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Default Possible Overdose+Upset

I went to the doctors today for a routine check up and they of course weighed me. I was trying to be a bit more modest today than I normally am during the summer, because I hate having physicals in revealing clothing. I therefore was wearing bagging gym pants and a top. My BMI came up as 25 and the doctor informed me I was overweight. She told me I should work on making healthy choices and try to loose about ten pounds.

I explained to her that I was really all muscle (this she could not see) and couldn't possibly be overweight via a health issue. She said that might be it but to still make healthy choices. I DO make healthy choices. The only things I eat over the summer are tomato sandwiches and berries and chicken and cereal because that's what I have here. I came home and got naked and looked at myself and really don't see where I can lose weight. My breasts aren't going anywhere (32FF) and my hips have ALWAYS been there. Even when I was a teenager. I've always been an hourglass. I can't make them go away anymore than I can wish my hands away and my legs are muscular, as in, they move, the muscles show.

My mother (who has her own concerns) was very flippant about it and even mocked me. I really lost it. I took three laxatives and now am worrying that I've overdosed. Does anyone know what I should do?

I'm sorry if this seems silly but I get so frustrated with doctors telling me I need to do this and that and I'm not healthy enough at the moment in this respect, etc, etc.

Also, my current stats aren't correct.

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Of course the doctors are going to tell you that you should lose weight. They look at your weight on a BMI chart and probably give every patient the same speech because they are obligated to. Don't sweat it. Your goal is to be 145 so it doesn't matter. You are on your way.
As far as the laxatives go, I once took an entire pack in two days because I did not go to the bathroom for 2 weeks and it wasn't working (and this was the first time I took them). I was fine and in fact they did not even work. Just stay at home tonight in the case of an explosion.
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Try not to take every single thing doctors say as gospel. I don't mean don't listen to them, but you know your body. You know how you eat and how you live. Not to mention that a 25 BMI is only 0.1 over normal range, and it most certainly could be muscle putting you over.
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Many doctors know nothing about weight and weight loss. I would not worry about what this doctor said. I think he is way off the mark.
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Originally Posted by bargoo View Post
Many doctors know nothing about weight and weight loss. I would not worry about what this doctor said. I think he is way off the mark.

This exactly! This is precisely the reason I'm considering becoming a personal trainer or possibly a nutritionist after goal. I honestly feel like I have more knowledge and first hand experience than most of the so-called "trained professionals". How awesome would it be to have an understanding personal trainer or nutritionist who actually did their homework and cared about their patients? I feel like it would be so amazing to help others in the same situation I've been in. I'm just unsure if this or Psychology will win out in the end.

To the OP: Don't let this fool of a doctor get you down!
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First, take a deep breath. If the laxatives you used were an over the counter type--you won't overdose on three. I'd expect some pretty gnarly tummy cramping and visits to the bathroom, but OD? Nah.

Don't get me wrong, laxatives are terribly dangerous. I abused them for nearly ten years and am just now figuring out life without them. As strange as it sounds I was absolutely addicted to them and it was kind of the last "symptom" of my eating disorder that I couldn't/wouldn't give up. After ten years of abusing them I got a wicked heads up and had a heart event at only 25 years old. Mind you, I was taking 30 after a binge and 15 nightly just to get things moving.

If I could give any advice I'd say, drink lots of water and ride out the cramping and potty visits--and GET RID of those remaining laxative tablets. They are a devil that will tempt you, especially if you're in an emotional place.

Oh and second--find a new doctor! Any doctor that upsets you to the point of taking drastic measures is not the doctor for you it sounds like. You need a doctor who understands the good strides you've taken for weight loss, and works on a plan going forward that encourages you. Take care--you'll be ok.
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The BMI scale is terribly flawed. Muscular people show up as overweight or even obese because there is no mechanism in BMI measurements to account for fitness! Unless you guys did a complete body fat analysis, don't take your doctor's comments to heart. It's also really awful of your dr to just say "you need to eat healthier" without having a discussion about what you already DO eat. Remember, doctors are not nutritionists, and in 99% of cases, nutrition is not a required subject to graduate med school.

Don't let the doc get to you. Find a new one. That one is obviously a pretty crummy doctor.
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