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Losing Weight As I Work
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I'm In.
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Country Girl Fresh
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scarlett-- that seems like great motivation get it where you can lol..

rileyy --that is what I am doing and it been working so far except the few binge set backs I have had over the holidays 10lbs at a time is the way to go and not get overwhelmed.

I am nervous about my final weigh in tomorrow for the 6 week challenge because I have been so stressed and have been on a little binge and went like 400-1000 calories over my daily calorie limit I have set for myself but I didn't get over 2,000 cal. I just got back from the store and while I was there I got me some extra gum to try help with my craving when I am stressed. With the stress I also start back for spring semester Thursday and still have not got the books I need.

Think I might need a new scale cause I stepped on it while I was on TOM and with TOM last month I was VERY emotional like a roller coaster so when I saw I gained I stomped on my scale. It didn't brake but now I know not to step on one when TOM is here lol.

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I'm nervous about my final weigh in too. I overate a bit on NYE but started a very clean eating program on the 1st and found myself up a little yesterday morning.

You can wait until Wednesday morning to weigh in if you want to give yourself an extra day. I probably wont get to the final chart until late Thursday/Early Friday.
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Let's do this thang. I'm excited and I need the support and motivation from you great women.
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I am definitely back in!!! I kinda gave up since Christmas Eve and have been really bad....I definitely need to get back into it!!!!
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I am also back in! The 6 weeks challenge was such a great accountability for me! And I have been WAY off track since I went on vacation December 16th... so I need to get back on! 28lb to go, and I would like to be close to my goal by summer! So this will defiantly help to get me there!

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I'm in, hoping to actually lose something on this challenge rather than maintaining. Ideally, I'd like to lose 20lb. Realistically, I'll aim for 14. Fingers crossed!
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Sufferer of abibliophobia
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I'm in!! I gained 2lbs during the Holiday 6wk challenge. Quite a bit disappointed in myself. But I do only have myself to blame. Not putting the blame on anyone else make me feel more depressed about it, but proud that I'm able to be honest with myself. Biggest thing for me was that I didn't have (make) time to go to the gym while the kids were out of school. They go back tomorrow, so I am ALL IN! I also joined a beginner running club and our first meeting is tomorrow.
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I'm in!
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I am definitely in. I have finally decided that its time to get off my butt and get busy losing all this darn weight. I have 100+ lbs to lose taking it day by day this seems like the perfect place to start. Good luck everybody.
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Future Fitness Model
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I'm in!! I gave up on the last challenge due to stress with home & school!!! I'm back and this year is about me!! I'm back and more ready than ever to do this!! I'm going in a little harder than last time!!
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Scarlett nothing like that for good motivation
i am back this time being very accountable i did well on the 1st and started but faded in the last 3 .. sticking with my wed weigh in.. and looking forward to it..

best of luck everyone
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I'm in! I've been on the forum for quite awhile and haven't posted in awhile but I'm starting over again! Time to get this weight off for good.

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Scarlett I might be on leave on the 19th .... Im heading home to my moms to help my little sister study for her exams shes in grade 9 this year and is kinda nervous about her first ones ever :S If im back that night Ill weigh in but ill probably be home the Friday afternoon. Ill mark it on the Spreadsheet
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Not Giving Up
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After being in maintenance mode for 2 months I am back to calorie counting and working out again. I think i got too comfortable with my weight that i just stopped and forgot about my initial goal. I am now back on the wagon to get to goal. Today was my first day back at working out and I feel really great.
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