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I always used to get attention because of my horrible diet and it was embarrassing. I have a terrible palate, and when I would buy lunchables, spaghetti o's, hot dogs, trix cereal and gushers, the checkout people would ask where my kids were... sigh.

BUT - today - I went to the grocery story because I needed large volumes of fruit and veggies for my juicer. I bought about 150 bucks worth of fresh produce and I had the checkout lady actually look at it all and say "WOW! I'm impressed!! Good for you!!!"

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I don't usually get bad feedback about my healthy food decisions, BUT it's all about how I put it. In the past, when I was slightly heavier, I would tell my friends that I was trying to eat healthier, and it would somehow transition into them assuring me passionately that I am not overweight or fat. But clearly I was (maybe not in the danger zone, but still overweight.) It must have been how I was saying it back in high school.

As I remember it, it went like this:

Me: I'm trying to eat healthier.
Friend: You're not fat!
Me: ...

But maybe they remembered from previous concerns.

In any case, it could be the change in environment, but healthy eating and living is accepted at my college. It's not a big concern to some of my thinner friends, but they understand, and I have some bigger friends who are actively working on their weight. So, it's a good environment.

I don't know why some work places or schools are less accepting of this. Maybe some of them feel bad about their own choices when you are trying to change yours? So they blame you instead of turning to their own decisions. Could be that. Sometimes it's a group phenomenon.

I go to a woman's college, so we're pretty much all watching our weight. Some less healthily than others. :/ There is a right way, and there is a wrong way. I have a friend who I suspect of having anorexia, and I try not to talk about my diet around her (I can't confirm it, so I just hold back until she wants to share more.) Some of you other ladies may relate to obsessive discussion of our diets. I try to hold back around friends so as not to isolate the conversation.

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