Accurate Pedometer?

  • Does anyone use a pedometer that they think is pretty accurate? Even better, a fairly cheap pedometer that is pretty accurate?

    I've tried using a couple different apps on my Android phone, but none of them seem very accurate (even in just testing them by walking around my house). I know I won't get one that is 100% accurate...

    I've been considering the FitBit, but $100 seems like quite a lot for basically a glorified pedometer.
  • The Omron Hj-113 Pocket Pedometer might be one you're looking for. I'd give you an Amazon link but I don't think I can post links yet. It's about 27 bucks if that fits the price range you're looking for. hth
  • I agree with the Omron, check out Amazon, pretty much all of the Omron pedometers have good reviews. The hardest part for me was measuring the length of my steps because I am conscious of my walking and IDK if I am doing my "real stride" when I know I am measuring myself LOL.
  • Thanks all! I'll definitely take a look at those!