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Default Wording a dating profile question with regards to weight

As I've mentioned before, I'm on a couple of dating websites. My pictures obviously show that I am overweight (although I made sure to post the most appealing ones). I updated the "how often do you workout" question to reflect my new lifestyle. But, I still feel like guys may see my pictures and run because they may have preconceived perceptions of who I am. But, I pretty much wanted to put a little line in my bio reflecting my new lifestyle choices and just make the fact that I'm not a lazy overweight girl just trying to pickup guys. I want to make it known that I am working hard to better my image and myself without making me look bad and that I'm looking for attention. I don't know if this makes sense, but would love to hear some opinions
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I think you could basically use what you've said here.
That you are making a lifestyle change and would love to have a guy in your life while your doing so.
Sorry if I'm not much help. I haven't been in the dating game since 10th grade.(7 years)
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That sounds fine! If anything, you would want to date someone with the same interests in a healthy lifestyle so you should mention it!
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Couldn't you just say "I'm recently discovering how amazing it feels to be very active and love going to the gym, hiking, etc. etc (insert your favorites here). I'm interested in someone who can keep up and bring new activities into my life as well."

Recently implies you know its a new development, but it also shows sticking power. Plus, I don't think you should ever need to apologize for your weight. You ARE recently more active, which is more important than if you started off at a size 20 or a size 2.
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I would post at least one flattering full length picture of yourself so that everyone can see your weight. Then leave out the fact that you are losing completely (aside from mentioning that you are active). LOTS of overweight girls manage to find love online. By mentioning it like that IMO it comes off as insecure. Like you are saying, I don't think I'm enough as I am right now. Also you could end up in an awkward situation where the guy expects you to keep losing to "keep up your end of the bargain." It would be expected rather than a pleasant surprise. GOOD LUCK!!!

PS. Super congrats on losing 60 pounds. That is awesome!!

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i think that if you have an accurate picture, you shouldn't need to mention anything about your weight in the text. unless, you wanna mention something about your lifestyle, like saying you like working out...

but the people who would judge you for being fat are not people that you wanna meet anyways so... i don't think you should make a big deal out of it from the message.
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In all honesty, any guy who won't date you because you're overweight isn't worth your time in the first place. To me, it would be obvious that they are only into women for their looks, which isn't the kind of guy you want to be dating.

You should talk about your active lifestyle and don't even mention weight or weight loss. Most men don't understand the emotional aspect of weight loss and struggles with weight (my husband looks at me sideways at me when I talk about it because he's simply hasn't experienced it). And when you're first dating someone and getting to know them, it's really not something you should talk about because it's so emotional.

Plus, a lot of guys simply don't care if a woman is overweight. I'm well over 200 lbs and get hit on when I go out with my friends. what matters is your personality, lifestyle, and ability to keep someone interested and engaged and to be able to challenge them. If you're confident, you have nothing to worry about.
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Be. Honest. Put up a realistic accurate picture of yourself. If you start taking those MySpace pictures and hiding your weight and a guy likes you enough to see you in person, well then you've technically lied already and that's a bad start!
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In my experiences with online dating, most of the guys don't read the profiles anyway.
Mine used to say (in the second line) that I had just moved to the area in x month of x year. I still had guys ask me "So....are you from the area?"
....sigh. Silly guys.
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