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redliss7 09-25-2011 10:57 PM

Getting Back on Track
Hello folks. I am more or less documenting this for myself; however, there will be a portion where I ask for some "getting back on the horse advice". Anyways, I haven't really posted much here the past few months. I just finished undergrad and college athletics, started law school, and began a relationship with a fantastic guy. Peachy. Really. However, I feel my weightloss stuff has gone out the window. I'm not sure of my exact weight atm. I believe it to be about 180-182, which isn't awful but isn't what I want. Anyways, I thought I would restart. Here's the problem. Wonderful guy wants to always eat out, eat junky foods, and doesn't understand why can't eat with him. Wonderful guy also was a college athlete. He was a center at a big football school. So big guy. Alissa can't eat like big guys or she will turn into one. haha. I feel like I've gained about three pounds since we've been together and I can't tell if its the food I'm eating or the fact that my body is inevitably going to face muscular atrophy as my mandated 20 hour workouts per week are not happening. What do you folks do when you decide its time to restart?
How do you deal with the significant other thing? I tell him I want to lose weight and he thinks its a stupid idea and says if anything, I don't eat enough. Believe me, that's not an issue. I'm really more or less rambling but seeking out a few golden nuggets of advice. Oh, and tomorrow I'm weighing myself before anything. That way there'll be an accurate read.

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