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Question Talking yourself into it

Hi All,

So I have been on a food roller coaster since having my baby (over 6 months ago)
I eat good for a day or too, then binge the rest of time.
It all seems to fall apart for me in the evenings when I get home from work.
It is like my hands and mouth take over before my mind even has a chance to say, "maybe we shouldn't eat that"......
What do you guys say to yoursleves or do to get your mind and body to cooperate!

How to you keep yourself motivated when you are "hungary" to keep from eating the "bad" stuff??? basically how to you keep motivated?
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OMG my dad makes the most AMAZING bbq ribs. I had been eating the leftovers from sunday- tuesday along with other bbq fods. Wednesday morning rolled around and I had 7 lbs of extra water weight on me.

I struggle with evening, after work eating also. And yesterday when I got home I wasn't even hungry but I started snacking on fruit, mini rice cakes, nuts, and then I opened the fridge and saw that glorious container of ribs and immediately wanted to say to **** with my plans.

I gave myself a mental slap across the face and said out loud " Im going to workout, no more ribs for me Ive had enough." Even my dad turned around around and said " good for you!" Lol. I marched upstairs, changed my clothes, and went outside to do 1.5 hours of the Firm workouts. I felt awesome afterwards and Ive snapped out of my Memorial Day BBQ food rut and I'm back on track.

Sometimes you literally just have to say enough is enough (out loud if necessary) and do that one thing you feel like doing the least like working out or just saying no to a craving. Often times, its the one thing that will help you the most. It takes time and training to control your mind but coming from a person who constantly struggles with binges its all about one foot in front of the other.

The scale is HUGE motivation for me. Especially when I think about how much further along I could be if my weight stopped yo-yoing because of binging. You start to realize the time you are wasting and quite frankly its too precious. I just want the weight off already!

Good luck!

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Lately, I have been making myself stop and breathe before I eat. Sounds simple, but I find it so hard.

I literally stand (or sit) there and just focus in on how my stomach feels. Do I feel actual hunger, or do I just want that food/all those foods/ to be eating, because eating means I get to put off whatever I need to do? Am I anxious? Are my thoughts racing?

Usually, I do the "grazing" or bingy eating thing when I want to escape. Even if there's nothing in particular going on.... the food becomes a diversion, a release.

So, I'm making an effort these days to refocus on my body, and re-learn the hunger cues that I lost along the way. My hope is that when I can trust my body again, certain foods will not longer elicit such a trigger response and make me want to hoover them for no good reason.

It's hard to remember at the moment, when your hand is going for whatever food you want to chill out with, that you can have that food any time you want for the rest of your life. You don't need a ton of it right now, and you must remember that it's food. It's fuel for your body, it's meant to be delicious, and it's meant to nourish you. After that, we have to stop until our next meal time/hunger cue.

Sorry that was so long... just my inner ramblings on the topic and my latest struggles with it!

Wishing you well.
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I really understand what you're going through! What I have done lately (and it may sound really crazy) is that I eat almost the same things every day. I don't always do this, but I just really want to get down to my goal. The other foods are simply off limits. So, everything is planned and my main goal is to always have my foods that I eat ready for me so that it doesn't take any time to get them when I can't even think rationally. When a craving strikes and I want something else, I do the following: chew gum, eat low cal popsicles, jello gelatin (10 calories each), read on here...listen to music that puts me in a great mood, crochet, paint nails, do crunches or squats.

If you know you're vulnerable at a certain time of day, then get yourself mentally prepared BEFORE that time arrives. Talk to yourself (not outloud, LOL) and tell yourself that you are stronger than that food. You can have that food another time, but today's not the day. Today it's NOT going to happen.

Finally, are you drinking enough water? Are you eating enough calories? Sometimes, it helps to have some extra calories on certain days, so that let's say you were on plan for two days and then you want to go off plan, then maybe allow yourself one thing that is under 200 calories just for that day and then the next day, you jump back on plan. That wouldn't work for me, but it might work for you so I thought I'd throw it out there.

The best thing you can do is just not go crazy and give up because that will not get you anywhere....but you already knew that.
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I just say 'there's always tomorrow, take only a serving.' I know that 'calories in' is only as good as what those calories are made of, but I feel like I need to get myself on a steady caloric intake first, then work on making it full of healthy foods. I'll allow myself some of that leftover birthday cake...maybe a serving a day until it's gone. Then again I don't go out and buy this stuff, it's mostly stuff that I get guilted into taking home with me after family gatherings or things my hubby buys for me because he thinks he's being nice.

What really helped me keep things in check when at restaurants is having the myfitnesspal app on my android phone. I've been able to look up all the dishes at major restauraunts there and carefully eat a measured amount of the meal and take the rest home for the next day.

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