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Default So, I had an epiphany yesterday...

...and my epiphanies are usually pretty good! Most of the time, it's something that I've heard a million times, but it just takes time to register in my head.

Anywho, I was going to a play with my mom last night and was semi-dressed-up (which I never do) and I looked in the mirror, and was really impressed with the way I looked! I've always said that I don't feel like I've lost 60 lbs because I'm still fat. But, last night I realized that I actually have a pretty nice figure, and that I can look cute even if I am overweight! I even asked my mom the other day "how come some of the overweight girls I see look so much better than me when they weigh more than I do? Is it just the difference in how we carry ourselves?" Of course, being my mom, she said that I always look good too. But, I never realized just how good I can look too. So pretty much, my epiphany was that: Yes, I'm overweight (technically obese)- but until I lose weight, I can be happy in the body that I am in, be confident, and look cute!

Just thought I'd shared
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i totally understand what you're talking about! a lot of people are noticing that i lost weight now that i've hit 25 lbs lost, and are telling me i look different, but i really couldnt see it until saturday night, i looked in the mirror and i was like hey! i look like a thinner person!

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good for you!!

and yes, for the most part, it's all about confidence, and knowing how to dress for your size. dressing in the wrong clothes can be terribly unflattering...
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"Yes, I'm overweight (technically obese)- but until I lose weight, I can be happy in the body that I am in, be confident, and look cute!"

I have basically lived by this my entire life. I've never felt ashamed or unhappy with my weight. I have pictures of my high school graduation at 260lbs, smiling and laughing and looking GREAT. I'm a bit heavier now, but I still never shamed myself for being this size. I think that once you do that, your hope is pretty much gone. It's not a sin or wrong to be overweight in my opinion. It's just life and it happens and if you don't like it, you change it. So that's what I'm going to start doing myself. Congrats on the weight loss so far!
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There is this show, "What Not To Wear", on TLC. They take women of all shapes and sizes and show them how to dress to show themselves to their best advantage. You would be shocked at the before and afters of these women. In a week's time they end up looking like they lost about 20 is amazing what a difference the right cut, color and fabric can do to a figure. You have come upon this epiphany all by yourself without Stacy and Clinton's help! Congrats!
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One of the downsides to losing weight is that I have to learn how to flatter my new figure. Before I would dress to show off my curves and nearly every day I would get compliments on my clothes

Torrid was my favorite store, with Dots being a close second. I loved the plus size clothes in each one...and because I was a 0 at Torrid, I could usually get my clothes on clearance.

It's all about how you carry yourself and how you choose to dress learn to show off the good stuff and walk down the street like you're a million bucks!
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Yep, I've had that same epiphany.

There was a lady I used to ride the bus with. I never actually talked to her but she always looked stunning and had to be at least in the mid-to-upper 200's (she was quite tall also). She was always dressed immaculately and carried herself with such confidence that she stood out in a crowd. I remember seeing her and feeling quite guilty that I let myself go so much at my highest weight. If she looked that good at a weight higher than mine, why couldn't I do the same!
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i get exactly what your saying and hoorah for seeing it! its true we must love ourselves now. if we dont love ourselves now we still wont love ourselves at goal.
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Originally Posted by KawaiiCandie View Post
and yes, for the most part, it's all about confidence, and knowing how to dress for your size. dressing in the wrong clothes can be terribly unflattering...

Good for you! That's aweomse I love it when I can look in the mirror and go, "damn I look good"

I agree with Kawaii. I look at bigger girls and think wow she looks awesome I could never pull that off. I always just thought people wear fat better than I do. I know that's a horrible thing to say but it's kind of true, extra weight on my body just doesn't look good on me because I get love handles and my body just doesn't portion properly even in proper clothing but it all has to do with how I feel about myself. I'm sure if I saw myself different I'd be able to pull it off like anyone else could!
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