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Default Shameful feelings

My scale is haunting me. I've been avoiding it for a few weeks now because I know I haven't lost any weight but its presence in my linen closet is always in the back of my mind when I'm at home. So tonight, I gave into the masochistic lure and pulled my nemesis out (unwise I know)...I've GAINED 2.5 lbs and am one step closer to 180 and one step farther from my goal. I'M SO FRUSTRATED! I bust my butt at bootcamp 4-5 days a week and eat healthy but the number just keeps increasing! I'm at my wits end b/c I want to be healthy and feel beautiful but no matter how hard I try I get minimal results. The only time I've ever been able to lose any weight was in HS when I was logging 1.5 hrs on the elliptical machine 6 days a week and doing physically demanding work at a vet clinic. I was also eating next to nothing and was often woken up by hunger pangs. I only lost 5 lbs. That has been my only success... If anybody else has experienced something like this, please, let me know I'm not alone! I don't want to resent myself anymore!!!
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Ok, I noticed a key word there: tonight I...

Weigh in the morning! You've gone through a day with eating and drinking, you're going to be holding on to weight! Always weigh in the morning after going to the toilet, it's the lowest weight you'll be the whole day.

Don't freak out over the scale, measure if you think you're not getting an accurate reading. This message board is full of weight goals and tickers and the such, but don't take it all to heart. If you're an exercise machine, just measure yourself. You're probably losing inches while your muscles are weighing you down!
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I agree with Reistella, always weigh in the morning. Weighing yourself everyday through out the day isn't going to make you feel good. That number changes constanly.

The act that your "gaining" couls be to a number of reasons. TOM or you could be building lean muscle.

Stay on plan and weigh in next week again In the morning!
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I don't mean to be a drag, but if you feel you're doing everything possible to lose weight (within reason), and it's not coming off, maybe it's time to goo see your doctor and inquire about your thyroid? I've never experienced it myself, but I do know people who ended up finding out it was their thyroid causing all the weight gain and inability to lose any. Worth checking out.

Also, sometimes we tell ourselves that we are working hard and eating healthy and that it's by pure miracle that the weight isn't coming off! But once you start logging, and logging honestly (ughh I even used to cheat myself that that too!), you will find just how much you're actually putting into your body and how much you actually should be consuming.

For about a year I was stuck at 170 and the scale would not move. Up down around. Nope. And I kept telling myself that I was eating healthy and working out...and I was, but the amount of calories I was burning as opposed to how much I was eating, resulted in about 1700 calories at the end of the day...which exactly how much my body burns at rest. No wonder I stayed at the same weight.

I don't know if you already track calories and such, but try a very, very strict calorie moderating plan for a week. What worked for me was Slim Fast. I saw what 1200-1400 calories per day looks like, feels like, and how much I need. After one week, you'll perhaps have the same epiphany as me. I started losing after one steady week, which convinced me that it wasn't so much bad luck on me for not losing all the weight, but that I was really not doing it right.

Good luck!!!!
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Thanks you guys so much for the responses. I had two quizzes today that I was stressed out trying to prepare for last night and just had a teensy little meltdown (everybody is allowed one every once in a while right?) after the scale. Guess I just needed to get what I was feeling out to somebody who ISNT my mother or sister b/c I feel soooo much better today! Like, go for a run good Just wanna say thanks again, you ladies are awesome!!! p.s Did work on those quizzes today, LIKE. A. BOSS.
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Good job Miss Pear! This is why we are here. for you to vent and share your accomplisments with!
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