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Exclamation Is 90minutes of cardio every other day ok?

Hey ladies, I have been doing 90 minutes on the treadmill, going 5.25 miles, and burning 730 calories every other day and taking a less intensive walk with my family on the days off. I am 26 years old, 5'0" tall and currently weigh 190 lbs. And I am trying to lose at least 50lbs by the end of August. When I do the 90 minutes, my hips are killing me the next day to the point I can't work out on the treadmill that day so I do it every other day. Do you think I should be doing 60 minutes everyday burning fewer calories or doing 90 minutes every other day and taking a walk with my family the days I don't workout on the treadmill?
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I have to ask, how's your eating habits?

50 pounds in 3 months can be do able but remember you might also Plateau during the months if you're constantly doing the same thing and not switching things up. (so I hope if you don't lose even close to 50 you don't get discouraged) Also diet is key and sure 90 minutes every other day is fine, but the problem I'm concerned about are your hips, why are they killing you the next day? Maybe discuss that with your doctor. Also try not to burn yourself out an hour should be enough, **** I can drop a good amount of weight just doing 20 minutes a day if I keep my eating habits in check. Research, exercise and diet properly and you should be just fine!
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I agree with wannabepretty! i mean there is nothing wrong with working out for that long at such an intense pace, but where you should really keep an eye out is what you eating and how much. Also, you need to figure in how much calories you are burning, and eat more on the days your work out the hardest.

like someone told me before you can't lose weight without changing your eating habits. and if it hurts your hip that bad why not cut back on it some days and when your feeling up to it, do the full 90. it will keep you body guessing and your body wont become accustom to your workouts.

I hope this helps you some.
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I slowly worked up to 120 minute workouts and sure I was sore from lifting weights from time to time but my body has never been sore, the way you have described, from running on a treadmill. I'd listen to your body and slow down a little bit.
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I run 1.5 miles everyday or every other day. (I'm preparing for a physical agility test that is 1.5 miles in 14 minutes 49 seconds) When it comes to running you have to listen to your body. When I started running my hips and calves would kill me. I figured out that I needed to start off slow and short. I also did research into how to run. Most adults run by putting their heel down first. The proper way is to land on the ball of your foot then your heel. Do a search on youtube. It sounds really weird but I found it helped a lot with the pain. That and new sneakers.

Actually the best way that it was described to me on how to run is to look at a 3-4 year old run. They usually run on the balls of their feet. It was very interesting.

But like others have said listen to your body. If you don't you could risk injury, such as a stress fracture, and could be off running for awhile.

Good luck with everything!
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It may help if you switch up your workouts so some days you are on a bike, or elliptical or arc trainer (or even in a pool) for 60-90 minutes instead. It might help take a little stress off your joints if you are not pounding on a treadmill or pavement every day.
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I've found that hip pain is usually a result of improper running form OR improper shoes. Also if you're only giving yourself a day to recover from the pain that might not be long enough. Are you stretching and icing? As far as losing weight I'm sure you've heard that weight loss is 80% diet and 20% fitness. With that being said, I don't think you're doing too much, but why do you have to run for every workout? Cross training is a great way to get your cardio in and it will even improve your running.
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