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I am only 19 years old so I have never invested in a dieting system. I have been counting calories for only a week now and have lost around 6 pounds. But i've been eating a lot of fruit, lean protein, veggies....i dont think ive had any trans or saturated fats! So its all about decisions i would say! My boss is currently o weight watchers and has lost almost 20 pounds in only 3 months! So i guess it depends on the person. but a great site for calorie counters like me is! They have a free calorie counting system...letting you know how many calories you should be consuming a day to lose around 2 lbs a week. like WW, if you exercise, this site gives you some calories i hope this site helps all those calorie counters out there =]]
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Thank you all for the great advice. At the risk of starting a heated argument, I have to agree that there are just as many "cheaters in WW" as there are (or may be) in CC. I am a cheater. I learned to cheat my way through I would use my 49 weekly points in one setting. I would have ice cream daily. In my mind, it didn't matter as long as I accounted for it. And I did so I was continually losing weight but I certainly was not getting healthy. I find I am still struggling with what I call "fat brain". At this point my brain is the only thing holding me back from my weight loss/fitness goals. I can spin the excuses any way I want, but ultimately it is me and my fat brain holding up the process. I actually lose weight pretty easily, I just have to get around the head games and excuses. Hopefully you all (and all the people here at 3FC) will get me past that.

Thanks again! BTW what is BLT? (besides Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato)
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BLT = Bite, Lick, Taste
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i lost 50 pounds in 2009 with WWs. IT WORKS. WIth that being said i now count calories. It fits my lifestyle and my budget. I just bought the livestrong app for android. I hold myself accountable by weighing every morning and i have friends i can chat with who are on the same road. If you need that guidance and support then you may like WWs best. IDL one over the other it is as simple as what fits my life.
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Originally Posted by bargoo View Post
This is not true I do not eat 1400 calories of hot fudge sundaes for my meals for the day, I eat healthy, nutritious food, as I believe most calorie counters do. Calorie Counting is flexible in your food choices but that doesn't mean you can eat ice cream all day.
It's not a matter of which is better WW or CC, it is what works best for you.
I have done them both and will stick with CC, and I save money, too.
I agree, I think everyone is different but I count calories. I eat a lot of low calorie foods like vegetables because I can have a high volume of them. For my body and mind, having a high volume of food is the key to success.
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See, I would LOVE to try WW but I just can't bring myself around to paying! I'm quite a cheap person, hah! I'd rather calorie count and do my own research than pay for meetings. But I wouldn't mind having a support network at the meetings.
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I personally love WW. It's helped me realize that my perception of portion sizes is/was horrible, and has lead me to find healthy alternatives for food I already eat! It has also given me a new appreciation for fruits and veggies! I've also tried CC before... but it was just more difficult for me to manage. I think I prefer WW more simply because I love the support that comes with the meetings.
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Originally Posted by luciddepths View Post
calorite counting.. i hate WW. I found with calorie counting i was able to judge my food better than base it on points.
I completely agree--calorie counting! I don't like WW either, it's just to difficult to go to meetings and to be weighed in front of others does not motivate me.

However, with that said, I haven't been disciplined at counting my calories either! LOL. I am a little but not as much as I should be. (((sigh))).

I have lost almost 7 pounds, but very slowly. I haven't worked out and I believe if I did I would lose weight much faster.
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Ive done both and i think calorie counting works better. I also use myfitnesspal
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