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milesawaygirl - for some quick snacks ideas I love raw veggies, almonds, fruit, yogurt, cheese strings.

I don't know if other people will agree with me but if you are finding yourself eating out a lot maybe you can buy frozen dinners and eat those instead since they allow for portion control. They aren't ideal but if you don't have time they may be better than what you are currently eating. Just try to get ones with lower sodium

I am a student so I kind of know how you feel about no time. When I first started school again I said I had no time and kind of gave up on weight loss. I was frusterated because I had no time for exercise. But then I realized that while exercise is important to be healthy I can lose weight just be making better food choices. Pick a calorie goal that will allow you to lose weight (there are tons of calculators online) and then no matter where or what you are eating make sure you stay around that "magic" number and you should lose weight.

I am sorry you are so stressed right now but don't give up on yourself.

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Rated - Thanks for the advice. I snack on fruit and veg like cucumbers & carrots at the moment, sometimes too much. I have nuts and seeds too (but I don't really like them!!) My problem is that I'm eating things like low-fat ready meals and light sandwiches for lunch, rather than fresh, non-processed foods. That's what I call eating rubbish. I have a real issue with 'healthy' food as I truly dislike most of it, so it takes quite a lot of time to prepare something that I don't dread eating!!

Hopefully it'll get better this week, and I'll be back at the gym come October.

I hope you're managing to balance your school life and a healthy lifestyle - what do you study? I did no work when I was studying, nor much exercise. you sound like a lot more sensible a student than I was!
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I'm at college too, and I'm finding the temptation not to exercise daily is getting stronger as I struggle with classes & fall into the boredom of a gym regime. BUT, the half hour is getting me results, and it's worth it. It's an hour out of my day for exercise and a shower, but I'll have to do it for the rest of my life. So, might as well make it work.

Sometimes I don't know whether I am too strict with my schedule, though. Is a half-hour a day too much for a full-time student? Right now, I'm saying that it's the minimum for my weight and muscle mass. We'll see what my finals self says, hehe.

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Stop Posting in this Thread!!!!

This thread is nearing 500 replies and is about to get closed. 3FC closes large threads because they slow down the server. Redirect comments to our new thread (link below) and let this old thread drop off. Hope to see you in our new thread soon .

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I cannot seem to shake this nonintentional maintenance phase
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