Weight loss/fat burner pills?

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  • I agree with everyone else...you shouldn't try any of those pills. There are stimulants out there that can help one lose weight, but the long term cardiac side effects are scary. Even if you feel fine while taking those pills, the damage you do can present 20 years later. Stay away from those unknown non-FDA approved pills. Even if it says "natural" ingredients, don't bother with it.

    Now, Alli certainly works (it inhibits a pancreatic lipase enzyme in your small intestine = blocks fat digestion). Studies have shown that it will increase weight loss by a few pounds each year...not really worth the cost imo. But other than the discomforting steatorrhea, there really aren't that many negatice side effects. It's been used in higher doses as a prescription med for many years now, so you can trust that there have been many studies done on it.