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Thank you everyone for the input!

Based off your experiences, I'm going to wean myself off soda. I think I'll have more long term success this way, but we'll see. Since writing this post, I've made a concerted effort to decrease my intake. I've had maybe 2 per day, which is a slight improvement.

@Rie, thank you girl. I'm the kind of person that NEEDS to be told directly how harmful it is.. because otherwise I don't listen. Dear brain, IT'S BAD, IT'S BAD, IT'S BAD!

I hope the rest of the ladies in this forum attempt some type of withdrawal. I'll be posting updates on how it goes for me, so feel free to share your own!
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american girl
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I've greatly cut back on my diet soda consumption by drinking naturally flavored seltzer/sparkling water. It has that fizz that I crave without all of the badness!
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You know? I quit cold turkey too! I was drinking MASSIVE amounts of Mtn. Dew and my mom said I should've bought stock in Mtn. Dew, cause I was drinking so much of it. I did have a bit of a caffeine withdrawl that was painful, but I tried to think that I was bettering myself and my healthy by doing it. I took a few Tylenol and kept trucking. If I NEEDED caffeine, I'd fix me a cup of tea half-sweet and half-unsweet to curb some of it off. Just a week and a half in, and I'm completely off sodas and pretty much off tea too! I do fix a cup of coffee now and then, but I'm not nearly as needy as I was with soda.

I was gonna write a blog post about soda and how much I really do miss it. However, my health doesn't. LOL

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