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No. I do just the opposite. I buy big roomy billowy clothes so I feel light and fluid.
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Changing my life
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No, but I have a friend that is saving me some hand me downs that are three sizes smaller than what I'm in now. I will need those 'small' clothes in a bit!
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Gotta keep trying!
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For me it feels like more motivation to fit into something especially cute or something that you get a really good deal on

But maybe I'm just weird lol.
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Not really, but like others I also buy on the small size so that I can try and get as much use out of it as possible. Part of my problem, though, is that I buy almost all my clothes online so I can't try them on in person so I have to make my best guess when it comes to fit/size. Most of the time I manage to get it right but I do have a few items that were too big to start off with that I couldn't send back because it wasn't worth the postage.

I do make one exception. If I can buy a lot of clothes (like on ebay) at once with various sizes some that will fit and some that might be too small, I'll do that with pants but NOT with tops (I wear a 30GG/H so no way am I going to buy a standard top without trying it on first unless it's PJs or something, normally I try to order from places that you can order by your bust size).
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Canadian on the Inside
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I did this once, very early in my weight loss journey. I was at a sample sale for a major women's activewear retailer, and I bought hiking pants in my current (at the time) size, one size down, and three sizes down. If I remember right, I paid $13 for each pair (they're $70-90 pants). Definitely no regrets on that one.

I haven't bought anything too small since then, though I actually considered it last weekend. There's a pair of super skinny jeans at Gap right now that I fit into, but they're just a little uncomfortable. I almost bought them anyway, but decided against it.
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Pain Is Fuel
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I have bought a pair of jeans that were a little tight knowing that they would fit in a couple months but I usually don't bother spending money on things that don't fit me. Then again, I haven't bought any new clothes since I lost the 40lbs! This is actually only because I am still losing and will buy myself a new wardrobe where I get to my goal weight. I hate spending money on things that wont fit me in a couple months!

I think if it motivates you and gets your moving then it can't do any harm unless of course you do it in excess.
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I have one dress from Betsey Johnson. My goal dress.
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I'm trying really hard not to buy clothes atm. only the essentials because i keep dropping sizes and i dont want to waste money! My sister has a Medium pink Northface Jacket I would love to buy from her...but I am currently a size Large in Northface that is my goal piece of clothing!
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