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You ladies have mentioned most of my big ones. So here's a more superficial one:

Drive-thrus. It makes cheating so much easier when I'm feeling sad and mopey and unattractive. No one even really has to see me cause I don't have to get out of my car...... Can't count the number of burger and coffee places between my home and work. Brutal.

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PollifaxFive - it is definitely how you feel about yourself. Right now I am extremely uncomfortable with myself and my social issues are at their all time worst. At even just 20 pounds less, there is a big difference in how I feel when I go out in public. Some days it's like I'm embarrassed just to exist, if you know what I mean. But as the weight drops, it gets better. Congrats to you too! 35 lbs is amazing.

Jelbb - drive thrus, oh man. I agree with you entirely. When nobody even has to see you it's SO MUCH EASIER to give in. The local burger king lady who works the day shift knows me and my order as well as my payment method. When they can remember that much about you I suppose it's time to stop going lol.
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I really have to get out of the habit of the drive thru coffee and muffins diet
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My biggest frustration is that I can't stay on plan with exercising for nothing. I will start off excellent until about the 3rd week and then I just stop...One time I did 1 month and a half and had lost a lot of weight and inches but then for some reason I just gradually stop working out ..
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It's interesting to see what everyone's frustrations are, and nice to know we aren't alone! For me, I get frustrated with the "food pushers"... My family is full of them. They all know that I try to live a healthy lifestyle, and it's like a game for them to see who can get me to give in. A lot of them use food as an expression of love and I get so tired of saying no all the time!
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My biggest frustration is not having a in person support system besides going to gym classes but even then it's not really me talking to them it's just working out together. I don't want a personal trainer but it would be nice to just say to a friend or my boyfriend "hey do you want to do (insert some physical activity)" without meeting so much resistance.
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Originally Posted by liliesinmycereal View Post
...it would be nice to just say to a friend or my boyfriend "hey do you want to do (insert some physical activity)" without meeting so much resistance.

My husband and I met in a dance class, we danced twenty or more hours a week. Now all he ever wants to do is sit around and watch TV. My kids, too.

Next week my MIL is giving us all bicycles. My husband acted all happy and sounded as if he was looking forward to having family bicycling trips... We'll see.
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For me, especially lately. It's seeing the lower numbers and the difference in my pics, but when looking at the smaller version I am becoming, it's hard to see the difference and not only that, but realizing I still have such a LONG way to go. I will admit in clothes, I feel I really do look so much better, but in undies- not so much. It's frustrating and hard. I'll just say almost everything about this is frustrating.

But, it's worth it. And it'll be worth it even more the closer I get. I feel amazing after a good work out and that helps me a lot. Like my mom says- Most things that are hard, are there for you to prove to yourself you can do it- and it's probably the best way to go. I hear mom's know best, we'll see! lol
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my frustration is with myself - not sticking to a plan - I know what I have to do, and usually I'm on point... but yet sometimes I'll skip a day of exercising because I'm tired, or drink more beers than my calories will allow, or eat ice cream after dinner. And this is why it's taking me FOREVER to lose weight. hoping i snap out of this reallll soon.
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That every other 20s person I know is seemingly skinny and that I'm the only one with this problem.
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definitely not getting results fast enough.
i know im losing the weight, i just dont want to wait this long xD

good thing i have a calculator for it! so i can just carry on without worrying anymore lol
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Mine is I haven't gone down a clothing size yet. I've lost 40lbs but my jeans still fit :/ I mentioned to my bf about maybe buying some new jeans today in a smaller size and he made a comment about how it's better for me to be in baggy clothes. So of course I took that in the worst way and now feel terrible about myself
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Definitely the plateaus. I feel like I should at least see some movement on the scale when I work so hard.

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