Wisdom Teeth Madness

  • Hello All,

    I am writing to poll those of you who've done the wisdom tooth thing. I had all four of mine extracted Thursday morning and since Tuesday the scale says I have gained five pounds. I know I'm not exercising but really? I can't get that much food down....I'm just frustrated. I keep fluctuating by up to seven pounds and its mentally daunting. I'm eating normal foods [had flounder and mushrooms for dinner] so I'm not on the icecream diet. I'm just at the end of my rope. Did any of you expereince mad weight gain post wisdom tooth extraction? Maybe its water retention, I mean my face is huge and the process is pretty traumatic. Oh well. I guess this is more of a rant.
  • I would guess water weight -swelling from the surgery. I'd say eat normally and don't weigh again until your face looks normal again.
  • Hm could be a sodium thing. I lost weight because I was eating less and I don't think that the food had much sodium in it (this was in 08 so I don't totally remember the sodium content, I know for the week a lot of it was broth and whatever I secretly slurped that ended up in the wisdom tooth hole eww). However, the meds gave me constipation, so that could be a factor for you.
  • I just got all mind out last week and I lost 4 pounds due to not being able to eat. I had so Mich pain due to 2 dry sockets after I bounced back I gained 2 pounds off now I'm
    back to normal. Just use this time to take care of yourself, you should see the scale move in the right direction
  • What kind of anesthesia did you get? All four of mine came out as a routine extraction, so all I had was Novocaine...did they put you under? If you went under perhaps the anesthesia caused you to gain some extra water weight?
  • I havent had mine out yet but my sister just recently got hers out. I think its pretty common to swell and gain a few pounds. Shes like 125 normally (yes Im VERY jealous) and right after the surgery she was saying she gained like 5 pounds overnight...and her cheeks were really puffy for a good week.
  • I had all four out and mine was the opposite of this I ended up losing 12 lbs in 3 weeks (my body always responds like this to any type of trauma/surgery/a broken bone) I really wouldnt worry abt it
    I would putthe scale away until you are healed and healthy. Out bodies can do anything in response to something as stressful as what you have been through.