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100percentME 09-07-2011 12:15 AM

struggling with self sabotage tonight.
I had a great morning. I got up and weighed 139.8. i was HUGELY excited because i've been fighting this 140 mark for months, and i keep falling off the wagon. I went to the gym and following the gym had a ceaser salad. I went to my classes, came home and had a fruit smoothie, then went back to class. When i got home i was hungry, so i pulled out some meat to cook, but while waiting for it to defrost ive been sabotaging myself! i grabbed the back of chips to nom on, had some swigs out of the mountain dew bottle. Then i remembered that my mom had gotten me a chocolate bar and so i ate that! I've been grazing and noming for the past two hours. My meat was ready to be cooked a half hour ago but im not even hungry for it anymore :(
I should have had something healthy ready to eat for when i got home but i dont have much food in the house until i get another pay check.
My husband left for basic training so im living on my own meager income until i start receiving his paycheck in 30-45 days (thats so vague. im going to be putting every cent i make toward bills if i dont get his pay by the first of the month!)
Ive also been cleaning my room and working on laundry, which is causing me to want to stress eat because i miss my husband so much and cleaning my room makes me think of him.

i just needed to come here and release some of my tension that im feeling toward myself. I broke the 140 mark and now i feel like i sabotaged myself out of my success. Hopefully my good choices this morning will cancel out my bad ones tonight.
i hope you ladies are having a more successful night than i am!
heres to tomorrow going a little bit better. :dust:

whatupton 09-07-2011 12:47 AM

I think it's awesome you came here to let off some steam and hold yourself accountable. I do that now when I'm feeling some cheating or grazing coming on, (or after the fact) and the support I get here is so great.

We all cheat a little here and there, it's natural so don't focus on that slip-up. Now it's time to focus on 139.8 (Congrats by the way, I'm hoping to break the 180 tomorrow.) and how good it felt to break the 140 and I'm sure you'll make awesome choices tomorrow. :cheer2:

PrimeTime 09-07-2011 01:05 AM

I think it's something that we all do. After I have a bad day/week. I use my guilt as a way to power thru the next week. You know you're more than capable of doing it!! You've got 3FC behind you.

I fell off the wagon this weekend but I am going to be better the rest of this week.

Good luck to you girl!!

Rated 09-07-2011 01:11 AM

I had the same problem and when I looked at my food journal I realized the days that I went crazy eating everything in sight were the days when I was eating less than 300 calories before 2pm.

If you keep working hard you will be back in the 130s in no time (this slip up may not even make a big enough difference at all)

Just learn from your mistake and don't ever let yourself get that hungry in the future. Maybe you can bring some healthy snacks to class so that when you get home you can take your time making dinner without snacking.

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