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Default Have you ever purchased clothes that you knew would be too small?

But you wanted to use them as inspiration to lose weight? I'm so sick of being limited to only certain stores that makes clothes my size and that are in my price range. I'm not going to buy any clothes, but I was thinking about checking some cute clothes out on websites that I've always wanted to shop at and add them to my cart. It seems like I am only off by about 3-5 inches to fit into some of these place's XL shirts. Sorry that this is random, but it just crossed my mind so I thought I'd start a thread about it

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I definitely have, especially when I find really good deals. At the end of summer I found my favorite brand of jeans on clearance sale for $15/pair so I bought a few in 12 and some in 10 for later. I'm so happy to have the stockpile now!
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Short answer: yes.

Long answer: I try not to buy too many clothes that are too small for me. Unless I absolutely love the piece of clothing, then I just leave it. My Mum is a hoarder, she buys clothes in bulk that are too small for her. She doesn't have an inspirational 1 or 2 items of clothes, she has an entire wardrobe. Right now I have a dress that I bought 5 years ago (wow!) that I've always wanted to fit into.
I also bought a t-shirt recently that I loved (it had the A-Z of dinosaurs, yay!!) that fit me in the Large but was snug in the Medium, so I went for the medium knowing that one day I would fit into it no problem. I tried it on the other day actually and it's starting to fit better!
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I'm like Riestrella. I do it but don't go crazy.

This Christmas I asked for (and got) a few medium tops that technically fit but could use another 5 pounds or so. I did this since I'm out of skinny clothes and will need more soon.

I also have previously bought stuff that was a size down or so if the price was GREAT!!
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I have one pair of jeans that after squeezing into them and zipping them up, I have a double muffin top (not counting boobies). I try them on once in a while just to see if I have the 'wow' moment when I see only ONE muffin top. What an accomplishment that will be! :-)
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I would never buy anything I couldn't quite fit into during my weight loss, but my general rule was "If you're in between, go smaller." So I did buy things that were a bit too tight, but nothing that I couldn't get on.

Buying smaller when I was in between was really just a way for me to get more use out of clothes. I was losing so it made more sense to plan for getting smaller.

Now I just buy stuff that fits comfortably since I'm looking to maintain.
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Ive definately bought things that were too tight... mostly shirts never pants.... and mostly in high school so I could wear the aeropostal and campus crew and stuff.... I always tried squeezing into l and xl even tho it was mostly my boobs causing a problem lmao
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I recently bought a pair of jeans that are tight. I can button them but have a little muffin top going. xD I'll buy clothes that I can squeeze myself into, because i know i'll eventually feel comfortable in it. But I won't buy clothes solely for the modivation to go down a size. Seems a bit depressing to see something sitting in your closet that's to tight to wear. Makes me discouraged xD but thats just me
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I'm trying to limit my spending now because I tend to buy clothes that I can fit in the moment, but then I do not wear them for another 3 or 4 months, if that early. So, by the time I get around to wear all of my "new" clothes, I can no longer fit them. Therefore, I have decided to stop buying clothes until I reach goal. I didn't even buy new clothes with all of the Christmas money I received. However, I did buy two pairs of skinny jeans in size 14 and size 12 as aspirational clothing. They were only $15 each, so I didn't feel too guilty buying them. I can now fit into the size 14 pants without muffin top. I also bought a size M dress from the Gap the day after Christmas for $13 and that will be my goal dress. I'm hoping to fit into it by the time my sisters and I go to VEGAS (!) for Independence Day.
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i've been doing this....and a lot! to be fair they are items that fit me, but they aren't clothes that i would grab to wear. for example, a jacket that fits, but doesn't exactly button without a bit of bunching or whatever. i'm currently in a size large, but sometimes the larges are too big and the mediums are a bit small so i just buy the medium and in another 5-15 lbs i think it would look really great. clothes are expensive and i feel like even if i lost 25-30lbs these pieces i've been getting will still look fantastic on my smaller body and fit pretty nicely. I/E silky tunic top, camisole, shrugs, form fitting light jackets that will just look a bit looser, but not frumpy. go for it, just don't go overboard and be too daring about it. get a few things in one size down and have fun with it. clothes are expensive-i buy things here and there now so i can have a nice stockpile when i reach that size. i know it won't be too far out, just a few months for myself. i also do makeups here and there and shoes/accessories.
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I love dresses...but dresses don't love my legs. However, I have one dress that I bought from Forever 21 a couple years ago that is feminine, flowy, and adorable. That is my one "goal" piece of clothing I have bought. This month I started a system where I will save $150 per month for clothes when I get pretty far down on the scale. That way I know that I will have money reserved but I don't have to go buy the clothes now.
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No, but only because my closet is absolutely jam packed filled with clothes in my size, I can't be throwing other stuff in the mix!

I used to when I was much bigger, but lots of the stuff I bought just wasn't in style by the time it fit.
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Yep I have for about 5yrs now, they are still sitting in the closet, but I WILL wear them soon!
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Haha, I'm like your mom! There's this one place I keep buying clothes from because they have decent prices only during certain parts of the year-- so when the sales are on, I stockpile like crazy. This past Black Friday, I got tops, bottoms, and dresses that are a few sizes too small for me. The pants I know I'll eventually be able to slip into, but now I'm a bit worried about the tops and dresses. My boobs are huge! I'm just hoping that my boob fat will go along with the other fat .
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Yes whenever I find jeans I like, I always buy the size I am + a size smaller. I am a dress fanatic so if I find something I absolutely LOVE, I will buy it if its a bit snug and in a few weeks....its look fabulous It's my biggest motivator!
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