New workout!!!

  • So today I discovered a new workout!!!
    I like to call it the "take your pitbull to the park" workout!!
    lol I decided to take the pup on my walk/run today.. and once i ran the first time and then slowed down he got so upset with me! So I pushed myself and ran a lot more than i planned to, which feels GREAT now!!!!
    Of course then I was crying and cursing him! lol
    So he's my new workout buddy! He won't let me stop!!!!

    Cute partner!!!!
  • Lol, he's adorable!
  • He's a mess!! I was simply exhausted!
  • I had a shepherd husky who was an exercise machine, he really kept me moving. When he passed on at 17 I got a yellow lab who was a sweet heart but no exercise partner, he'd go as far as the corner and sit down.

    Enjoy your new workout! It's good for both of you! Mame