dealing with coworker triggered cravings...

  • Slipped up for the last two weeks and finally managed to get myself back on track a few days ago, which was great.

    The only problem is my coworker/boss, who sits right next to me, just got pizza for lunch and it smells soooo good. I'm trying really hard NOT to think about it, but that's just making me think about it more. Like, in a really, really want a slice of pizzaRIGHTNOWPLEASE kind of way. But that would put me over for the day (am a cal counter). Besides, I usually satisfy cravings every now and then in moderation, but I can't just do that every time my coworker/boss brings in something that smells good, since he does that pretty much every day.

    Actually, now that I think about it, the other guy sitting next to me also does that every day too. This is a problem. Anyone else dealing with/dealt with this kind of issue before???
  • I deal with this all of the time since I live in a house full of temptation. Unfortunately you can't really do much since you can't police others' food choices.

    The best thing you can do is learn to resist temptation. I've found it becomes easier over time especially since I have to dodge certain foods daily. There are chips, ice cream and other yummy foods in my house and while I do indulge at times (I'm a calorie counter too, so it's always planned) I've found that I no longer have the urge to go off plan.

    I guess it's just like anything else, practice makes perfect
  • Tell me about it! Resisting the temptation to go eat bad food is hard enough, but when you see others enjoying it it's even worse!
  • This is how it is with my boyfriend. He's a big dude and eats big dude food. We really only spend time either when we go to the gym together, are doing schoolwork at night, or during dinner time because we are both busy law students. Dinner is a short window and for a while I was doing what he wanted foodwise but in my own portions only to hear him whine about how I wasn't eating enough. Sorry we don't all eat the same amounts. Anywho, I've been tying to do my own thing during dinner. We still eat together but tonight I had my salad while he ate his chic fil a bogo. Believe me, I wanted that chicken sandwhich too. haha. I'm just telling myself its worth it and that I can have some planned treats this weekend at the tailgate.
  • I work in an office with 3 other people... none of which are dieting or eating healthy! I find a constant struggle to stay on track working at this new job! I have slipped up a lot more than I should within the last few weeks! I'm really trying to get back on track but I understand your pain!
  • I dont know if this will be helpful or not but when I am really feeling a craving, staring down a pizza or even feeling like "poor me" because I cannot have a slice of cake or pizza I always remind myself that it's not like I have never had pizza (or the fatty food) before. It's not like I have ever gone without (clearly, look down at your stomach!) and that I wont necessarily never have a taste of pizza again. This, I know, is really hard when smelling the food or looking at it but just keep saying to myself "You have eaten enough pizza in your life, you have eaten enough burgers in your life, you have eaten enough cookies in your life."

    Saying something like this sort of grounds me and makes me realize that I don't need it, I have had it before, it's not a big deal and most importantly NOTHING GOOD will come from eating it! I will be satisfying a passing craving that will come up again and again, I will be breaking plan, breaking discipline, breaking hard work and resistance to urges that I have spent good energy on building up. Think of resisting these urges as a challenge - a mini goal for the day - almost like a game - every time you resist you build more GOOD & HEALTHY habits - you build up more strength, more will power and a stronger, better you, who can ignore food or stare it in the face and say NO! Feel good about yourself when you resist it because you aren't being unhealthy and you ARE strengthening your will power.

    Say to yourself next time this situation comes up:
    1. You've had (insert fatty food) before - You will be fine (happier, healthier) to go without it today.
    2. Nothing good will come from eating the fatty food! I will only have regret, guilt, sadness, and ruin hard earned discipline.

    I know its tough but you can definitely do it! We all have to do it everyday! Just don't give up!
  • I have always been told to drink a glass of water. Especially after dinner if I start to crave sweets. Water is usually what your body craves when it wants something but you know you aren't hungry. I also think of what the food really is. When I drive by fast food, instead of smelling awesome burgers and fries, I usually only smell frying grease... the pizza for instance is carbs topped with fatty meat and cheese. I'm not saying all pizza is bad; homemade pizza can be made pretty healthy and staying within a reasonable amount you can't go wrong. Another thing is not to think of all food as evil. Just because you find yourself wanting a treat doesn't mean you can't have it. It's like putting a 50ft cement cover on an active volcano and expecting it not to explode. Food is nourishment and treats do offer their own form of happiness.
  • this is so helpful guys!!!

    yeah normally i don't crave foods this intensely or even really think about it, even if i'm walking past a pizza place or a fast foods place, so i found this whole craving episode really bizarre. i blame the desk-boredom and pizza-smell combination.

    i feel better and am ready to tackle whatever cravings my coworker triggers next. hahaha. although, i really hope he doesn't get pizza again. was able to resist yesterday, but two days in a row could be an issue. if he does, i'll just have to re-read all your helpful suggestions
  • When you realize you're thinking about how good a junk food would taste, make a conscious choice to think about how greasy, unhealthy, gross and processed it is, and think about negative things about the food. This also goes for healthy food, it helps to always think fabulous things about the healthy stuff you eat. It really helps to see the food from a different perspective, it works for me.
  • I'm lucky in the regard that greasy or fried foods will wreak havoc on my stomach for a long time after eating them, so the pain just isn't worth it.

    I do, however, like certain foods. If you want a chicken sandwich, make one! Pizza, make one of those! [Insert your favorite food here] and find a way to make it. If no foods are off-limits, then it may help you manage your cravings a little better. If anything, your co-worker could be giving you a great idea for what to make for dinner!