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Default Birth control & weight gain

I need to start taking birth control. Condoms are great and everything, honestly it's more of a skin concern. I've never had acne, but recently my skin has gone bat-****, if you'll pardon my french.

I know lots of my friends have started taking BC to regulate their periods and clear up their skin. I'd like both of those things. I DO NOT want to gain any weight. I know that BC effects everyone a little differently...I was just wondering, based on experience, if there was any brands to lean towards or away from in particular.

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i'm on nuvaring and i was worried about weight gain with it, but didnt have any problems..
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I used to take Yasmin (was on it for a few years) and now switched to the generic brand (been on it for about a year) and have had zero issues with either. No weight gain, skin is good, periods are regular, etc. But everyone is different, I know a few people who tried every brand and none worked and others who can take anything. It's a good thing to research before you start taking it though!
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I gained a few pounds (3-5 lbs) but that wasn't the reason I stopped. I had a nervous breakdown while on them and it aggravated my pre-existing anxiety disorder. Second time I tried, I lashed out at my significant other many times and had a mini anxiety attack. Just decided to stop
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Everyone is so different with their hormones and stuff, but I take Loestrin 24fe. I really like it. It has low estrogen and instead of having a full week of placebo pills, you just have 4 days of iron pills. I was already taking them before I started losing weight this time so I can't tell you if they cause weight gain or not.
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I'm on Loestrin too, and haven't experienced any weight gain. I do experience spotting midway through my cycle, which is kind of annoying since it's heavy enough that I have to wear a pad those days...So maybe not so great for me from the "regulating your cycle" standpoint. It does keep me from getting hormonal migraines, though, so for me it's worth it!
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I'm on Alesse, and I didn't have any weight gain with it. But again, everyone's different...
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I recently got the depo shot and I hate it! I did gain weight and am hoping to switch to minerva
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I'm on Nuvaring and I haven't had any problems. My periods are MUCH lighter and MUCH shorter (I was having heavy, 15-20 day periods and then going a couple months before my next one) and MUCH more regular. Now they're light, about 3 or 4 days long, and regular. I can predict down to the hour when I will start (because I put the ring in/take it out at the same time of the day each time). I love the simplicity of the ring. I tried taking loestrin...but I'm a very forgetful person and I was always forgetting to take it. The nuvaring, I only have to remember to put it in and then take it out three weeks later. I use an alarm on my phone so that I won't forget. I never had terrible skin, but it's definitely a lot less oily on the nuvaring.
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Also on Nuvaring, but wasn't watching my weight when I started so can't be sure. For me the skin cleared up, and I love not having to remember to take it every day.
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Another option could be an IUD.
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I'm on Lo Loestrin Fe which has only 10mcg estrogen and I started it before my weight loss journey and I have been able to lose weight. I didn't gain any weight when I started taking it back in March. I switched from the Nuvaring which just made me too hormonal. No issues with Lo Loestrin Fe and I figure less hormones = less likely to have side effects? Maybe that's just my thinking.
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I was on Dianete, it was supposed to purely help for skin but it didn't work for me (I had mild-severe acne at the time so it wasn't just a few spots) but it made me gain a LOT of weight. My boobs ballooned!

I was on Yasmin, gave me mood swings, headaches and the worse period pains ever.

I too am looking for a good pill to not make me gain weight in any area, I couldn't afford to right now!
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I second the IUD option if you need it for birth control - though I don't know if it (the Mirena at least, the hormone containing one) would have any impact on your skin. But no pills to take, and they last for 5 years (Mirena) or 10 years (Paraguard)
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stay away from the depo shot! gained almost 40 on that stupid thing - the ortho evra patch seems to work great, but I'm only on it for my skin - no mood swings and losing weight isnt hard
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