most things. It's just a little pooch in the front.
Push on some more!

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Height: 5'6"


I'm so glad others have the same problem that I do! I have a "spare tire" even with loose clothes on. Ha! All of my dress pants are usually long enough to pull over it so I can hide it when I'm wearing more form-fitted shirts, but I have learned to just embrace the "roll" and go with it. I usually try to find tops that hide it somewhat.

"Being fat is hard. Losing is hard. Maintaining is hard. Choose your hard."

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I have love handles that I can see and grab on my lower back even when I'm not wearing clothes. As long as I wear proper fitting pants (that are a higher rise) you can't see them.

22 year old nurse in training!

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My stomach is where I carry my weight so I do have a muffin top. I'm not drastically overweight but I'm definitely carrying an extra few pounds so the muffin top isn't too big but it isn't little either. I try to hide it as much as I can. I'm hoping with some weight loss, it will go or just be nice and small.
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